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February Wantable Makeup Review

I am late getting this review out, but my February Wantable Makeup Subscription Box was one of the best ones so far and that is saying a lot since I have really liked all my Wantable Makeup boxes...but this one was extra great...I feel like as time goes by my boxes get better since they are learning what I like and don't like as the profile gets more in depth and the feedback I give about the items I have received so far.

A recap for those who are not familiar with Wantable boxes, they offer three different types of boxes Makeup (this includes all FULL SIZE forms of makeup, nail polish, and makeup tools...all based on your likes, dislikes, what you are looking for in your box, color choices and personal style), Accessories(jewelry,scarves,watches,belts,headbands, and pretty much anything else you would like...again totally based on YOUR likes, dislikes and style preferences) and Intimates (which is NOT a lingerie box really,it kinda depends on your preferences...I get more loungewear and socks AWESOME socks than lingerie...but that option is totally there is you want it...even shapewear)
The boxes are $36.00 a month for subscribers and $40 a month if you don't want to subscribe and just get a onetime purchase... Although to save the $4.00 I would subscribe and just skip the months you don't want to get since skipping is always an option. I personally get the intimates box every month but only get the accessories and makeup boxes about every 3 months ...acessories a bit more often as seasons change just to stock up on the upcoming seasons best picks...but if you are more into makeup..then get that...need a new watch, scarf or just want someone to pick on trend items for you ...get accessories that month... the best part about Wantable is that every box is custom designed for YOU.

Ok...enough of that...let's look at my goodies. I really think I may need to get the makeup box more often than every 3 months... I ALWAYS love my items...I don't NEED more makeup really...but I DO love that they are always introducing me to stuff I would NEVER have discovered o my own...and I end up wondering how I managed without it.

I don't know if I can do this review without going on and on about the packaging...not only the beautiful pump you see there in the photo bit it comes in a velvet bag inside a super fancy box that slides out like a drawer...OK...yes, I am easily impressed by a pretty package...but seriously this is beautiful..not sure WHY my blush needs a velvet bag but I sure like that is HAS one!

This is a highly pigmented cream blush in a pump so basically this 0.5ml package will last for a VERY long time... this is a beautiful coral shade that just a tiny dab will do and blends perfectly and is an all natural products (always a big plus with me)

I have been wanting to try a cream blush so I completely changed my profile to make sure I got one (I also tweaked my colors a bit for spring...I am usually very natural and earth toned...and I still will be for the eyes but I decided to brighten up the cheeks some.
This holy grail product hit it out of the park on what I was looking for as I changed up my profile... as usual I am left saying "Thank You Wantable...I don't know how I managed to find new products without you)

I think by now most of you are aware I have a thing for lip gloss (most lip products actually, but lip gloss and balms in particular) As soon as I say this in my box at the first look I knew I was gonna be happy...this is a totally new brand...and finding a new lip gloss is always a happy day.

The photo isn't picking up the hint of gold that is the shimmer aspect of this soft pink gloss. Trust me when I say it has a bit of goldish undertones, which normally isn't a good thing for me when it comes to makeup but this is actually very pretty on (the pink is not as dark as it appears in the photo either... I was taking this photo with back lighting and it didn't represent the real tones of this lightweight gloss)

I was very pleasantly surprised by the vanilla scent of this one. I was happy to discover it is real vanilla extracts used to add scent, I find vanilla calming and instantly puts me in a good mood (it reminds me of baking and that is how I destress so this was a big bonus) also is a bit of vitamin E for a moisture boost.  The formula is lightweight and not sticky at all and lasted a good amout of time for a gloss.

I was very happy to see that they have a full spectrum of gloss in my color range with the added vanilla bean scent... I see a shopping spree in my future... I can't resist...

At first I was't too sure about this shade. I usually do brown, but I am trying to be more open and I DID change up my profile a bit so I gave it a shot.... know what??? This shimmery olive green is light enough that it dosent' scream green but eally makes my brown yoes "pop" behind my glasses...I was surprised since I haven't really been too crazy abuot my eye look with glasses and can no longer wear contacts... evidently I was just using the wrong colors...who knew.... well, evidently Wantable knew....

This compressed mineral shadow was non irritating (I have very sensitive eyes) , was long lasting and didn't really crease much at all... over all I was extremely pleased with this...totally NOT something I would have chosen myself, but very glad that it was included in my box!

Ok, So I wasn't sure "what" this was (as in type of product) at first but I knew I liked the packaging. The compact is a shiny metallic silver with a pinkish purple tint that is more of a holo look if that makes sense. I am a sucker for a nice compact and really don't have but one other right now (I really need to rectify that)

So once I realized this was a highlighter I was even more excited, since in warmer months I don't wear any type of foundation or BB cream...just a bit of blush, highlighter,mascara and gloss...
This is a nice shimmery pink, but I plan to play with it a but die to the luminescent  ivory-pink shade I think that I can possibly even use this over my blush and similar to a power.... more on this later... either way I do think it makes a wonderful highlighter, but want to test this new theory.

SAMPLE PRODUCT...not part of the box value

This is a foil packet (which is fine in this case since it does NOT count towards my box items)...Wantable just always includes a sample product as well as your 4 to 5 full size ones... I have found some great stuff this way and I can't wait to try this one out the next time I wear a foundation.

The full value of my February Wantable Makeup box was $88.00, which is more than double my $36.00 cost. I find that my makeup boxes are typically in the $75 to $95 range so I ALWAYS get so much more than I paid. The best part though is finding new products that become part of my daily routine that I would never have even know about without Wantable.

I wish I could give you a discount code, but Wantable really doesn't do that very often at all, but they do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee...don't like it...send it back...they even pay return shipping... you can cancel or skip any month for any reason.

If youi are looking to discover new makeup products and are sick of tiny samples or getting the same brands all the time...give Wantable a try...yes it IS more expensive than many other makeup subscriptions but it is worth every dime...and you get your moneys worth and you can send it back for a refund (or another box) if you don't like it... the questionaire is the most detailed I have ever seen from a box company...take the qusstionaire to see what I mean, you don't have to buy the box..just see how detailed it is and I bet you will want to go ahaead and see what they come up with for our perfect box.

just click HERE to look at the webpage, and to find out more about all three box types and do the questionnaires for all three boxes.

now I HAVE heard... a rumor that if you do your questionaire say today but do not subscribe that the next day you will get a 10% discount offer...but I can not confirm that since I have subscriptions to all the boxes already...but just a thought...

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