Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Finally finding the things that make ME "me"

So today I finally felt "at home" in this new temporary apartment home almost 800 miles away from HOME... I found a few totes during my unpacking that had some of my favorite things...may seem silly to you....but my cookie butter from trader Joe's, mountian blueberry coffee K Cups, the charger to my laptop, and over the weekend my camera and ALL of my Erin Condren Planners and notebooks ( to be fair I had one planner and two notebooks with me in the truck when we move that was not packed... This was just the rest of my planning Arsenals.

Last week I discovered a tote of shoes (still in boxes never worn.... I do love a pretty new shoe) slowly my beauty products are emerging, along with a few other dozen totes of subscription box items. Up to now the things that were a reflection of who I am am were buried in totes...well other than my various Bibles, and Amish fiction novels...and maybe a dozen polishes ( yes I had a dozen not packed up....we won't discuss what WAS packed...the number is over 100 and we will leave it at that since hubby and I have debates about polish....and how much wall space can be dedicated to it....)


Tuffy is actually really enjoying living in an apartment because he has other kids to play with, compared to a gated community in the country.... This is much more social for him... He is loving having friends and extra time with daddy since he has more time at home these days and since I feel better we do things more as a family now.

My new "main doctor" changed up my med cocktail just a bit.... I feel so good it is amazing....still have that whole auto immune disease thing...but these days living is better than dying...for about 8 months I don't think I could have said that.... The pain and fever and organ stuff just was really kicking my rear....

Ok I had taken this time away from y'all here on dragon slayer to do some soul searching.... The box world had taken over my life and everything in it....between getting the boxes, photographing the boxes, reviewing  boxes...All that was good... No issues.... That was what I knew I was doing with this whole blogger thing.....somewhere it became more important than my family and my faith...that was where things went wrong..... I had to evaluate my life and get this back as they should be.

,no one tells you there is this whole sub culture that revolves around subscription boxes....ladies, THAT is what really draws you in, you get caught up in the OMG these ladies are like me... Boxes bring us. Together....peace and harmony...usually..... But it can also bring stress and drama.... I am not talking about any one group here before I start getting hate mail....itnis all the groups COMBINED.... And y'all know it happens SOMEWHERE on a box page/site/group/chat room/ or even Pms  every day..

.....sometimes it makes you wonder if you even want to log on.... Much less try and stay positive enough to blog about it ( I should point out this is very seldom issues with actual,box companies.... Really go subscribe to boxes...they ARE safe...this is the "new box culture" as with any area in life when you get a few thousand women togather in one place talking...stuff happens...especially if they are all wanting the same thing.... Friendships are made, enemies are made, dare I say it even alliances are made again not with the box issues there...the boxes, the goodies....still love all of that and think everyone should get a box or two every month...especially since some are as low as five dollars....but again, for me this had become consuming and I personally needed to get my priorities back in order 

So during this little break Inhave been on, I decided first thngs I needed to do was look at my box love from the perspective of living a godly life... I think I need to work on that because I did " covet thy neighbors boxes", I was " greedy" wanting them all, and I did gossip, and let them take over all areas of my life and my children, husband, home, and relationship with The Lord  all took a back seat to my boxes and all that was involved with it (for a box blogger many Many hours a day are spent researching boxes) ... One of the reasons for our move here was to put God a higher priority I our lives.... So I will be doing that now that The Dragon Slayer Mommy is back up and running.... When I started this blog it was meant to be  about my illness, mommy stuff with toddlers AND teens since I had both, being a mommy while being chronically ill, and the challenges that are unique to being a sick, baking, and reviews..... Along the way subscription box reviews took over everything else, time to get back to basics...

I will be bringing things back into balance...
YES THERE WILL 100% still be plenty of subscription box reviews! spoilers and news.... 
But I will be going back to reviewing a bigger variety of items (not just boxes, but many different items for moms, kids, chronically ill, physically disabled, and any thing else that catches my eye) as well as getting back to my cooking baking recipes as well....

I will not Likley bring up issues with my oldest kids often simply because I try to respect their privacy (not at all because I am ashamed of Katherine Marie/ Kade son...who was born female and is transgendered female to male.... I love Kade...and proud he chose Travis as his middle name...had he had been a boy at birth that would have been his name (it was also my grandfathers name) my daddy gave his blessing for Kade to use Trabis as part of her new name/identy.... Those pronouns are still killing me...she/he..... I do type Kade now pretty much always ...I say KK ..... But also say sissy when talking tomTuffy.... I am not perfect.... I am learning...I love my child and support him no matter what...but 21 years of having a daughter is not something you can "un" do..... I know that K knows I am trying very hard tomgetbthe verbiage correct, and knows I will make mistakes....Thank you to everyone that has emailed me with encouragement and support as I have dealt with this new turn in life, it means more than you could imagine. 

I will be talking a lot more about Tuffy (he just turned 3 and is seeing how far he can push mommy ), more about my hubby the Yankee, and a whole lot about exploring Nashville and the small communities that surround it (like where we are living) we know NOTHING about our new home town really so this will give us lots to explore togather as a family.

And finally (but most importantly) during all this I am working on my relationship with God... I hope that y'all  will begin to see some changes in me and my writing since that is my ultimate goal..if anyone is interested I can list the bible study I am working on as I do,them and what I am reading at different times. 

I haven't quite come up with a real "template" just yet on what days I will talk about what... That may be a work in progress and see what we like....

Tomorrow we will talk about a new Subscription box company for those like me who love Amish traditions, culture, and handcrafted items....and a subscription box that helps with delicious home cooked meals.

Anything you would like to see?, any questions? Comments?

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