Tuesday, August 19, 2014

boxes, boxes and NASCAR

I am on a photography roll right now... not the best pics ever  (using my old camera since I already packed the big camera for Bristol trip)  Trying to get  5 or 6 boxes shot so I can work on reviews while I am gone this trip...I know I can make them look better once I edit some,I Love my new camera but it can be a bit of a pain to pack and unpack

...especially if I take the tripod, and the lighting box and such with me like I am for this trip...obviously I can't put the race in light box but you would be surprised what I can do with light box at the track

we have 3 days in Knoxville (for Dave's business)  then a day at Bristol (umm...yes, I am still a NASCAR NUT) Dr says I can't be in the crowds...NEVER said I could not sit in a luxury sky box (thank you to my most awesome and wonderful hubby for securing the seats so momma can smell some burning rubber and gasoline)

So see... I can totally write a blog on beauty items during a NASCAR trip...anyone who has EVER seen me the week leading up to a race there is a reason I took off 5 days for every race.... I get too excited to think straight... hoping that if I have the photos, my notes on scents, smells, fits (doing some clothing too) , and even taste (a food box) with me as well as the info cards I can write reviews to keep me focused.

Plus I have a bunch of Amazon reviews I need to do for Tomoson... actually I am scared of how behind I am with those... I need to work a LOT this trip (and yes it is easier for me to write on trips because Dave is around more closely with Tuff so I am not having to write at 4 am)

so far looks like May and June Five Four Club,  a Love , Play, Nurture Box, July Wantable intimates, July Wantable Accessories, (don't think I got the makeup one last month), August BB, August Ipsy, August LWF, 2 Meme super boxes, hopefully August Citrus Lane and August Wantable Intimates will arrive before we leave

I also need to do a Thredup review... a big one because I have done some MAJOR winter clothing shopping!!!

Geeze...plus we have all the recipes to catch up on and to talk about canning too.... and some sewing projects...

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