Sunday, April 6, 2014

Illness, transgender children, and Nashville .... And playing box catch up

Hi y'all

I have been very ill, not my normal Dragon Slayer sick....but first a stomach bug and then an upper respiratory turned bronchitis, turned pneumonia type nightmare all while my hubby was out of town over a fee weeks....thankfully he is finally home, I am still quite ill, but seem to have leveled off...not better, but no longer getting worse...

I also have had a family announcement that kinda kept me from posting....simply because I post about my life...and that means I post about my children.... When something major happens on that front it makes it difficult for me to write at times....this one announcemt in particular..... My youngest daughter is starting gender reassignment protocols.... So I now have one daughter and two sons....not twomdaughters and one son..... I am not at all upset by this announcemt.... A mom knows these things deep down... I just want my baby to be happy.... She has always told me she was really a boy...starting in 1997.... I'm having issues with the pronouns....using she instead of he...and the name I chose for my daughter prior to birth, not the name my son has chosen for himself at transformation....

I wasn't going to write about this until I knew K was ready...K is my youngest daughter kitty kat is now my oldest son "k"

If you have an issue with this, then please leave my blog now.... I am still a Christian, a good southern republican...but I am first and foremost a child is my primary concern.... Don't want to hear about K the leave.... Now that I have put it out there it will be coming up...his gender reassignment is a major part of my life, and my family.... I mourn the loss of my daughter but welcome my new son with open arms

Ok, still here..... on to boxes....

I am actually heading to Nashville a bit earlier than expected as well.... Basically this next month will be split between Nashville and ft worth depending on my infusion schedule and family celebrations (my mom and my daughters (the princess)birthday) I plan to knock out at least one review a day this next week...possibly more but to be honest Likley anymore at first will be used to schedule ahead .... My health is still shaky and I am not out of the woods yet.... A few posts set aside will make me more comfortable.... I have about 45 reviews to get done plus incoming items...including the log awaited popsugar resort box....that still has not shipped I travel between the two states I will Cary a few boxes with me to review and will be setting up a mail service there as well to start routing boxes to..... Last count ....81 boxes to change my address on.....yep...that's a lot

So I will get a review do e tomorrow for y'all and go from there

Forgive me for my absence.... Between learning of my new son, my illness, and move changes I was too overwhelmed to write....or even open boxes for a while.



  1. I hope you continue to feel better. I know this move is huge and will be stressful but you know God will not give you more than you can handle. Lastly as for K, please know that I think it was a beautiful and brave choice he made you are a wonderful Mom for all the support.

  2. As a friend and as a fellow mother, I applaud you on your love and support for your child. I am proud of K for doing what is best for them. I think the biggest thing as a parent is to always support our children in what they want to do with their life. I am so happy K has you for a Mom. A lot of people wouldn't understand this, but you do. I always encourage ones self expression, be true to yourself because if you aren't, everything about your life isn't quite right, it is off kilter. Way to go K! Do what makes you happy, Sweetie! I am very proud of you!

  3. I hope you feel better very soon especially with so much going on. The stress of everything can hinder wellness so be sure to find several moments for yourself. I forgot to mention in my last comment I'll be in Nashville soon (a month or so?) to get treatment and plasma transplant at the VA hospital there. Maybe we'll run into each other. :-)

    You're the first mom I've "known" who has a child experiencing reassignment protocol. I can't even imagine what it is like, but I do appreciate and understand being a supportive and loving mom.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! And good luck to K on his new journey! He's lucky to have you for a mother. *hugs*

  5. I think you sound like an amazing mom! Good luck to K on his journey. I hope you feel better soon