Politics, religion and social media. Is it acceptable?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not my usual type of post, far from it really. I just posted this on my personal Facebook page and decided to copy it and slap it up,here on the blog that I have neglected for so long (life gets in the way  sometimes)

Anyway .... Just my thoughts on the current social media hate fest that has become accepted as normal and accepted ways to "discuss" politics .... Yep, I went there ..... So unlike me to do so, but ....well my fingers took over as you will see....

I know this is long, but bare with me here. I have kept pretty silent the last year with all the political,stuff (I have posted about equal rights for ALL Americans and I will not now nor will I ever apologize for that. Many have given their lives so we can have those rights)

I understand everyone has their own point of view and beliefs .... Hey, that is fine ... In fact ... It is absolutely your RIGHT as an American !

But that same right extends to those who believe differently than you do.... That is also THEIR right!

This has become more than just democrat vs republican, more than Trump vs Hillary, more than conservative vs liberal, even more than Trump vs democrats AND republicans as it seems at the moment ......it is more than any one candidate vs anything or anyone.

How can we possibly be UNITED in ANYTHING when so many people are posting hate, insults, threats, being bullies, just Sharing posts and memes without actually doing some research for yourself....because BOTH SIDES are doing this back and forth and have been for months and months now.

We don't need to worry about which enemy will take us out because we are poised to tear ourselves apart, we will destroy this country ourselves if we don't snap out if it.

A house divided against it's self cannot stand (some of you will consider this a biblical quote, some a political quote, and some will take it back to states rights and civil war) the fact is that it is absolutely 100% truth...when we are united we are unbeatable.... So please just STOP!!!

no side is 100% right , because there is always three sides to every argument and the truth lies there in the middle..... By posting the hateful, name calling, lies and accusations against each other as citizens we are only harming OUR country as a whole...

I am NOT a snowflake, nor am I a deplorable....

So,what am I then?


I am a white conservative Christian cis gender straight female in my 40s, BUT this gun carrying,home schooling southern woman, who also believes in equality for ALL American citizens. I support LGBTQ rights, and I am pro choice because I have had patients who were raped and became pregnant, one as young as thirteen years old... I know why sometimes it is not black and white there are some grey areas .....

now the flip side of that is I PERSONALLY chose life.... At 17 I went against my family's wishes when I became pregnant ...... They wanted me to have an abortion..... At 17, scared to death, petrified my parents would disown me I personally chose life because I knew what could happen if I have sex, and I made that decision myself and that made my child MY responsibility..... Mine alone, I never got child support, he never wanted to see her, his parents didn't want to see her .... She is now almost 26 yrs old and not a moment has passed in all those years that I regretted my decision...... She is literally my first love, and there is a bond there no one can understand ....she is an amazing young woman who knows her own mind and knows above all else "Do unto others" politically she and I are usually opposition ends of the spectrum, and that is OK. My rule was research it yourself and show me that research be informed don't believe something because "it's cool" or "everyone else does" or this video,or this news story said..... Don't assume any of it is is absolute truth ..... If you are going to advocate for something you damn well better do some serious in depth research.

Before you start talking about teen moms and welfare ..... Nope .... Didn't happen.....heck, my daddy WOULD have disowned me at that point..... I worked my butt off (sometimes three jobs), put myself through school, and made a career for myself and a pretty middle class life for my kids..... And NO, my family didn't disown me in fact they have thanked God many times over that I was stubborn, hard headed and stood up for what I personally believed was right for myself and my unborn child .....But that does NOT give me the right to make that decision for someone else.....

Because if one of my kids had gotten pregnant from rape you bet your bible I would have driven her to the abortion clinic or if she had a medical condition where it was her life or the baby as a mom I would protect MY CHILD if that IS what they wanted ..... It is so much more complex than yes or no.....but most people do not work in a situation that you can so easily see both sides...... And, thank God many of you do not know what it is to have a CHILD of your own raped at a young age but old enough to get pregnant.... Because I promise you anything you ever said "I would never do that" goes out the window the instant you find out some one did that to your baby .... so no....the government should not make that decision for them because rape is rape.

I find most people fall in the middle between republican and democrat (it isn't as easy as conservative and liberal)

Point being

I know many personally who are posting all about the snow flakes but they themselves are on disability, food stamps, and Medicaid (seems like that falls into snowflake territory to me) but they also support the second amendment and keeping American jobs in America (those would be deplorables, right ? ) so see they average American isn't one or the other  although they might think they are and Lord knows they are posting all over social medial like they are.

No matter WHAT happens the next four years, chances are you will still be here after this administration is gone and the new regimen comes in ..... Whatever and whomever it may be.

Maybe we could learn from our current deep rooted division here at home that has become personal not just political or religious....and vote for the good of all Americans to unite our country again, because right now, we don't need to worry about Russia, Saudi Arabia or any of the other threats to our nation until we get our own house in order.

We find ourselves in the middle of this mess that we have started here AT HOME, our enemies can sit back and watch us destroy ourselves......we will do it for them.

It will take time to heal and work out our differences, but let's at least stop the hate posting all day every day ....

If for no other reason how about other countries are watching us and laughing at our "freedom, liberty, and "we the people" constitutional beliefs that we hold so dear but are ready to pick and choose what we keep and what we ignore (the right to bare arms, equal rights, the right to practice our religion (not just one religion, but religious freedom.....the whole thing our country was founded on) and the right and obligation to question our government ...checks and balances are there for a reason) I think we can all agree that right now agreeing with SOME of those rights has become a us against them mentality.... If you agree with guns, then you have to also exclude some of the population for equal rights or if you agree with freedom of religion you must automatically want a welfare state and are such a delicate flower that you need a safety room......
all because they believe that someone has  the right to live  their own life as long as they do not harm others .....

EQUAL rights means all of us and not just some of the rights....our constitution grants ALL of them so basically this back and forth stuff this last year is about people only wanting PART of the constitution.... It does not work that way....

Everything that we built this country on is what we are now fighting over .... Why because we are not being open minded and seeing that everyone really is protecting the same rights.....because they are a package deal.

I am over this drama filled hate fest already, people need to grow up, and stop resorting to name calling, threats, insults and online bulling that quite frankly is something I expect from middle school girls.....

I am ashamed that our TRUE enemies (whoever they may be) have been given a blueprint on how to tear us apart and our allies are watching this with horror because we have just become that drama junkie friend who can't act like a responsible adult, with adult conversations instead of instigating rumors and division within a group of friends all because they let their own insecurities control their emotions and their emotions control them instead of logic... You know we have ALL had that friend (or we have BEEN that friend, I know I have been that person before I grew up emotionally)

So stop all the middle school drama, cowboy up and let's deal with this by using our problem solving skills not the share button...
....and please people RESEARCH for yourself ..... I promise CNN and Fox both want ratings ..... And as usual in any argument the truth lies somewhere in the middle....

Any one article, one post, one news source isn't the gospel (the gospel is in a book that perhaps needs more reading and less thumping..... I get quite the kick of reading about bringing God back to America from people who I KNOW FOR A FACT are not born again and /or not a practicing Catholic ( depending on which side of Christianity doctrine you fall into) they do NOT attend church of any kind and might pick up the Bible once every few years but they do DISPLAY that brand new super deluxe Bible so everyone knows they are Christians .....news flash folks, READ IT...ALL OF IT..... Don't preach Christianity if you are NOT living it....you want God back in the country start in your own life, your own home.

Quit focusing on making others look stupid, trying to humiliate and make fun of them ... Instead how about acknowledging what the common goal is .... The middle ground ..... The healing of this nation has to start somewhere , be the bigger person and be part of the solution instead of adding to the tearing apart of this nation.

I don't think I have ever posted such a long post OR publicly discussed politics for that matter with someone other than a family member or close friend (and I assure you we all have pretty different views so it isn't discussing with like minded people but I just try to not to impose my beliefs on others as I believe we all a right to our own opinion key word being ALL )

I'm pretty sure I will lose some friends over this (who knows some family members may delete me as well.....I have a pretty large family so I guess  if some decide to delete me so be it) I may decide to delete those who keep posting hate and meanness just because....we can post about this massive current events storm without making it heartbreakingly personal, I can't keep looking at how we are posting hate and insults at people we love who have been there through thick and thin simply because they may not agree with you 100% or didn't vote for the same candidate as you did for whatever reason.

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