Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feburary Julep Maven Review

The February Julep box was one of the first that arrived, I can't believe I am just now reviewing it, but I have used all the polish in it already. Some months I just look at the Julep collection and drool, this was one of those months (although the preview of March has me thinking of doing the unthinkable and getting a non polish box from my polish subscription company)

February was named the Dramatic Collection, and the colors did not disappoint, this was one of those months I really wanted to upgrade to the entire collection but unfortunately my budget was largely taken up by the blog upgrade so I picked BoHo Glam this month and avoided getting all but one "add on" and it was just too dang pretty NOT to get!

The first peek into my box.

First look at the polish colors, Julep included the "Love" polish as a free gift for all Maven's this month.

Julep Eye Sheen Liquid Shadow in Pale Nude Shimmer- price for non subscribers $18.00, price for Maven subscribers $14.40

I absolutely LOVE this eyeshadow! Seriously it may be my favorite new eyeshadow in years, and I was really expecting to not like it.

It just glides on with a brush (or finger) and it dries almost instantly to a beautiful barely there shimmer, just add more layers to get the color / look that you desire, since I like the natural look I just do one all over layer and then add a bit more in certain areas to contour my eyes... I really want to try more colors of this eyeshadow.

Cameron (BoHo Glam)  - price for non members $14.00, price for $11.20

This is described as a silver lilac stardust (matte glitter)

This photo really doesn't show the true beauty of this one... I took SO many pics trying to capture it but it just didn't come across. There is a photo below a bit better.

This shows the glitter aspect of the Cameron polish, but still doesn't give the "stardust" effect

Rooney (BoHo Glam) non member price is $14.00, maven member pricing is $11.20
This is a "walnut  bark creme'" according to Julep but to me that just "sounds" ugly for a polish (beautiful on floors though) and I really actually love this color it is a rich color that I don't want to "call" brown because it is SOO pretty but it is kinda a brownish grey but in a pretty way.

This is a different shot of the Rooney polish, but still my polish shots just didn't come out well this month...polish is just so hard for me to get "right"

LOVE- it doesn't appear you can purchase this (it was a Maven exclusive for those receiving a box in February)
described as a gold pearl and fuchsia micro glitter, I wanted to love this polish that all Mavens were given as their Valentine's gift but I just don't..I love it in the bottle...I did my nails with it the night my box arrived....I hated it.... I tried again the other day...still just not for me (that being said I am not a fan of Gold at all, it isn't good with my complexion so perhaps that is why it looks so bad ON me)

This was the entire Julep Maven "BoHo Glam" collection for February, as always over $40 of items for just $19.99 for your choice of box (Classic with a twist, BoHo Glam, It girl, or Bombshell) really for just $20 a month and being able to do "add ons" for less than $5 you can't beat can get your first month free (pay shipping of just under $4...see below for my "add on this month") you can skip anytime you want to/need to, you can cancel at get to pick the colors/items you wants and you can decide after looking at the monthly selection to just skip the month all together (I often do,I think I may have skipped last month actually)

Gretta (Classic with a twist)-non member price $14.00, member price $11.20

Greta was my "add on" polish, I went back and forth on getting the Classic With a twist collection o BoHo the end I decided I didn't really want Octavia the other polish in Classic with a twist this month but I HAD to have Greta a $4.99 add on it was...I can not tell you how beautiful this is on, this may be my new go to polish.

OK so you want to know HOW to get your first month free...super easy Click Here and enter coupon code "FREEBOX" in the space at checkout.

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