Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Birchbox Review

My February BirchBox actually arrived the day after I received shipping notification this month,and the day after the boxes "update" online.
Although I had looked at my box once it updated (as I always do) this month I was still really not sure at all what I was getting the first update showed I was getting box #48 with some really awesome products BUT later that afternoon it still showed box #48 with totally different items (and not as awesome) and I didn't know which one was the "correct" box # 48 or if it would be something not listed in either box...

so although I had "looked" at my box online I really had absolutely  NO idea whatsoever what was coming... which I kinda liked not knowing!

The "theme" for February is "Step & Repeat"  this box was a collaboration between BirchBox and the beauty editors at US Weekly the boxes this month are said to be stocked with items to help get you Red Carpet ready with some of the beauty secret weapons to give you the red carpet look at home.

So here is what was in box box (oh,  it was the second #48 box listed on my account by the way)

This smells AMAZING, creates a nice rich lather and leaves my hair smelling and looking nice. Obviously it will take awhile to see if it lives up to the claim of maintaining vibrancy of color treated hair by 85%. The full size of this shampoo is only $12.00 which is very very affordable for a nice color treated shampoo formula so getting this to try in my box was perfect if it works well at all I may have found my new shampoo/conditioner.

Just as with the shampoo listed above the conditioners smells wonderful, leaves my hair soft and smelling great.The jury is still out on the claim on keeping the vibrant color for those with color treated hair, but this is a nice affordable ($13.50 for full size) color treated formula conditioner since it is an affordable option I do believe I will be investing in the full size versions.

I have a small arsenal of Strivectin products, but didn't have this one yet so I was beyond happy to see it in my box. I have really bad dark circles under my eyes (a gift that is a wonderful combination from my various illnesses and my meds) I have used this for about 4 days now and the dark circles seem a bit less noticeable than before but to be honest I am also using a different eye serum to help with the elasticity around my eyes (I am sure this works for that as well, but I really like the other one so much I don't want to stop using it because of the great results)
I will post finding on the dark circles after longer period of use, for now I am saying yes I see a difference, but I will have to stop my other serum for a week to make sure the results are really from the Strivectin AR before I wholeheartedly say it works like a dream.

This is a BirchBox exclusive product
When I first opened the seal on this to test it out my first thought was,WOW that is dark...but once again I was wrong this is a nice cream that is a serious multitasker (the perceived "dark color" goes on as a nice warm glow similar to a bronzer) powerhouse acts as a bronzer/BB cream/minimal coverage foundation, minimizes pres/fine lines, and because of the SPF 20 it protects against sun and hydrates the skin all in one very quick application. at $48 for the full size of 1.5 oz it is a bit pricey if you look at it as a foundation/BB cream but when you consider all it can be used for I think the price is justified especially if like myself it wouldn't be worn daily. I will play with this in various ways to see how it holds up in the summer months but if it can give me a nice glow and have staying power in the southern summers then I am gonna love this even more ( I am hoping that with the upcoming move from TX to TN that my summers will not be as "hot and hopefully my makeup won't "slide off" quite as bad )

These were the "beauty Extra" bonus item for my box this month. NOt gonna lie I was not too crazy about seeing these in my box when I saw it online (but I was also still kinda irritated that my box went fro being totally kick A to "OK" due to a "glitch"
Basically these are "pop rocks" that are breath mints, I received the Spearmint and lemon mint flavors I have also seen others receive a peppermint as well (I am happy with the flavors I received)

my hubby, the Yankee is actually flying out for a convention & business meetings in the morning so I am tossing these in his bag so he can keep them in his pocket to freshen his breath when needed.

so I guess these came at the perfect time, he will like the surprise of the pop rock action (I am not telling him about that part in advance, although there is a chance he MAY read this before using them)

The total value of my February BirchBox was $17.64, considering the cost for this box is $10 a month that is a really great value. YOu also have to remember that you earn "points" for reviewing products on the BirchBox webpage (each month if you review all the products you earn the equivalent of $5 in points to use in their store, or to "gift yourself" a subscription at a later time when you have enough points. I can not even begin to tell you what all I have received for free from using my points, but the most recent purchase was Tocca  Meet the girls perfume set which sells for $62 on pretty much any website after using my points I paid just under $10 including shipping so as you can see not only do you get a box worth way more than you pay (and they have over 50 different boxes every month based on different profiles) but you also get to earn free full size products of your choice.