Friday, September 21, 2018

Missing the happiest place on earth

I truly miss Texas Motor Soeedway which my middle child Kaden and I named “the happiest place in earth”  

I’m not a total redneck, but spending time at the track became one of my favorite traditions with my big kids when they were in middle school and high school. I worked a lot of hours back then and we didn’t get as much quality time together as I would have liked especially during the time we were rebuilding our lives after my divorce we needed something to look forward to.

for those of you who aren’t NASCAR fans, here’s a little secret is NOT cheap to go to the races,but I made sure we went. Usually taking Tori to the truck races on Friday , and Kaden to Bush/nationwide/xfinity on Saturday since I couldn’t really afford for us all three to go to all events but it was due because it gave me special one on one time with the kids. 
Poor Kaden every time I tried to take him to an actual sprint cup series race something happened (well April in Texas you always expect rain issues, but even the November races comically always had an issue if I planned to take Kaden (he did finally get to go to one though) we did usually get to all go to the Indy races together when they were there every June (whole different crowd at Indy races) 

I will never forget the first time I took my hubby to a race, he had never been to a race and really had not even watched a race on TV before he met me (and usually played EQ or WoW while I watched the races most weekends) He went because he knew it was a huge part of my life, and something the kids and I looked forward to....he was NOT looking forward to it ... OT at all.... surprisingly, he really enjoyed it and got hooked (but he only enjoys it if we are at the track, he still,isn’t one to watch it in TV other than the first and last few laps) He told me he always thought that the only people at the races would be toothless rednecks, kinda made me wonder what he thought of me when he discovered how much I loved NASCAR.  

I wish we lived close enough to a track that I could continue the tradition these days with Tuff now that he’s finally old enough to really enjoy a race (well with lots of ear protection) It’s something he and I watch together, and he has seen all the pics of me at the track with my friends and/or his older siblings and then after I met his daddy pics of us enjoying the races. Pit road, driver Q&As, infield camping, just basically doing what I love and although my big kids may not have loved it as much as I did it became an important part of their teen years and of the early years of my and Dave’s relationship (before adopting Tuff) 

Actually the day we started paperwork to adopt Tuff (and the first time we ever got to meet Tuff) we left CPS after spending several hours getting to know Tuff, went home to pick up Kaden and headed directly to the TMS . I remember the first items we ever bought him were that afternoon at the racetrack.... Kaden picked out a Kyle Bush onsie for Tuff and I picked out a Jimmie Johnson bib and a pair of Jimmie Johnson socks...crazy part was we had literally just started the process so we were not even sure we would become his parents but we had just fallen in live with him and headed to the track so me being me and with the races meaning so much to our family I simply HAD to buy him something right then at the track ... it was almost as if by doing so it made it all real somehow. I actually called my parents FROM the track to tell them we had made it official and stated the paperwork to proceed with foster to adoption after meeting Tuff....they didn’t even know I had a meeting scheduled (an aunt went with adage and I to the meeting) 

Maybe I need to plan a trip home around a race weekend so Tuff can experience it all first hand .... would be really special if his big brother and sister could also fly in from Colorado since I don’t think they haven’t been to the races since we adopted Tuff would mean the world to me if we could all do it together at least once.... and my daddy too, since although usually he didn’t go “with us”he was always there too... camping in the infield all week actually, the only time he even used his RV for years was for race weekends at TMS. It’s a family thing (my mom hates it though, and has only gone once or twice) 

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