Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the power of family

Kade (Katie), Tuffy, Tori

As y'all know my husband, youngest son and I moved to Nashville,TN from Ft Worth, TX about 2 months ago. Leading into the move and until last week I really did not write much, we knew the move would be very difficult for me... the best doctor in the world when it comes to my particular disease was in Dallas...people fly in from other countries to consult with him...why on earth would I move AWAY from him? My two adult children were there (and even if legally they are "adults" they are still my "babies"and I was not/am not OK with 800 miles being between us), we owned our home, we lived a comfortable lifestyle (considering I am on social security disability those were important factors), my ENTIRE family (very large family I might add) was there or very nearby, all my friends, Tuffy's biological family was there.... yet we just "knew" we had to make this move... career opportunities like this don't happen often... to stay would be selfish of me... a wife should support her really, we felt the Lord leading us here.

As crazy as it all seemed we loaded up what we could into the biggest moving truck U Haul makes (left the rest in our house and told the kids to sell it and keep the money...big tings like riding lawnmowers, swing sets, appliances) we were moving to an apartment and would not need that stuff in a single cab truck we loaded up, two adults, a toddler in a car seat, a 40 pound boxer, and a kitty in her carrier...kinda like the Beverly Hillbillies...and pulling my Tahoe behind it all....

everything we own or at least everything we could bring with us

I won't lie it hasn't been easy, it has been exciting, and I KNOW this is where we are supposed to be. I do FEEL at home even though we are in an apartment that I hope is quite temporary (like as soon as we sell our house in TX) all I have to do is look at the beauty surrounding us and I KNOW...seriously even driving along the interstate is beautiful.

I watch my son play in the evenings, chasing lightning bugs and know we did the right thing (I can't remember the last time I saw a lightning bug in the DFW LEAST 20 years)

my sister and I 

we are here with NO friends, and NO family.... and that is hard...much harder than we expected!

I now know that I took my family for granted, how I wish I could have all those times back that I was a teen or in my 20s and I made excuses not to hang out with my parents. All the times I was too tired, too busy, or just not in the mood to go hand out with my sister, my many cousins (some who were less than  minutes away from my rural home), to know my granny was literally minutes away and I didn't take the time to see her  more often... Tuffy's bio grandpa just down the road and not making more scheduled "play dates" with him knowing that Tuffy is his only grandchild (and yes, Tuffy does call him Grandpa...he will know he is adopted....we will never make that "a secret" it will just be part off his life...not make a big deal about just  "is")

We were all three supposed to go home to TX a couple weeks ago, unfortunately things changed and Tuffy and I had to stay here while my hubby flew to Dallas without us (it was a convention) he was able to have dinner with my parents the night he flew in, but not much time for anything else. My youngest daughter/oldest son had a very important Dr appointment and I really wanted to be there for it. (for those who don't understand that statement read a few posts below about transgender children) My oldest daughter was going through some stuff that I felt I needed to be there to get things under control (I will say this is FINALLY resolved, and I thank all of you who were praying for my family... I can now sleep easy again)

About the time we realized I could not go to Texas my parents mentioned they were going to try to come to Nashville for a few days in July. To say I was happy was an understatement, we are a VERY close family I don't think I have gone more than two weeks without seeing my parents in my life, and that just was a bigger part of my life after the disability when my Dr pretty much made me "home bound" to protect me from germs I was allowed to go to my parents as long as it was not a lot of people there so I went at least every other week...that was the only time I was able to leave my own house for quite sometime... so seeing my parents/my kids and my sister (and her family) was my entire social life (well I did see some cousins,aunts, uncles and granny too...but as you can see...all family)

Katie (Kade) Sr Pic
Tori's Sr pic

Just as the time was drawing closer for my parents to come to Nashville my mom got a job (and I was happy for her, she had been job hunting for sometime... but I knew a new job meant no vacation time) So today my mom calls me and tells me they ARE going to be able to come, she is able t take a few days off to come see us.... I am still sitting here crying tears of joy!

They can only stay a few days, but for us that is bringing "home" here to Tennessee.... a chance to experience our new home, and hometown with those I love most in the world... a chance to go do some site seeing/tourist type stuff that we have not done yet because we were kind of waiting for my parents/kids or sister's family to come to do that stuff with them.

Also I have NOT been feeling well at all, in fact it is a very real possibility that I will be in the hospital at any point right now... to say that I am scared is a vast understatement, the things my Dr is talking about is just not something I want to hear about really... so like any scared little girl, I want my momma....

my momma

Only my parents don't know how bad I have been doing (I try to keep them informed, but no need to tell them things that are not certain yet either...they know I have some heart issues right now and more testing scheduled...and they don't read the blog ...heck my dad would not even know what a blog was, and my mom just discovered Pinterest a month ago so she has not progressed to blogs yet...although she does understand that I write about stuff and do reviews)

my daddy

now that I KNOW my mom and dad will be here in 4 days I feel like a huge weigh has been lifted off my shoulders... I am happy, I am hopeful again, and I am determined to feel well enough to go to the country music hall of fame and the Grand Ol Oprey with my parents...without my walker...which I think they have seen me use MAYBE once in the 3 1/2 years I have used one...they have seen it out in our face time chats, but I try to move the camera off it before they ask about it.... so I am keeping my rear in bed, resting and focusing all my energy on being up to a fun filled few days with my parents... I do wish my kids were coming to...but they both have jobs, so can't just take off at a moments notice... but I plan to fly them here this winter when South West starts direct flights from Dallas Love field to Nashville for $99 (thank goodness the Wright ammement is a thing of the past just as I moved)

I know this is a LONG rambling post, and very different from my typical posts...but when I sat down to write the post I had planned this was what my fingers started typing (don't you hate it when they get a mind of their own??) so I will write today's planned post I will be reviewing a box or two this evening as well.

Thanks for listening, and seriously...don't take your family for your momma and schedule a lunch date...someday you will be kicking yourself for not doing it when you could have.


  1. Kimberlee, what a relocation adventure! Thank God (and I mean that) for our caring friends and relatives! What stands out for me in your telling of the story is that, at the end of the first paragraph, you say, "plus, we really felt the Lord was leading us here." That's the important part, and I stand with you in your decision! God will not lead you into something He doesn't intend to lead you THROUGH. So give Him praise and savor the gift of relocation that He has given you. It's a whole new life! And don't be surprised if your condition gets mysteriously lighter and lighter.

  2. great points and hope you have a terrific time!