Monday, March 3, 2014

What's going on in my world 3/2/14

This was what my front porch looked like Friday after I got home from infusion (and that was just USPS, FedEx and UPS had not come yet)

As you can see I have a lot of work to get done.

I still need to review:

Citrus Lane
Silly Rhino
Wantable (all 3 make up, accessories, and intimates)
Carnivore Club
LuLube Soothe Shirt
Bespoke post
MyGlam Home 
big lick barkery box
woof wag play (sadness, this was their last box... I actually received every since one of their boxes)
Bark Box
a couple of jewelry reviews (not box companies)
a cane review for my fellow spoonies and Dragon slayers)
a dream pill sorter, again for my chronically ill readers
A few random beauty items (not sub box items)
a recipe software program (will be giving it away as well)
and software for renting timeshare package (need to look, I thin that may have a giveaway as well)
Pain relief cream for my chronic pain friends and readers
political thriller Too Much Information (almost done reading it to review
The March reviews are gonna be fast and furious...I kept February light because we thought we were moving to Tennessee this it is Late March early April...I am just going back to ordering boxes and reviewing what shows up before I leave and my cousin in 5 min away she can check you 
ok...that is all I think I needed to review (well I was gonna review Bentley Box, but they are closing so that one I finally just washed the clothes and marked that one of the list...

OK no biggie...just all of that above by the end of the week (since I was out of commission the better part of the last two weeks I needed to be doing 4 reviews a day...and it just didn't happen...for those who speak fluent spoonie/dragon I am in a major flare, can't lift arm to do all those things you need to do...that pretty much sums it up 

 My little man knew I was feeling really bad Friday after my infusion so he wanted to buy mommy some  flowers...he picked them himself...and there are many, many, many more....4 bags full of the silk roses...he kept saying mommy needs more...hubby was letting him get whatever he wanted for he handed me these when I got out of the truck....

went straight to bed, flowers all over my desk ...too precious...I love that little munchkin more than life

I was feeling a bit better yesterday evening and was going to get some work done while I was feeling kitty had other idea...she batted her claws at me if I tried to type...quickly realized she was not going to le t me work...she was demanding some past due cuddle time..

So Tuffy, Baby Kitty and I climbed into mommy's bed to chill (mom can at least work on the book I am reading for a review)

Tuffy's oldest sister dropped off baby piper (the tiny baby in Tuffy's lab)
So now we have all the stuff above and my grand-puppy who is toooo tiny...she played with baby kitty, but the dogs paw's are blogger than Miss Pipers' whole body.

And that wraps it up...there are more stack on my desk, floor and bookshelf...but I will get it done before the march major ship time hits.

I am gonna be one busy mamma next week,,,, just pray this flare calm down with no full flare hospital fun

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  1. Ohmigosh, that is a box-dump. You will have your hands full for a few days. Happy unboxing! And Baby Kitty is too cute! She deserves much cuddling.