Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's going on in my world 2/4/14

I haven't written much the last few days... I thought I would show you why..

I decided that the dragon would have to wait while I had some much needed family fun this past weekend... we had a great time... It was worth everything I am going through right now to see those smiles and to build those memories

All of my "spoonie & Dragon Slayer" readers already know where this post is going...but for those of you who are NOT chronically ill.... it is very simple...you play...you pay!!!

I am on complete bed rest... until this morning even using my phone to text was too painful at times, I spent most of Sunday and Monday in bed recovering as much as possible so hubby could head to work today.

know what...I would do it all over again .... sometimes you just HAVE to do it!!

TUFFY having a blast

Ft Worth LiveStock Show & Rodeo

Family time, some RAKs for my Erin Condren group (lots of planner time yesterday)
and finally the dragon...

my dragon is in full fire breathing battle mode and I can't fight him at the moment... I have to build back up for that...but sometimes a mommy just needs to be a mommy no matter what the cost...

I will bounce back in a couple days and a month from now I will not remember the pain, but I will remember seeing my son's eyes light up when he saw all those rabbits and John Deer tractors... that is priceless and worth every ounce of discomfort I have right now!

I have a great surprise for ya'll this week... The Dragon Slayer Mommy is getting a complete makeover ... that has been taking up a lot of my "free time" for a few weeks

oh, and the dragon above...drawn and designed by my very talented skater girl (peanuts's mom) this is how she sees the dragon that has caused havoc in our family.


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