Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Wantable intimates box

For those who don't know about Wantable, let me explain a bit. First off Wantable has 3 different monthly boxes...
Wantable Intimates Box which is not "naughty" at is siomply things like bras,panites,socks,slippers,leggings, nightshirts, nightgowns, tank tops, camis, accessories , hosiery, shapewear, and loungewear.
 Wantable Make Up Box which has full size high end makeup, often it is from new brands, or brands big in other countries that I have fallen in love with since receiving in my boxes, they also send make up tools, and nail polish if you indicate that on your profile.

Wantable Accessories Box this is a box of jewelry, sunglasses,scarves,watches,pretty much anything you could think of as an accessory it is in there....

I have reviews of all 3 boxes from the last year so you can look at how they look month by month

All 3 boxes cost $36 a month (or $40 for a one time purchase without subscription) the BEST part about a Wantable subscription is that you can skip any month you basically if you want to try all three boxes and can't afford to buy 3 every biggie just rotate your subscription with the click of your mouse...can't afford to splurge EVERY month, no biggie just skip that can also cancel at anytime, no hassle...again just the click of a button...super simple..

AND the offer a 100% money back guarantee...don't like you box...OK...send it back (they even pay return postage) so you are not "taking a risk"

 OK, now that I have explained everything there is to know about Wantable let's get on to my box which is why MOST of you are here anyway...

The first look didn't give away much other than this box was stuffed to the point of bulging and overflowing (always a good thing for a sub box) I love polka dots so I was pleased to see pretty pink and grey polka dots on whatever that was on top.

Rene Rofe Trimmed with Love Short Set $28.00

I was really hoping I would get a PJ set this time, I had changed my intimates profile for the first time in like 8 or 9 months to try and stock up PJ, camis, tanks and undies... I usually want socks and leggings but I am well stocked on those for now.
I like the soft cotton material and as I mentioned above the playful pink and grey polka dots are a big hit. the set features a tee with lace and a flattering center ruching. The shorts have a ribbon drawstring, tiny rhinestone accents and lace trim.
I am popping this into the washer now so I can wear them tonight...perfect for lounging around with hubby this evening for "date night" after Tuffy heads to bed...we are SO glamourous... we are talking some serious food network time, a snack and maybe work on a DIY together.

PPI  Lydia Hipster $10.00

The info card says these are red, but I am fairly certain that they are hot pink with a nude/beige lace trim...either way,  these are a perfect blend of comfortable hipster undies with a sexy touch of peek a boo lace on the front and sides (just enough to be flirty but remaining tastefully modest) 

Wantable did note that these run small s they sent in a size larger than I normally wear (I love that they take into consideration when things will fit differently and send accordingly)

NikiBiki tank $25.00

This is a very versatile green tank that will be a wonderful layering piece, oddly I don't have a green tank or cami so this was a happy addition to my box... it is a Nylon/spandex mix and says one size fits all...which makes me very nervous... but above that it says XL so I am hoping this is like a plus size one sized fits all...I recently was sized for a bra (because I had not been sized in years and it needed to be done I was still trying to wear the 38DD that I was before I gained all this weight) I am now a whopping 38F so when anything that goes over the girls says one size fits all I get nervous because I am WAY off the chart of "normal" in that particular area. 

I will say that it LOOKS like it will fit and that since I will only wear it as a layering piece I think I can pull it off... no way would I wear a skin tight tank anywhere these days... once you hit 35 that should be outlawed in my opinion, no matter how your body looks...and 35 was quite a few years ago for me.

If I can't wear this I will email them about the size, since they have my bra size in my profile.

All totalled my June Wantable Intimates Box was valued at $63, which is way more than the $36 price tag. This one was valued a lot less than others I have received, but really that's OK I like all the items and it fits my profile perfectly (as log as the tank fits well enough for a layering piece) Wantable Intimates has become one of my favorite boxes every month because I HATE to go buy these type things, but desperately need to toss all I have and replace it all...Wantable does the shopping, deal hunting, and even find the right sizes for me...what's not to love???

***this review contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I paid for this myself***


  1. I have not heard of the Wantable boxes before, but they sound like a great idea! A subscription to Wantable would also make a nice gift.


  2. I can't help but saying... this is awesome! And if you get things that aren't quite what you can use consider selling them on eBay! ;-)

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