Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Owl Post Imagination Book Box June 2018

Owl post imagination book box  is a monthly book subscription for kids. Each month you child will receive three books centered around a theme, as well as a toy that fits the theme, a pack of crayons and a card that explains the theme aThey have an option for kids aged 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12. The subscription is $25 per month. This is a review of the 4-7 year old box.
One of th fun things about this particular box is that it is a coloring page/project as well. The crayons that come are to color the box, and let’s be honest who doesn’t need a fresh pack of crayons on hand at all times to avoid the "my blue crayon broke meltdown" that will inevitably start the moment you try to have a professional phone call. Ladies these crayons may save your sanity, if you don’t need them right away then do yourself a favor and hide them until the moment your kiddo has their next crayon emergency.

 Where do pants go? By Rebecca Van Slyke Hardcover  ($6.62 on Amazon)

Dream Away By Julia Durango Hardcover ($16.99 amazon prime)

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon boardbook  ($6.62 Amazon) 

The themed toy in this Imagination box was a wooden car. We had some paint left from a Melissa & Doug project we did last week, so my son will paint this car as a rainy day project. We are actually going on a long car trip this summer so the car (after it is painted) ,the crayons and the box everything came in will become part of his car activities.

This was our first Owl Post Imagination Box and Tuffy was very happy with the books. He is a pretty solid reader (he is going to be a first grader next year) and he was able to read these books himself, although he preferred me to read them at bedtime because it’s always better to have momma read to you. I asked if this was a subscription he would like to continue (he has received a lot of different boxes over the years, so he knows what he does and doesn’t like) He said he would like to continue this one, for me the price is right $25 a month and I used a discount code to drop that down to $15 for the first box. I don’t mind spending money for books, he has quite the library and I am more than happy to keep adding to it and book subscriptions are the perfect way to do that since you get a variety of books, themes, authors, and skill levels.Owl post Imagination Box has a flash sale right now for the Fourth of July for 20% off. 

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