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February Wantable Intimates Box

My Wantable Intimates February Box was not the lingerie my hubby was hoping for...but that's ok...Wantable knows me by now.... I want tanks and leggings, cute socks, a comfortable bra, occasionally a pair of slippers...maybe next month I need to do a bit of a "sexy" box...we are moving from our home states to an unknown state, no friends, no eal co workers... and I just have to pray I can find moms with 2 yr old that are older than my own daughters....or this might not go well...yes, I am going to need to get mu "sexy Back"

A recap for those who are not familiar with Wantable boxes, they offer three different types of boxes Makeup (this includes all FULL SIZE forms of makeup, nail polish, and makeup tools...all based on your likes, dislikes, what you are looking for in your box, color choices and personal style), Accessories(jewelry,scarves,watches,belts,headbands, and pretty much anything else you would like...again totally based on YOUR likes, dislikes and style preferences) and Intimates (which is NOT a lingerie box really,it kinda depends on your preferences...I get more loungewear and socks AWESOME socks than lingerie...but that option is totally there is you want it...even shapewear)
The boxes are $36.00 a month for subscribers and $40 a month if you don't want to subscribe and just get a onetime purchase... Although to save the $4.00 I would subscribe and just skip the months you don't want to get since skipping is always an option. I personally get the intimates box every month but only get the accessories and makeup boxes about every 3 months ...acessories a bit more often as seasons change just to stock up on the upcoming seasons best picks...but if you are more into makeup..then get that...need a new watch, scarf or just want someone to pick on trend items for you ...get accessories that month... the best part about Wantable is that every box is custom designed for YOU.

                                                          So, lets look at my February Wantable Intimates box, I have my profile set to love : loungewear, tights/leggings/camis,pretty & polished, and to Like accessories, tanks, panties,socks, soft bras and brights and I DISLIKE  hosiery,shapewear & fun & Flirty (yea...this need a LOT of work... I am thinking the hating fun and flirty is why I don't get the sexy stuff my hubs would occasionally like to see.

                                                                  Now what did I get?

I have received a Rhonda Shear Bra before (and liked it so much I ordered more) this one "the sweetheart valentine" has an extra inch of coverage under the bust and offers a flattering sweetheart neckline on the bra.

This one is even more comfortable than the original Ahh bra I received in my January box and I would not have thought that was possible. For my fellow "chesty" ladies out there I am a 38DD in most bras and in some a 36DDD, I am also in my early 40s and gravity along with children have taken it's toll on the breast of my 20s. Which means I can not find cute & comfortable does not exist, until now these are not cute little bows...but are fun colors, look nice, supportive and SOOOO COMFORTABLE...ladies I sleep in my bras now (yes, I know I should have slept in a bra all along as big and heavy as they were BUT I hated wearing conventional bras even the best ones started to bother me after a few hours...and I could not wait to take them off... The Rhonda Shear Ahh bras are different.... I really do WANT to put it on because I feel better with one on that not wearing one....and I choose to sleep in one most night me for me that is a major endorsement, I will say that for me I think the XL is the better fit...I have two XLs and one XXL since I was playing with the settings to get maximum comfort.
...the biggest issue I have with house guests or helping family out that moves in with us...honestly, my BIGGEST issue is that I have to put on a bra all day if I leave my room... that is how much I hated my bras...I WANT to put these on... I know I have said that already... it is just so unusual for me....that it bears repeating.
click on the link above and order yourself one right now...your "girls" will thank you...and then you will be wondering WHY you had never tried these before, or why they are  not all made that way.

these are also from Rhonda Shear (evidently from looking at her website she has an entire clothing line, I would like to get a couple of shirts or tanks since they are built in bras and made for bigger girls...I might like how I look in a tank again)
I was actually quite pleased to receive a pair of brown leggings in this box, I don't have a pair of brown leggings, and let's face it leggings are a mommy wardrobe staple... and I have plenty of tops that will go perfect with this brown....
I know for february many wanted "sexy boxes" for valentine's day... I honestly never thought of that... I am just thrilled that Wantable finds me items that I genuinely love or like in my I never thought about liking things I didn't really "like" just to get a cute Betsy Johnson nightie and matching panties...but can completely understand why some would want that...just a thought perhaps add a separate category for the cute sexy stuff instead of it all being "loungewear"
That being said I actually will be playing with my profile to try and get a sexy little number right before our move next month since it will be a VERY VERY long time before we have a babysitter again once we move... the convenience of granny & PaPa will be 10 hrs away...

From what I can tell these are no longer offered since it pulls the  "archives" page on Muk Luks with every matter...I have a pair...and I absolutely adore them! These are cute, adorable little puckered and tufted boot socks... first off I have lots of boots (I will not insert a numerical count is almost shameful...but please remember I AM a TEXAN and will be buried in my boots...although I do have every kind of boot available not just ropers & lacers) These will certainly show above my cute stylish knee/calf boot as is the current fashion. I actually will wear these socks without boots as well, they are possibly my favorite Muk Luks to date (besides the slipper socks that I have stockpiled....those are a dream come true for all people with Raynauds Disease (secondary Raynauds in my case) Raynauds gives me an excuse to collect socks...I have a couple drawers full of cute boring white socks for me,... Although my biggest complaint and challenge is the Still's Dragon (from my AOSD which is my primary diagnosis and the worst of my 3 autoimmune diseases...I also have Sjogrens, which is why I can no longer wear contacts among other issues...but really only AOSD has rearranged my life...the other two I consider just mild inconveniences.

I can't find this exact tank on their site right now, but I had found it previously, so I assume they are sold out. As I mentioned above I have a difficult time finding tanks that look good on me, this one that makes me happy...the tank is cute enough to wear just to wear (I will admit to yoga pant/leggings and Tee's or tanks while I am at home or at the park even) From a performance perspective this tank offers dry wicking for those who wish to use this only in a work out type setting this is great for you as well.
This is not something I think I would have picked for myself at a store (I tend to shy away from tanks all together) but I am glad it was in my box and thanks to Wantable I actually have several tanks for this upcoming summer.

All together the retail value of my February Wantable Intimates box was $79.95 and considering the cost is only $36.00 a month I am more than happy. I have discovered over the last year that Wantable consistently offers boxes that is double what you paid or more. I know that these boxes are a bit higher in price than some...but they DO have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all three boxes (Intimates box,makeup box , and accessory box) The secrete to the sucess of this sub in my opinion is the profile questionnaires...they are by far better and more detailed that I have ever seen in this industry and they are always adding more and more questions so the boxes become better over time as they learn what you want.
I highly recommend all three boxes, and remember you can skip any months you want.

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