Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feburary Sock Panda

Sock Panda is one of the first subscriptions to arrive ever month, and it is totally just a "fun" subscription for me...this is not a "value" type subscription where I save money by getting my socks from Sock Panda... although I also don't "lose money" either, I find that typically the socks I receive are right around the cost of the subscription cost some months a little more, some months a little less.

Sock panda makes subscribing pretty easy you pick man or woman and "cool" or "bold" style or both if you want 2 pair a month.

The Price for one pair is $11 a month and the cost for 2 Pair is $22 a month.

I really don't remember if I get the bold or the cool style socks, I "think" it is the "cool" whatever they are I always like my socks every month ...One of my medical conditions is called Raynaud's Syndrome which really is a fancy way of saying my hand, feet and nose are always cold , often a purplish blue color do to really poor really is more a pain in the rear than a "real medical concern" for me in the grand scheme of things (considering my other health issues this one is like a joke really) BUT Raynaud's gives me a reason to continue my various subscriptions that sends me new socks every month...I have 2 drawers full of socks and don't plan on slowing down on my sock obsession anytime soon.

this is a bit closer pic of this design for February, with the "cuff" turned down I wanted to show that the sock was made with a contrasting color cuff...sorry about the glare all the pics showing the cuff color was heavy on the glare.

Want to try Sock Panda for yourself just click the link and pick bold or cool...really it is THAT simple.

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