Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Orange Glad Review

Orange Glad Sweet Box is one of those boxes that I get every month, but find that the box is empty before I get a chance to photograph the box...this month I grabbed the box as it arrived and hid it in my room behind a big leather chair until I had time to take some pics while everyone was asleep.

I have actually been receiving this box I think since the first month (I may have missed one box in there, but that is it)

I had very high hopes for the February box since it was arriving right around Valentine's day.

First Peek into the box reveals some chocolate on a stick and a big cookie, not a bad start....

The Orange Glad info card is pretty basic, a picture of the treat where to get it and a brief description...really all I want to know when it comes to sweets...no calorie count is fine with me!

First Real Peek... honestly I have zeroed in on the hidden cookie peeking out at me.... I am a cookie fanatic (except Oreo...I don't like them...really I don't)

Lacy's Almond & Dark Chocolate by Desserts on Us- These caught my attention right away...I love cookies like this and I have heard of these before but not tried them myself... I was NOT disappointed...I will be getting more of these crisp toffee,crunchy, chocolaty goodness!I could have done with an entire box of just these cookies.

Chocomize Belgian Milk Chocolate on a spoon- I wasn't overly excited about this item being in the box...simply because I am "over" the whole hot chocolate/winter/season stuff....that being said it was actually very good...I used it in my afternoon coffee and it was a nice chocolaty treat...and I "may" have just licked some of the creamy chocolate that was soft but not completely melted straight from the spoon I am "over" hot chocolate for awhile, but this was great in coffee and I would be happy to use it again. This would make a cute gift with a nice personalized mug and a 4 pack of these and maybe some shortbread cookies.

Renaissance Kosher Foods Coconut Macaroon- UGH, so every google search landed me right back on the fitness pal website which is why there is no link for you, I simply can't locate these on google, the websites are not on the info card and February's info is still not loaded on the Orange Glad Sweet Box site yet (because it hasn't been "revealed" yet)
This is the item I have been least excited about in an Orange Glad Sweet Box ever... I simply do NOT like macaroons...at all... I did taste on, just to verify that I still hate them...yes, it is confirmed...not even a little bit.

Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier Chocolate Heart Lollipop- This is an exceptionally good solid  heart shaped milk chocolate on a stick when you get down to it (I usually prefer dark, but this is really good) I have been taking a bite here and there for 3 or 4 days now and still have about 1/4 of it left so a little goes a long way...I look forward to trying more of their goodies in the future (I am a sucker for chocolate covered nuts so those are a must, but to be honest what has caught my eye was a "blue cheese wine grape" which evidently combines a shiraz infused grape, a layer of blue cheese and dipped in a 60% chocolate blend...how can I NOT try this...I don't know if I will like it, but I like all the components of it and it intrigues me enough that I am ordering today) I will be posting my finding on the additional purchase for sure!

This was a good sugar cookie,it was big...the right balance of icing to cookie ratio and the texture was good, right between soft and chewy and more "solid" crunchy type cookie..all in all pretty much the perfect sugar cookie (other than homemade fresh of course) The only problem was I was burned out on sugar cookies during the Christmas holidays and still wasn't really "ready" for it in my  box....although I DID eat it happily with my afternoon coffee one afternoon and wouldn't have minded if it had a friend for the next afternoon so maybe enough time HAD passed...

Orange Glad was as always a nice sweet indulgence that I primary enjoy with my afternoon coffee over a week or so. I did find this box was perhaps a bit of a let down for what I had built it up to be in my mind for this month... perhaps I am just "over" the hot chocolate on a stick and sugar cookies at this point...I mean we have been getting those two items in various boxes since November, it isn't the fault of Orange Glad OR the companies they have ion this box...I am just over those two things already and I don't like macaroons so for me this was not the stellar box I usually get from Orange Glad...they really are usually VERY good!

The price starts at $15 a month plus shipping (and cost goes down for a multiple month subscription) you can also to "double your goodies" for an additional $12 a month... I have never done that but there have been several months that I sure wish I had...I think when my subscription expires I will do a couple months of "double"  goodies.

For those of you looking for a sweet indulgence every month...this is your box (please do not take my personal feelings about this month as a "typical" month...because usually I love them...figures I finally get the photos on a month I am not licking the cardboard box.)

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