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June my community box

My Community Box is one of the various "local boxes" that have been emerging in the last year. I enjoy local boxes or regional boxes because I like to experience "what the locals do" when traveling and this gives me that opportunity without the expense of travel.

My Community box is a local box that is all about Hampton Roads,VA. originally when this box was in beta testing in November of last year it was to be a monthly subscription box,but they decided to regroup and to launch as a quarterly box so they could have time to put together a better quality box for their subscribers.

Each season they pick a theme and curate a box with items loosely based around that theme.

below is their description of the box and it's mission from their web page.

We specialize in curating quarterly boxes of products made and sold right here in Hampton Roads. Each season we pick a theme and send the best and newest products in the area directly to your door at a fraction of retail prices.

Items include a variation of products from food, bath & body, stationery, jewelry, event tickets and more. Most can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, but some are uniquely curated for use within Hampton Roads. These could include tickets, admissions or free items at select locations.

as with most sub boxes an info card is included, this is where I became a little confused. the card lists 8 different product/companies. I received 7 products from 4 different companies. I emailed the company and they responded promptly letting me know that there was a line on the card letting me know that "my community box will include a SELECTION of these products"

I was a bit disappointed because two of the three items not included I really was interested in trying, but I did get a great discount on the box so I am still OK with it.

I don't know how they decided who gets what, but overall I was pleased with the items in my box, and I got a great deal on it having only paid $18.00 for it when the regular price is $30.00 so I am happy with my box at the price I paid.

 a First look, I see caramel popcorn which is always Good thing to see, and what looks like deodorant tubes...i am intrigued, but cautious..

 Here is a little secret, I hate Rosemary...so does Dave... can't stand the scent or the taste.... SOOOO, I expected to hate this...I will say at least when it is dry I smell mint and a herb type scent...but not really screaming rosemary... I am afraid to get it wet because it might start really smelling like rosemary, that all being said my parents are supposed to visit next week and I know my mom likes mint & Rosemary both for scent combinations so I will put this is her "welcome basket" that will have all kinds of wonderful things for my mom...and all kinds of boring things for my dad...same brands used since 1970 something...except... I did find him a brush he has been looking for...and I know this brush was from the 70s...maybe the 60s even. So my mom will put this to good use...and if any of my adult children are tagging along(a momma can wish...right) that scent would be approved by both of them as well.

Perfectly Natural Soap-$4.50
 This scent is wonderful, I would like a bit more lemongrass but really I am someone who like a heavy citrus scent throughout my house so keep that into consideration. I think that this is a good size soap (I mean it is 4 oz of handmade/cut soap. it is all natural ingredients and I like the way it lathers, and rinses clean...not leaving behind a residue on my skin like some homemade ones do...I haven't notices in the tub but it would need a few more uses to show anyway there I think... this is a soap I would happily buy again.

an all natural bug repellent lotion bar
 (kinda works like a deodorant package twist product to top then rub on the skin.This is made with essential oils that bugs don't care for to dissuade the bugs from hanging around when you are wearing this. to apply simply rub onto skin and rub in, it should all absorb in a bout 2 minutes... it smells better than most bug repellents, but it is still a bug repellent... so it isn't going to smell great...but this is one of the better smelling ones I have seen...

OK, so I got TWO of these  exactly alike, being summer in Tennessee I will let this slip past because my little guy like to play outside...but I am disappointed (we will get to that in a few moments)

 (there are not any in the Etsy shop this plain, so I am doing a price estimate of about $3.50 and that is being generous)
 I am happy with these. I am always in need of hair ties and headbands especially in the summer...this is the deep south... hot and humid so often I just put a little leave in conditioner, maybe some mouse or texture spray then just pull it back in a Head band let it air dry and be done with it, so these are handy to have around, even in the winter to wash my face or on a bad hair day.

Ahaon there are nostyles just like this to compare to cost wise, but I did fine a very similar one for $6.75 so we will be going with that , although .the other one had rhinestones where mine has "barbie" written on a piece of pink plastic..
.and yes I am 41 years old
After checking, I can say it fits my head just fine, so I will be making this my "bathroom" headband. the one I wear when washing my face, wearing a mask, mini facials or whatever.
I am sure if my daughters were not in their 20s I may like this a bit more, but they are even less likley to wear this in public than I am 

I would like to say that this shop has some GREAT designs and I will be buying from then in the future...I really like several styles of theirs,so I do highly recommend checking out Froggie's World Hair Acessories, do not judge them by these items...they have some very nice venice lace and turban type headbands...the braided ones are cute as well. They are also reasonably priced.

I really have nothing to bad to say about this bag...other than perhaps add some sea salt, but that is entirely my preference. I looked through all the flavors they offer...you better believe there is a BIG order in my future... I love popcorn, but not boring popcorn... many of these favors sound yummy. Double Cheddar, Cheesy jalapeno with a kick, caramel corn drizzled with white & dark chocolate and they have fudge as well... yes, this will be a definite order in my future.

All totalled my My Community Box was valued at $39.75, so it was worth more than the $30.00 cost of the box, and was well above the $18.00 I paid for this on sale a few months ago. I do have to say that $6.75 of this box (the barbie headband) was obviously NOT meant for adults so not sure if was an oops or what...since I do sew I have other notions I can put on there myself or as I said I will just wear to wash my face or something ...it seems a bit young even for my daughters (23 and 21, well will be 21 next week) and the biggest chunk of value here is for bug deterrent ... again this is one of those items that people will love or they will hate... we actually do like this... it seems to work, it goes on easily with the deodorant type applicator then just rub it in.... and since I have two I keep one in my son's outdoors bag and one in my purse so we always have it when we need it.

I have not made up my mind about My community Box, the value is barely there...but other than the too young headband I liked the products overall.

I will need to get the next box (which I guess will be around the holidays) which is when the originally tied to launch last year...

my Community Box is doing a fund razr (kinda like kick starter, fund me or crowd sourcinng) the link to their page (which it legit) is My Community Box Fund Razr, you earn perks at $7.57 to claim perk

I want to like this box, I am giving them every chance to blow my socks off...and I think that if I had received the other items on my info card instead of two of all but one product (the caramel corn...heck that one I would have liked two of.... but I did not get the BBQ sauce ($6.00), The Lemon Coconut Bars ($12.00), and nourishing oil or whipped smoothie from Natural Journey $10-$12.
then you add to that a headband for a child that is of babrbie playing age that I DID get...

I just feel like the higher$$ items, most of the food items were left out of my box and clearly my age was not taken into consideration as I am a 41 yr old woman and I was sent a barbie toddler headband (and this is not a children's box)

I understand that they are saying you MAY receive a selection of the items on the card, but in my case it was clear I received all lower cost items.

and IF the headband had not been for a child I STILL would have been OK... because I liked the items I received two of... I didn't mind, but a barbie headband was a bit too much for me to overlook

I would love to hear from my readers who received a my community box this month and find out what you received... as in who really did get the higher dollar items?

Please comment and let me know!

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