Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Amish Country Treasures Subscription Box (New sub box)

I have been away for awhile, but I was still having boxes arrive... LOTS of boxes, so we have plenty to discuss in coming weeks, but I want to start with a box I received just today actually.
This is my second month receiving a subscription from Amish Country Treasures

instead of a traditional info card, this is more the "story" about the trip taken to Lancaster to put the box together this month, visiting each store or shop and what was bought there.... I love the format it is like getting a letter from a dear friend who is sending you a box of goodies from her home town.
The entire box has that feel (last month did as well, I know I have the pics from last month so I will try to come back and get the review up on that one too)

These cookies were not only totally delicious, a perfect combo of crispiness and chewy cinnamon sugar goodies! The yummie cookies come from Lil's Bakery from a woman named Leola, she was selling them at her market stand in Wyomissing.

bakery info on other side of Snickerdoodle cookies
One of the things I admire about Amish Country Treasures is they WILL hold the entire shipment if they feel the baked goods might not get to you fresh enough ( as was the case last month with some completely to die for whoopie pies) so I know the baked good are mailed as soon as they are done (and that means that I need to eat them ASAP since they were in the mail 2 days...right?)

the next item in this months box of goodies is honestly one of my favorite items, this is a little keychain made into a tiny little quilt and when you look at the back it has a little pocket hidden in there (kinda like the flap you would slide over on a pillow sham....anyway, I was thinking how stinkin' cute this would be forth tooth fairy offerings...an adorable little mini quilt keychain that you put your kids tooth in and miss fairy dust puts a $5 in it's place.... or do like me and keep my next dose of meds in it if I am out and about.
This little quilt stole my heart, and I can think of so many ways to use it.this was discovered at a farm owned roadside stand along the road from Wyomissing to Churchtown.9this is all in Lancaster County, PA by the way... I forget not everyone is as nerdy about the Amish as I am .

At a produce stand in Morgans town, that also sold hand crafts they stopped and found these cute little flyswatter manet.  the message says "Friendships is "swat" it's about... this is typical of many crafts Amish have in their homes and sell in their home farm shop. on a side not it is also a favorite pastime of many fundamental christian women, I remember those little plastic pieces with squares and tons of yarn from my childhood. I already have this on my fridge, but I do think I may send this with a friends goodie box soon.

my granny made these when she was still alive, I cried when I saw this

Ok so our ladies at Amish Country Treasures are on their way back through New Holland and come upon a small and cute produce/craft stand (this is common in Amish country, many at the end of their drive set up not only produce, fruit, sometimes baked goods and always crafts. 
anyways so they found this adorable little Apron for dis maybe even the latest.... my granny made these in s these in the 70s or maybe the 80s...whichever, I saw this and was immediately sitting at her round kitchen table with a oilcloth tablecloth and tupperware iced tea cups with matching spoons (the tall clear pastel ones)

The cost of this box was worth that memory right there if nothing else... but it seems only 19 people will be getting this the others will get some cute wood carved treasures from Eli's Woodcrafts (sorry I did not receive that item so your on your own looking for it)

I have been wanting to order some of these so bad, glad I waited
Once Amish country treasures had made it to Glicks crafts in Leola they found a plethora of potholders to choose from, some like mine were  quilted and had a heart stitched into the center of the pot holder, others a heart shaped potholders, and then some even got a oven mitts (if you got this box please comment and share pics of the ones you got )

some famous Chow Chow (I don't think and two Amish Women make it alike)
the first stop of the day was actually at Glicks Homestyle canning in New Holland. While here they picked up a lot of jars of freshly made chow chow... tomorrow for lunch I am having Chow Chow, cheese and crackers....and maybe some freezer pickles.... I can't wait!!!

some nice  Amish handiwork up top and a nice postcard on the bottom

every Amish Treasures subscription box comes with a postcard from Amish counties/towns as well as a hand made card from a young Amish lady named Saretta who makes beautiful note cards ( I actually just sent out one of her previous cards this morning to a friend in Alaska)

eeekkk I am in Heaven!
these are a couple of the Amish Country News actual publications, one is the spring 2014 publication, the other is actually June 2014.. and I am thrilled to have these, seriously ya'll I know I have mentioned here that I "like Amish" books, culture, and tradtions... but I don't think ya'll understand it is so much more than yea I have another sub box...this is wow...I can kinda pretend to spend a day in Lancaster as described above.... 

total contents of the box for June Amish Country Treasures

OK, so I am sure you noticed I was  not giving prices as I went through this box for you because it just is not that kind of box.... this is a box that is 100% about discovery, for me it is worth the price, and I think that for those like me this will be a hit.... if you want to pay $30 and get $250 worth of stuff this is not the box for you.
YOu do get quality handcrafted items, Amish baked goods, there will always be one main item and then fun little things to go around it .... if you really look at what I got it was a nice jar of chow chow full size, 3 fresh baked good size "man cookies" , a hand quilted pot holder, the adorable mini quilt keychain, the flyswatter with friendship message, and a ice hand made bit of stationary (ya'll KNOW that I love goood stationary, and the beautiful postcard, which I will be hanginng in my offoce. and then to still get the Amish country news.... all that fro just $23.90 is pretty great in my opinion...and you can easily do month by month with no commitment, which means she will not automatic bill you unless you sign up again...the 3 month package is $67.95 and it also does not just renew when that time is over you have to physically do it, 6 month is $128.95. also if you are friends on the facebook page (I will include a link) she is ALWAYS offering new discount codes on there. (and If I hear of new ones I will update here and on discount page)

***I used my own money to pay for this subscription, all thoughts and opinions are my own, I get no referral bonus for you signing up for this box using the links on thi page... but I will ask if you could perhaps mention that you did read about it on my blog on the notes to seller area...maybe if she sees I have folks coming and saying they read about their business on my blog maybe we can get a giveaway going... so show her some love...and let her know I sent you!

Amish Country Treasures web page to order

Amish Country Treasures Facebook page

it is good to be back and really doing what I love again....sorry about that leave ya'll... being a mom is always first...then my illness and my hubbies needs, finding a church here in TN and now I can finally Write about my STUFF....



  1. Great review Kimberlee, I really appreciate it :) I love your website!!

  2. my pleasure Lorrielee, I love your box and am happy to help get the word out about you.

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    Enjoy the 4th of July and be safe