Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throw back Thursday NASCAR,family style

I have been reflecting on my life lately, I am in the midst of some major life changes and just kind of evaluating the past, coming to grips with the present and trying to decide what I want our future to be
.... God is really tugging at my heart and my conscience recently.... I have kind of pulled back from everyone and everything while I work some things out within myself about some things that I have been conflicted about for many years pertaining to my views on religion, living. Life as a Christian, modesty, and boundaries....

Add to that my reoccurring nightmares are back so I am just not in a social mood (more flashbacks than just my imagination, so more like night terrors I guess) anyway.... Some of you know the reason for my nightmares, for those that don't I will leave it as a simple I am a survivor of a very abusive marriage in my younger years...I had hoped I was finally past the nightmares this time since it had been over a year, but they are back again.... This is nothing new, when they come back it is hard to get my head on straight for awhile while I work through all those emotions again and usually some new ones added in there that I guess I wasn't ready to deal with before...

I do,plan to get back to the regular blogging routine, but I need to kind of work,through this all for now.... The blog will just be a more public view of my thoughts, questions and struggles as I work through it all....

Anyway here are some pics of race days over the past 10 years .... My girls and I had a rough time starting over in life ,but the track was our "happy place" something we looked forward to....and wheni met my husband a little more than 6 years ago he reluctantly agreed to attend a race finally after awhile and he came to love it as well...or maybe he just loves how it makes me carefree, relaxed and at peace....

So,here are some pics of us at Texas MotorSpeedway doing what we love best....

Thought this would be nice for a throwback Thursday type post, NASCAR family style....

Tori and I 2007
Katie 2008
Tori and I 2008

Tori 2008

My friend Kelli Lynn and I 2007

Tori 2007

Tori 2007

Katie and I 2010

Media center Q&A with JJ 2010

Dave 2009

Kaye and I 2010 I think 

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