Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm back... About dang time

Hey ya'll,

Seems like an eternity since I last had a chance to write and chat with ya'll.... It has been a crazy busy couple months to say the least. We finally made it to Nashville, and put of the hotel into the apartment we will be in for about a year (we won't buy a house here until we sell our house in TX) I have been living with what I could fit into a suitcase for each of us and two carry on size bags, plus a box of items for each of the pets... And my KEURIG (don't judge, you would grab yours too if you knew it would be a month before you would get your stuff) and Romeo's ashes....Romeo was with me the whole way.

...we are 4 days away from the one month marker since we left our house...I am ready for my desk, my pots and pans...Tuffys kitty's scratching post and climbing tree...and a bed...Mwe moved into the apartment about 2 weeks ago....with only a blow up mattress, our loveseat, Tuffys toy box, and the suitcases/Cary on bags I had packed...and whatever the subscription box companies had in store for us this month was added to the list.

Needless to say we have had to purchase a few things before today... First off a TV, a couple pans to cook in (Paula Deen ones, since it gave me an excuse to buy some) an iced tea maker, new silverware, a couple wooden spoons, a bunch of new toys for Tuffy and a couple rugs to protect the carpet from the Tuffy monster...and a couple towels.

It hasn't been fun, but we managed... Showed me that in reality we have much more than we REALLY. "Need" but I like my stuff and I am excited that it will be arriving today .... Giddy like a school girl even over my desk showing up soon!

I have been loving the fact that I am now in the delivery area for the various food prep fresh ingredient boxes....I have tried a couple already with more to come.... I made sure to take pics with my phone (my camera is inside my desk...did I mention imam happy my desk is coming today) these will be my first reviews once my stuff gets here ... I will be doing at least one post a day, possibly more....but no promises on that as I will be unpacking and purging what we can't use here ( this apartment may be almost 1300 sq feet, but still feels cramped so I think a lot will go to goodwill even though we left a bunch in TX even)

Ok ya'loll Miss Libby is staring at me which is code for gotta potty.. I gotta say, I do not like having to walk her every time she needs to go out....I do miss my backyard.....


       Tuffy got this new rug as one of his birthday gifts

  He also got new bedding 


  1. So glad the move went right and your stuff finally arrived! My family and I just made a huge move from NY to Alabama so I know the feeling.

  2. thanks jen, I finally just got the first review up... but I am back full time now I am back to no sleep I am sure but as soon as little man hits bedtime I am on the computer again