Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's day!

Hi Yall,

I just wanted to take a quick moment and wish everyone a very happy valentine's day!

Today was a pretty great day over all, as you can see the new blog design wen't live this morning!!!!

I still need to get the sub pages within the blog linked up (giveaways, deal codes,chronic illness stuff, charity/fundraiser tab, and of course a sub box list which will be a work in progress)

I was up dressed, makeup on even by 8:15 this morning for the long rush hour drive into town for my bi weekly infusion and a Dr appointment as well where my main Dr and I discussed Drs in the Nashville area that he knew have some experience in AOSD and would be able to work with him as a team to keep my level on my meds after the fiasco over the holidays that made me beg for death he never wants me missing meds again because I was much too sick for his liking...never heard of cytokine storm before that and hop to never hear it again!

The yankee hubby and I had a rare meal at a restaurant for our Valentine's day lunch at Texas De Brazil in Ft Worth.... a very rare meal out because of my immune system, but even though it was valentine's day and considering it is one of the more popular special occasion restaurants their wasn't too many people there. 

Picked Tuffy up from my mom's stopped and saw one of the girls for just a moment and headed home...Valentine's gifts this year were very practical, since we are going to have the house on the market trying to sell it prior to moving to Tennessee  we really needed to spruce up the new bedding sets for the 3 bedrooms (well technically it is a 4 bedroom but I have one staged as mu office)

my bedroom

guest bedroom/sewing room

Tuffy's room

I am taking out the toddler racecar bed and putting a full size in to show that it will fit more grown up furniture and still have room for large play areas...this will eventually just be an extra comforter set since Tuffy will have his bed back in Nashville) but I do wants a sofa sleeper in my Nashville home office so perhaps this will be for that (actually who are we kidding that chevron pattern is going i8n my office!!!)

I hope all of you had a wonderful valentine's day, and remember that today may the the "hallmark" day of love but you should show love and appreciation for your significant other, family members, and friends every day in life...tomorrow is not a them TODAY!

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