Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Love With Food Review & code for free box

My Feburary Love With Food arrived yesterday (well one of them, I get 2 each month) I will admit that most of it was eaten last night (and it was delicious, and I didn't really share...hey, there is another one coming...don't judge!)

This being the month of love, I had assumed most boxes would be centered around love, romance and chocolate (maybe some jewelry for some of the boxes) so I was not surprised that the LOve With Food theme this month was A Kiss To Build A Dream On (I kinda like that actually, even the little card...perhaps I can repurpose it )

First look into the box of goodies, I see some familiar items, some unknow items and what I assume is a valentine's gift from Love With Food) so far so good...

Build Your Own Meal Kits from revolution foods - typically I do not include the coupons in my reviews but sine this one is for a FREE product I am adding it to the review (up to $4.99 value) kinda looks like an organic lunchable type thing. Tuffy will be very happy to much through whatever it is, if it looks like a lunchable he likes it.

Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries by Emily's Chocolate- These were awesome and gluten free, I am always a fan of dark chocolate covered fruit (one of my fav things about Christmas food baskets ) These had a high chocolate to blueberry ratio that made them much more of a chocolate indulgence than just a chocolate dipped berry if that makes sense (which I love by the way, hubby usually gets me Sherri's Berries for V day..although this year I got 3 comforter sets, yes 3 of them) these  , ordering more plus the webpage has many other tempting things from chocolate covered nuts (my personal favorite form of chocolate indulgence), cookies, gourmet chocolates and various chocolate covered fruits...this could be a BIG order!

Chocolate Chip Biscotti by Biscotti Di Suzy- This was a nice little treat with my morning coffee, the biscotti was on the smaller size but had good flavor and texture. This would be perfect for a snack with a cup of tea or coffee but not for morning coffee is was just not big enough to keep my stomach from protesting that early in the day,.I don't think I would buy this one myself, it was good but I have had better.

gavottes- ohhhhmyyyygooodnessss...... these are heaven on earth and I already ordered some from Love With Food's shop with some of my points (a qty of 30 for $17.99 or 1799 pints) All I can say is they are light, crispy, chocolaty goodness...2 was NOT enough at all...this is not a "just much on it" type treat, it is a special to be really appreciated type treat (which I unfortunately did not do with the first one) Thankfully Love With Food shop orders ship quickly and for I will have them soon, but I will be dreaming of these until then!

I really wanted to like these, I mean they looked so cute and are the perfect size for little hands.
I didn't like the flavor, it isn't a "bad" taste, it just is kinda "bland" for me...Tuffy will like them though and ultimately that is what matters as they are the perfect size for him and have no artificial junk in them I will likely buy them for him even though I personally do not car for them (I really only use graham crackers for ie crusts anyway Tuffy is the one who actually "eats" them)

Restaurant Style White Bean Chips By Beanitos- These I am familiar with, Beanitos often shows up in boxes and that is fine by me...I like them, and they are a healthier option for my chip craving and "healthier" chips are all I allow Tuffy to eat so he loves when they come in a box  and usually takes off with a bag as soon as he sees it which leads to me chasing him all over the place just to open them (silly boy, I just want to open them) this is a nice salty chip but I like the flavored ones better.

OMG the "Mokaccino" may be my new favorite chocolate, it is right there with my favorite bacon chocolate. The dark chocolate was very dark, but rich not bitter even a tad creamy which is unusual for a dark chocolate. Both pieces were very well balanced and melted on my tongue and the piece was big enough for 3 bites making it feel like a nice indulgent little snack.

Snack Olives by Mario Camacho- My husband and my oldest daughter will be fighting over these, I don't like olives at all (not green or black) the last time we got some of these in a box the princess got them so to be fair I will offer these to hubby first... both love the little snack size olives so it will be fun to watch them figure out who gets them.

***bonus item***

Just like at Christmas when Love with food included the reusable shopping bag/tote for valentine's day they included this handy clip it is about the same size as the palm of my hand so it is not a skimpy clip that won't hold your chips closed... I like these little items they have included, some don't but I think it is a nice change of pace.


So Love With Food is always one of my favorite boxes, yes I LOVE food...and trying new things and this is a great way to do it plus it is all organic, often gluten and GMO free as's only $10 a you earn points by reviewing the item on their site every month, referring friends,or buying things in their shop you can use those points to buy free products you get in your boxes... like I just bought the Gavettes with my points and they are always running some kind of special for new members.

Right now you can use code "FBGIFT" to get your first LOVE WITH FOOD box free (just pay shipping of $2.95 I think it is)

if you have received Love With Food and you want to order again use code "YUMMY" for 50% off your order (not sure if it works on shop orders)

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