Monday, February 17, 2014

February FabKids Review

I don't always get around to reviewing Tuffy's FabKids box all the time, we don't ALWAYS get one sometimes I skip a month or two or I will use it to buy a gift for someone sometimes...but we actually DO use them a lot more than I have reviewed...the reason I decided to go ahead and review them this month was because they have actually LOWERED their monthly cost (and that doesn't happen very often ya know)

So for those that don't know FabKids is a monthly Children's clothing subscription (up until last August it was just for girls, and I used it for "gifts" but just in time for "school shopping" they started a boys line and we have been getting them pretty much monthly since) 

They offer sizes 2T to a size 12 in kids boys and girls both. For $29.95 a month you get one outfit (for boys that is a shirt (sometimes 2 shirts if layering pieces) , pants/shorts, and 2 pair of socks (I "think" some come with like suspenders or a belt instead of socks)

 YOU get to pick the outfit you want every month from about 15 selections (although I think they just add 4 or 5 new outfits each month for boys to the collection they already have....I know for girls the selection is MUCH larger... you can also "buy from the store" in addition to the monthly selection process everything from accessories to full wardrobes...

Right now they have a deal that if you get your monthly selection you can add a second outfit for just $20 ... this is BIG for you because new customers get 50%off their first order (making your first order just $15 since it is 50% off...get a second outfit for $20 that is $35.00 for TWO COMPLETE outfits)

This Month I let hubby pick Tuffy's outfit (I actually had a whole different outfit picked out)
This one is called "Plaid Denim Outfit" well, for obvious reasons I guess.

The stitch pocket denim jeans are different than others I have ordered from FabKids in their overall design ( I will show different details in photos below)

For reference these are a toddler size 3

The stitchwork on the front legs is a bit unlike anything else in Tuffy's closet, I do like them with this particular outfit, but wouldn't want more than one pair of these in the closet as they are very distinctive. 

The "rearview" of these are pretty detailed as well.

for those of you who care about what the label looks like

This is the Plaid pocket shirt in size XS (which is equivalent to a 3)

I really like this shirt a lot, and have been wanting the shirt for awhile, but wasn't sure about the various pant option that came with it...hubby picked this outfit so it took the pressure off me in choosing and I still got a shirt I liked a lot (although I think I may team this up with wranglers more than these pants...maybe that is the Texan in me... after all my son's name IS "Tuff" as in Tuff Hedeman...if you still don't get the "Tuff" reference it's a rodeo thing...)
I just see this more with a pair of wranglers, boots and a hat...perhaps in front of a barn at my granny's house before we move...I think I need that photograph to go with photos of my daughters and myself in similar settings and clothing that I have hanging in the livingroom...

This is the complete outfit, which is cute...I like the jeans and I like the shirt and plan for Tuffy to wear both often...I just don't think it will be together the jeans are a bit to "urban" for the shirt in my opinion...but I am sure that was the intended goal as most parents of young children are considerably younger and hipper than my husband and I ...and I am willing to be their kids are not named after rodeo legends either....although I will point out here that Tuffy's biological parents chose his name...we honored their wishes in keeping his name as they wanted...after all we love Tuff Hedeman as well and in the grand scheme of things I think he will be happy knowing his birth parents named him.

FabKids has a wide variety of clothing option for boys and girls, and since you can choose your own outfits every month, or choose to skip a month or cancel at anytime there is really no reason not to give them a try especially when as a new customer you can get 2 outfits for just $35.00 with the 50% off offer on your first outfit... just click this LINK and start deciding if you want to shop for your son, daughter or both....

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