Friday, July 4, 2014

June Wantable makeup box review

I received my Wantable MakeUp box last weekend and as usual it was full of great items I would not normally purchase for myself since I am so conservative makeup wise. I love that Wantabe stays within my profile but does introduce me to things I never would have tried otherwise... most items they have sent over the last year  have become my daily go to items.

As with all three types of Wantable boxes offered the makeup box offer a customized experience through the very detailed quiz, every box I have ever received was within my profile parameters and most items I would describe as "perfect" for me, but if for some reason you are not satisfied they do offer a guarantee so you can send it back for a new box or a refund.

The price is a bit on the more expensive side at $36, BUT the boxes are very high value and as I said 100% customized so it is very worth the price and since they do offer the guarantee there is no risk...not happy.....send it back...simple as that.

the first look had me intrigued, I don't have any of these brands that I am aware of to get full size products that I am unfamiliar with...many of the items I use daily are from sub boxes (not just beauty ones, but almost everything)

Tarina Tarantino Jewel Shadow Palette in nude $32.00

This pretty little compact is as beautiful on the outside as the shadows you see. I love when make up comes in super fancy packaging makes me feel special if that makes sense... Love that these are neutral wearable colors for almost any look . I did not NEED this, but I am sure glad I got it.

Tarina Tarantino pigment brush $25.00

OK, this make up brush...well... I have tools on my "dislike" list so I am not real thrilled to see this in my box, yes it is a very nice brush... but I was specific that I do  not want any tools in my box..I need to email them about this because it took up$25 of my box value and I WILL NOT use it... I have a large set of very nice brushes and so does the princess so this will just collect dust (at least it came with a dust cover I guess)

(PI_) Beauty glam lip gloss color nude $22.00

Lipgloss...the way to my heart! Seriously I think ya'll know I love my lipgloss collection and I am always happy to add to my growing stash. This color IS neutral, but is a bit lighter than I usually wear..but I wanted some nice tinted like shimmer gloss so I had changed up my profile and this is a representation of that change... it is exactly what I asked for... I find myself being drawn more and more to a more modest look recently and that includes my lips.

Three Custom Color On Fire Shimmer Creme $22.50

So let's talk about this blush/bronzer... hmm... I honestly have NEVER used a bronzer,but since everyone raves about them I decided to add it to my profile... the compact is adorable... the color is a bit out of my comfort zone (but I KNOW that is the point of bronzer) can someone please tell me how to use it now that I have it? nIt is a cream to powder or so it seems.

All totaled the value of this June Wantable Make up box is $101.50

Obviously since the cost of a box is $36 this is an incredible value and even though I received a make up brush that I was clear about not wanting I still liked the other products well enough and even if you take the make up brush away the value is still double what I paid for the box and Wantable has very good customer service so I feel they will take care of the make up brush problem.

*** this post contains affiliate links, I paid for this box with my own money all thoughts and opinions are my own***


  1. I've wondered about this box. I also love subscription boxes and have seen Wantable floating around.

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