Monday, March 24, 2014

32 day count down

ladies, I apologize for the lack of posting... I spent last week finding a place to live (no, still haven't actually been to Tennessee was all Dr's won't allow me to fly due to germ exposure so it has been a "fun" search for a place to live to say the least)

We finally had decided on the town of Mt Juliet (about 17 miles east of downtown Nashville) about 2 weeks ago, a smallish suburb compared to TX standards anyway that sits between two lakes, lots of nature around, close to vanderbilt for my medical needs, low crime rate, one of the better school systems and near hubby's office...but beyond that we were still clueless since we know nothing about the area or anyone who lives there...SOOOO...lots and lots of hours online to find a neighborhood and then a home....

Finally we settled on the Providence area (a small community within a town that has it's own shopping, dinning,parks, hiking trails and such all in walking distance of each other... but a super small town feel (or so it seems from what we can tell doing research) Obviously much more urban than we are used to since we are in the country here...but that is kind of a good thing since Tuffy and I get lonely out here by ourselves.

Much to everyone's surprise (including our own) we have decided on a luxury apartment community as our first home in's a short lease (they do a lot of corporate relocations so they offer flexible leases... we decided on only 10 months, which should give us time to sell our home here in TX and buy a home there) I haven't  lived n an apartment since the 90's....and they sure were not like this one (wow is all I can say, more like a hotel really with all the amenities but the size of a small home)... wow is all I can say the dang thing is almost 1300 sq feet so thankfully we won't be too cramped (still less space than we are used to, but enough that we won't be on top of each other)

My youngest daughter (Kitty Kat, age 20) has decided to move with us so we needed the 3 bedroom for sure although we were planning to get a minimum of 3 bedrooms anyway for my office area and for the girls when they visited (my mommy heart is super happy about this new twist in the move...YEA!!!!) I will happily give up my office space for a daughter... and really the apartment is plenty big enough to set up office space in either our bedroom or part of the living or dining rooms (thankfully there is separate living and dinning space) I am actually kinda impressed  with all the things in the apartment (cool built in's ,all granite and brushed nickel... and the unit and  community amenities are really a change from being in the country for sure)

Unfortunately hubby is traveling most of the time between now and the move so I am swamped with all the details ,packing and cleaning .... thankfully my daughters are taking turns being here when they can and hubby will be home on weekends for my infusions...

My oldest (the princess) arrives tomorrow so I will be busting my butt to knock out a bunch of reviews once she is here (honestly I have to photograph it all still and I literally have boxes and boxes stacked 4 and 5 high covering about 1/4 of my great room that I need to photograph/review)

once I get some back up I will be blowing up the blog getting this done (I have started writing reviews but have no photos to go with it yet)

till then...


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  1. You have a lot going on! Luxury apartment sounds wonderful. I'd like to move out of this apartment we've grown out of (I hadn't lived in one since the 90s as well) and into a space where we are cozy and comfortable. :-) Good luck with the move.