Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Ipsy Review

Ipsy is always one of those things I am staling my mailbox for every month, but this month it arrived before I received my shipping notification so really no stalking required.

Ipsy ALWAYS arrives in this cute shiny pink padded mailer, so you know right away when you have Ipsy mail plus it is pretty and you can reuse it to ship goodies to your friends.

The Theme this month is "The Look Of Love"

I don't know what I was expecting for the cosmetic bag this month but I think I was expecting more than "plain pink" but honestly now that it is here I love it, the color, the design on the is just a super "sweet" bag and this will be the new one that I keep in my purse.

I do love that Ipsy always includes a cosmetic bag every month, because I really never thought to change out my bags until they were in sad shape before I have various bags that I use for different things and with my daughters snagging them when they are home it is good to have backups as well.

This is the inside pattern on the bag this month, I usually don't show a picture of the inside of the bag but for some reason I REALLY like this one so thought I would show it to those of yo who didn't receive one so you can get the "full experience"

I love Zoya polish, no I am never unhappy to see it arrive in one of my boxes. The five free formula is one of my favorites because the application lasts a good week or so with no chipping and I am very very rough on my nails so many polishes chip after just a few hrs when I am in the kitchen...Zoya works for me with great staying now that being said...I need another purple polish like we need more ice and snow, I realized last fall that I have a LOT of purple polishes, but I didn't have THIS purple polish so it's all good and I promise it WILL get used, but I would have prefered the other color option this month (Dot, which is a beautifully sweet pale pink)

Not much I can say about this product, I don't like false eyelashes... I have no intention of trying them, even with my hair falling out from chemo (and that includes the eyelashes) I just can not see myself ever using these...maybe if I were younger, or if I were not basically homebound and had somewhere exciting to go ...but this is just not something I will use in my day to day far I had dodged the "eyelash bullet" from I have received one, hopefully the last time (I did get some really fancy type ones in the PSMH limited edition box too that I will NEVER use) These are going to be given to a a friend, along with the other pair I have.

My first thoughts on seeing this color was "woah, oh my goodness" trust me when I say the photo above doesn't really show how BRIGHT this is. My hubby who seldom comments negatively on my "box hobby" made a comment about something to the effect of looking like a street walker (but using another term) This line of cosmetics is also new to me (although that isn't saying much, if I don't get it ion a box chances are if it is new I don't know about it yet)
So to say I was afraid of trying this would be a VAST understatement, BUT thankfully it went on lighter than I had anticipated (I also put an incredibly small amount on my brush) I actually think that I can make this work pretty well for a spring/summer look as long as I use a very small amount and a brighter lip color than usual.I certainly think that blackberry was a better match for me color wise, ut part of the reason for getting subscription boxes is to try something you wouldn't normally try and boy howdy this falls into that category...and I actually think I can make it work for certain looks this will be one of those things that pushes me beyond my comfort zone for sure.

So I think by now everyone knows that lip items are the way to my heart, needless to say I was very happy to see I was receiving this in my glam bag this month, to be honest I would have been fine with any of the colors offered for this plumping lip gloss, but the Peony Petal (described as a pink rose) is a shade that I am very comfortable with and one I totally would have bought myself. It doesn't have as intense a "tingle" as some plumpers do, but to be completely honest I have very full lips to begin with so the plumping part isn't that important to me (in Jr High and High School I hated my lips because people commented how how full they were...I was in my 20s before I realized my lips were actually one of my best features) This isn't a sticky mess like some high gloss lippies, actually feels pretty good on to be honest.

I have never heard of this company before, so I had absolutely no idea what this was until it arrived and I was googling it to prep up for my review... I will say the packaging seems a bit "different" honestly the packaging looks more like this is an "adult" product if you get my drift...
Obviously once I googled this and started reading up on it I realized this tiny little bottle was rather pricey and it was infact a real skincare item and is said to cover everything from anti aging, cell repair and moisturizing the skin and quite a few thi8ngs in between. 
I will say my skin seems a bit softer after application, but haven't used it long enough to see reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (and to be honest I am pretty happy with my anti aging line I am currently using...although this one would certainly be cheaper than my current product so if it seems to work I may try a full size and see how it stacks up long term)

I will admit I am a bit skeptical about this item, and I am sure it is just because it looks and sounds like a sensual aid to me but I am willing to give it a try... we shall see how it goes.

All totaled my February Ipsy glam bag was valued at $47.98, and this subscription is only $10.00 a month (they do have a few different variations on the bag each month usually a total of 15 products of which you will receive 5 of those products and the colors vary within the products usually as well) Ipsy has an "Ipsy Match" system that helps your bags get better the more you interact with their system and usually the color choices are pretty good for me (based on what the color options were to begin with anyway, but sometimes like the blush this month the color is just way off track but I have only had that happen one other time and you can always trade with someone of give it to a friend/daughter)

Ipsy does have a waiting list (I think I waited about 3 weeks) so I do suggest signing up now in time to get March's bag because of the waitlist (they will not charge your credit card until you are off the waiting list and you actually have to respond to an email saying it is OK to charge)

This is one of those subscription boxes that even on a "bad month" you really get well over what you paid for the subscription... if you are looking to try new makeup,haircare,skincare this is a great way to do so (I personally like haor and skincare as well so my profile is set up for that...if you don't want polish...tell them, if you don't want hair stuff...tell them...but they are BIG on makeup so you WILL get makeup no matter what although I usually get less than most because of my profile settings)_

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