Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Search for a cup of coffee that tastes like home

I have really been craving a Mexican mocha latte with a hint of chili pepper and there is absolutely NO CHANCE of finding one here (and it’s unlikely I could even find one in the surrounding states)

 I figured, ok no biggie...

 I used to make my own at home once I knew what my favorite coffee house used to make it (they were closing permanently and told me how they made the Aztec latte that I loved so much and even sold me a huge container of the Mexican spice part of the recipe) and I knew of a shop over in north side that sold the mix as well just ended the mix, coffee, cream or milk and a little sweetener of your choice was all that was needed to make one of the best coffee drinks I’ve ever had. 

I looked high and low but could only locate it online for more than quadruple what I had paid locally there in Ft Worth and I wasn’t paying that when I could buy several Christmas gifts instead no matter how much I was craving the magic elixir. 

I decided to look for those  Mexican hot chocolate tablets at the grocery stores, even asked at three stores locally... the employees all looked at me like I was crazy and pointed out the Swiss miss hot chocolate packets 😂

So I once again looked to amazon for some kind of hope .... success ... they DID have the tablets that I could until I found what I really needed.

Finally the tablets arrived, I went to make a latte and was praying it would taste close enough to my Aztec latte that I would at least not be driven to madness by my craving.


I was out of cream, milk, coffee mate, even the powder creamer I keep for emergencies was gone because we used it when camping 🙄

Totally my luck

So what’s a girl to do...

Give up in the Aztec latte and just eat the Mexican hot chocolate tablet like a savage 

It at least helps satisfy the craving enough to get me through till tomorrow when Dave can bring home half and half when he comes home from work so I can have my coffee.

And now I know that this will still need some spice added because although it has the right "taste" it doesn’t have the chili heat that my dream latte had, so at least my eating the tablet was productive in letting me know to add a couple chili’s to the shopping list for Dave as well

I still need to find and order the actual product I wanted to begin with. 

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