Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy to be blogging again

I know y'all probably thought I had dropped off the face of the earth (I guess I kinda did) Things got a little crazy during and after our move to the Nashville area, once things settled down again we had found a house in the country in a neighboring county and moved again (we were in an apartment originally when we first moved here, waiting on our home in TX to sale before finding a house here) Two moves in less than 9 months was rough (we left a LOT of things behind in Texas as well, so unpacking and setting up house once we were in our new house was comical.... Still trying to find certain things and replace things we left behind)

We are FINALLY at a point that hubby says I can get back to my blog, we are not 100% settled yet, but as we put away summer items and pull out fall/winter items we should finally have full stock of what's here in TN, what we need to purchase and what we can throw out. Hopefully the office will be emptied of boxes soon, giving me the full office space I need to set up my lighting equipment (that is still in originally packing from 18 months ago that I have never used), get me a new desk (mine was a victim of not enough room in the temporary apartment so we gave it away), and finally get Dragon Slayer....Mommy!!!! Back in business.

I have missed y'all, missed writing, missed the reviews, missed having my own little piece of the Internet.

I have of course been getting plenty of subscription boxes even though I was not reviewing them (I am a sub box addict after all) I have narrowed my list down some, and added a few new obsessions (wax anyone?)

I am considering a new format with "themed days" for non review posts and then just posting reviews as they come up. I want to get back to writing for chronically ill mommies, with was my original blog format before the reviews started. I plan to keep the "spoonie" posts to perhaps one day a week, do recipes one day a week again, and I have a few more ideas as well.

So reviews that I am working on now include: October Darby Smart, October Little Lace Box, October Bluum Box, and October Volupties.

I have a few mouth watering recipes I need to photograph the step by step for in the next couple weeks, I promise they will be worth the wait.

A Christmas guide is in the works (it will be smaller, but awesome)

If your reading this, thanks for sticking around while I took a hiatus to move our family and get settled in our new home, community, and become comfortable with our new lives so far from home.


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