Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Wantable accessories box

I think by now most everyone knows about Wantable and their fabulous customized boxes (they offer an accessories box, make up box and an intimates box that has socks, pajamas, bras things like that)

This is my June Acessories box (I usually get an accessories box once a season, sometimes an extra if I have the money) 
As with all wantable boxes you fill out a very detailed questionnaire that asks about your style, color, lifestyle, and clothing preferences (you can change or update this as often as you wish to change the type of things you receive)

 I opened the box up and removed the info sheet that lists what you received a few style notes/ideas and also a print out of your profile so you can see what your answers were  which helps when you start with them and are still "tweaking your profile to get that perfect blend of products, padded protection (there is no way anything in a wantable box is going to be damaged... best packaging ever) 

I never look at the info sheet right away, but I knew by the first glance that I  LOVED this box, this photo does not do this scarf justice it is beautiful.

Julie Scarf

Julie Scarf $18.00- I was actually surprised that the scarf was the least expensive item in the box , I would pay much more for this one. It is very soft and a bit silky feeling (not real silk I am sure) the soft pastel colors with black really is perfect for summer evening and since I am in the south even into early winter. I have a black maxi that I will wear this with . I also plan to wear this as a head scarf(think Lucille Ball style) the only reason I added the like for scarfs on my profile this time of year was because I had planned for my hair... but this is much better than I had hoped for and I know it will be a staple in my wardrobe for years both as clothing and hair accessory.

Ollie Watch

Ollie Watch $32.00- I like watches a lot, I have always worn nice gold or silver watches until the last couple years when I started changing my watches up as an accessory to my outfit or my mood. I am not sure what I expected to get watch wise, but this wasn't it...and I mean that in a good way... I put this watch one almost as soon as I finished looking through the boxes that arrived that day. My hubby has even commented on it and to be honest I don't even think he is aware I have multiple watches that I wear, but he did notice this one.

As you can see it has a big face as is the current style, but my favorite part is the band which I have shown below.

Ollie Watch band
As you can see the band on this watch is kind of a hybrid of a bracelet and a watch, it is hinged to fit a variety of sizes and is not meant to go all the way around the wrist (my wrist is still pretty small when not having edema issues) I love that this I can just pop on easily and not mess with a watch band which is actually a challenge for me with my hands being compromised by my illness... this is great for anyone with auto immune arthritis based many know in the mornings just opening a door is hard (and why I have lever door knobs) so a watch I don't have to buckle is a win plus this is super cute and will go with a good deal of  my closet.

Mariana Bracelet

Mariana Bracelet $21.00- I prefer to wear silver jewelry so that is how my wantable profile is set up, this is a pretty link bracelet that is a stretch band but you can't tell it is stretch by looking at it. I just this month changed my profile to allow for this type of bracelet (in my head I had the expandable ones as a rubber plastic type thing) so I am very happy I added this to my likes. you can't really tell in the photo but the detail in the links is notched some like rope to give it some texture. This is a great versatile piece that will go with most anything and can be worn alone or as part of a stack.

June Wantable Accessories box

All totalled this Wantable Accessories Box was valued at $71.00 which is actually one of the lower value boxes I have received from them, but I love every item in the box and it is still worth double the cost of the box so no complaints here. This is actually one of my favorite accessory boxes (May was pretty great as well ) I get the Intimates box every month, but the accessories and makeup I get just occasionally.
Wantable is one of the few boxes that will allow you to skip as many months as you want or get as many boxes in a month as you want (I have been known to get more than one box a month if I really like the different items I am seeing in spoilers) You can actually subscribe to all 3 of their boxes and skip them so yo only get one box a month and rotate them out or skip all of them if you don't have the funds that month.
Wantable also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee... don't like what you got...send it back (they pay postage) and they will send you another box or refund your really it is a win/win  you can't loose!
Price for all boxes are $36 a month (if you don't subscribe and just get a one time box it is $40) They typically do not offer discounts very often BUT if you are a first time customer if you use the link to create an account and fill out at least one questionnaire but close out of the site before checking out they will email you a 20% off code... but that is just for new accounts typically the email arrives in 24 to 48 hrs...

so go and fill out a profile, trust me Wantable is one of those rare boxes that truly has perfect boxes for EVERYONE because they truly are 100% custom for your profile.

*** there are affiliate links in this post, I paid for this with my own money and I did not receive compensation for this review, all thoughts opinions are my own***


  1. That's a pretty cool watch!

  2. I've never heard of Wantables, so I enjoyed reading about your recent box. I even clicked through to their website. I'm not a big shopper, so if they actually provided items I like, it would work out. I also like that they pay for return shipping and fully refund things you don't like. Can you return parts of the box? Or is it all or nothing?

    I also like the fun design of your blog page. Good for you for always keeping a sense of humor through both good and tough times. Having a positive attitude really helps when you face a challenge, as it sounds like you do. I stand on my faith when going through a rough spell. I don't know how people survive without a strong faith.

  3. Cathy, "Usually" Wantabe will only allow you to return the entire box for refund or replacement box. I have seen a few instances where they made an exception to the rule (like I got a makeup brush in my makeup box for June and tools are on my "dislike" list, so they will likely let me just return that since it was their mistake)...or at least that is what they have done in the past.
    I do enjoy all 3 of their boxes and I also do not like to go shopping so this is a way to get new stuff ... the intimates box is actually my favorite one (I will review next week for June's box, but I have quite a few of them in my blog history as well) I love socks (I know I am weird) so Wantable sends be fun socks in my intimates box almost always (lots of other stuff too)

    I do try to stay upbeat and fun, really I learned several years ago that my illness came with a few silver linings... the biggest being that because I am disabled I am a SAHM instead of working 60 to 70 hour weeks like I did when the girls were young, also I am quite frankly a better person now than I was before...

    God has plans for everyone, this was my path to travel. I try to make the best of it and see the good that has come from it instead of dwelling on the bad.

    without my faith I would have not survived that first year.

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