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Fortune Cookie Soap Company(Spring box) Garden Of Good & Evil Collection and coupon code

This was my first box from Fortune Cookie Soap Company, I have seen them every quarter and would think to myself "dang it, why didn't I get THAT" I finally remembered to order it in time for the Spring Box, which is themed The Garden Of Good & Evil"
One of the best parts of this box is that you get a code for $10 off any purchase in their shop included in your subscription box, so you can purchase your favorite offering for free or very close to it in addition to the wonderful surprises they send you the value also lies in getting that $10 code.

I am very much a "bath" person, even before my illness I was infamous for taking two hour baths in the evenings after a long day of working. NOw that I am so stiff and sore in the mornings I use a doak to loosen everything up before the day starts to help me get through the day and then in the evenings I still take my (end of the day let your troubles melt away type bath as always)

I consider myself quite the connoisseur of all things "bath" at this point...soap, salts,lotions and all other this box was made for glad I finally remembered to order it!

OK, enough of my ramblings, lets see the items the box is divided into two groups and for review purposes I will keep it the same.


This smells like coconut with perhaps a hint of almond as well...whatever else is in there it is a nice tropical smell without going "too far" and being overwhelming like some coconut scents tend to do... This smells great in the bath/shower and leaves just a trace of scent behind when you dry off..very subtle and quite refreshing.
a full size version is $10.99

Thiis described as pink watermelon dancing with fresh apricots crowned in white florals...I don't know about all of that, but it smells really nice.
OCD is Fortune Cookie's line of hand sanitizers, my family and I are fanatics about using hand sanitizers everywhere we go (germs that are harmless to most people will put me in we keep these in every purse/bag/jacket pocket we have as well as back ups in the truck and in the entryway of the house for visitors to use when they arrive) so I LOVE the name "OCD" for their hand sanitizer since obviously we are very very OCD about using it.
Thi one is nice and moisturizing, doesn't dry my hands out like many do, smells GREAT and I love that they have unusual scents available for purchase in addition to this one. This seems to be their full size version which sells for $2.89 and I will be ordering a lot more of these!

Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter (garden of good)-
This is described as lavender sprigs draped over sage and basil livened with a splash with vodka and a swirl of sticky sweet marshmallow fluff..

Uuumm...OK, whatever they say...all I know is OMG...I love this, I mush have this, and I need more, much much more...and it is sold out... I am usually a fan of citrus over sweet...but this is the exception to the rule, I love this!

First off I like the scent, and will be ordering some other products in this cent (what isn't already sold out) secondly this is 100$ hands down the best cuticle cream/balm/oil/anything I have ever used in my life...get some...any scent you can find...

The actually have several scents for this magical cuticle balm, but they are ALL sold me stalk the page, if one in any scent opens up BUY IT!

The cuticle buttes sale for $8.95 for the full size (seriously stalk the page...get some...period)

OK now the "bad" (not that anything is "bad" in this box)


Described as sparkling droplets of citrus & Jasmine dripping with musk clutched by bloated cedarwood boughs.
This is a light and seductive scent that leave you feeling moisturized and calm. This is a great full body lotion (which I don't have very many of those, hand creams are an addiction of mine but I need to invest in more high quality full body creams like this...would definitely buy more)
the full size is $10.99 and is sold out in this scent, but they do offer a variety of scents and I plan to check some of those out as well.

Disky verbena creeping over fresh blueberry skins and lemon zest.

This is obviously their signature item (thus the name Fortune cookie Soap Company) and iot is available in a plethora of scents and colors.

This one (forbidden fruit) is almost perfection...I love lemon hunts to my soaps and candles so this was really the perfect scent for me... I like a "zing" in my scents more than sweet, I plan to buy several products in this scent 

I like the novelty of having fortune cookie shaped soaps, including the slip of paper with a fortune inside...especially for gifts or in the gust bathroom (would be PERFECT for a welcome basket for a house guest that included things they may have forgotten at home or might need /want while you are asleep and they don't want to bother you by asking)

the Fortune cookie soaps sell in this size (which is full size) and are $3.69 each

citrus,lavender,and french vanilla corrupted by a dark shadow of patchouli & sandalwood.

steam me up Scotty!is their bath cubes (and I personally love the Star Trek reference...but I am a nerd like that)

Ok, once I recovered from my 1989 highschool cosmetology class flashback I had to
 admit that this scent is SEXY with a capital "S"

These sell for $5.99 for a set of three of the bath cud=bges
(they are 1 ounce each and you could easily just use half for a standard size tub I would think...I used a whole one in my large garden tub but could have gotten away with a bit less I think)

A strip club for slowers?? I wanna Go! A sinfully sweet combination of Jasmine,Lilac, and Lilly of the Valley darkened with throbbing musical notes of fresh peach & Citrus,all swirling around poles of decedent spun sugar.

As you can see in this photo, my "fizzy" had a rough ride to Texas (all that pole dancing I am sure) when we pulled the box from the mail box there was actually powder coming out of the box so I was really concerned that something was destroyed (not destroyed, just a little deformed so not as bad as I had feared...the top of the bag was unsealed so the powder was able to get all over stuff but it wiped right off) It did make it less pretty, but it worked just fine and I used it right away since the powder was getting everywhere (or at least that was the excuse I gave for heading to the tub...research you know...)

My info card says "bath fizzy" so that is what I typed here...the website doesn't have any bath fizzy's at all so I think it was the bath that is the price I am giving you.

set of 3 is $11.25 and available in a variety of scents.

description is bergamot, narcaisse & musk lurk beneath delicate notes of water orchid,sparkling lemon& pink jasmine.

This stuff is spicy, seductive, earthy and just plain enticing!
I am totally buummed that this is sold out (they do have other scents though in their perfume oils)

I will have to make this little vial last a long time and start searching the BST boards for someone wanting to sell me their perfume oil...I love this stuff it is complete opposite of my Tocca scents which are my favs but this is just ...HOT! this could easily become my "signature scent" wouldn't you know I who am not a fan of most perfumes would fall in love with one that is limited supply and already sold out...figures!

I did not do a cost analysis on the Spring Fortune Cookie Soap Company Soap Box

I am 100% positive that I got my money's worth ($20 for the box)  just on the box alone BUT then you add the $10 credit to the store to buy full size items (I got 3 bottles of OCD since we are huge on sanitizer around here)

This box is quarterly, and sells out fast, fast,fast BUT you can but things from the store all year long (although scents from the box may sell out quickly as well they always have a great variety available though)

The next box ships May 12th, but remember sells out super fast

using my link to sign up for the box OR for making a purchase from the shop will give you $5.00 off you first order of $30 or more. just click HERE

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