Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer 2014 FabFitFun VIP Box and discount code for $15 off for you (yes, some still left)

I think I was the last person on the plaet to get my Summer FabFitFun VIP box, I had seen some of the spoilers but did pretty good at not searcing gor thm.... for the most part I am happy with this nox... it may not be the biggest "Wow" factpr... but it is still woth ,ore than $245.00 and at MOST you paid $49.95 for it, but many used a code making it about $35 so this box is 100% worth the money spent on it, There are a coule things I find surprising, and one I have to laugh at...but they were bonus items and really had no impact on the final outcome of this box, or anyone elses... it did not count twards the products you were getting from thrm...they freely admit they were sponsered items.

the actual first look just left me wantig more...the info card and a really cool card with discount codes for my fans and friends that is pretty awesome $15.00 off this very box.

first look

 Thursday Friday Mini Clutch ($35)

this was pne of the prints I was hoping for, so I am happy.
This is now the new home of all my pens, washi, stickies, ruler,thank you cards, blank note cards, stamps and all things "paper related or planner related"


thursday friday discount code (must spend to use)

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial ($95)

I wanted to dislike this stuff, Everything I know about Sonya Dakar makes me want to stay as far away from her and her products because this is a human who shpuld not be allowed to treat people the way she does...but I like this...iit works.... I am actually sending this to a friend who also has AOSD she is havng more facial mask marks like Lupus and I think this may help her some.... I will do anything for my brothers and sisters of the Dragon (there are some of us that are so close we would kill for each other...this dragon is our bond, annd it makes us family. We love each other unconditionally and will do anything for eachother.

balanced guru no frizz oil ($25)-

I have a variety of hair oils, and for the most part they all work the same way... as long as my frizzies are conrtolled I am a happy girl on a average day. I will be sending this along to the above friend as well since I am already sending her a few things, she and her teenage daughter have very long haor that would be perfect for the nourishment this oil has to offer.

Pur-lisse SPF 30 Daily Essential Moisturizer ($35)

I have been getting a lot of Pur-lisse recently, so I am slowing trying the entire line... this is bothering some people it seems but I am liking it I always need SPF, I am very sensitive to sun from my medications and I dont as much as check my mail with out SPF.


Ok. I am kinda a shark tank junkie so when I saw we were getting this and I remebered the episode this was on I was even more excited!! I am as you know a complete and total lip balm addict. so I guess I don't have to say that I love these. 
I got Raspberry/Lemonaded which woks great for us I love raspberry and hubby loves the lemonade.
seriously go try this stuff!

FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-Free Water Bottle ($15):

hmmm, well I can always use a new water bottle /infuser we actually love them and I have around 5 or 6 already.... but the saying on the bottle....just not working for me.... this is something I will be sending to one of my college age kids and even they will have to watch who they use it around.... just not appropriate in my opinion...

I think the infuser bottle is great, I like the center infuser better than the bottom infuser for fruits like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries.

I just really wish it was blank or said something else.

Zoya Nail Polish ($9)

I love Zoya Polish, I am always pleased to see one in my boxes. This is a beautiful color of coral that I am actually wearing right now as I type this, perfect alome and with a blue tint as topcoat is pretty awesome too.

POPchips ($1.29)-

PoPchips are always welcome and this is my favorite flavor and they are as guilt free as you can get for a chip fix.

This time FabFitFun allowed 3 sponsered items in their box (this has caused a lot of arguments back and fort on some boards... I personally don't care...sponsered items mean better items for me because money can be used elsewhere)


So the SlimFast bar , have your cake $1.00
Skintimate shavegel ($2.00)
Always Xtra protection long daily liners ($1.50)

the slimfast bar was fine, just tossed it in with ourt snack drawer, The skintimate shave gel is awesome, but I used it before this box anyway...the Always...lost on me I have not had a period since 2009.

the full total of the Summer Fab Fit Fun VIP BOXF was $245.00 not bad at all considering this cost you $49.99 every 3 months... this is one of my favorite boxes.. I find that I end up liking the items that I did not think I would... give them a chance they really have it more togather these days.

use code below after clicking the link
good for the first 3 people


  1. Pretty neat box. My girls love pop chips.

  2. Great box this month, have you reviewed Vain Pursuits' vainkit yet?

    1. What's a Vain Pursuits vain kit? Would love to know more!