Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Batch Nashville "local" subscription Box Review

One of the boxes that arrived this week was the February  Batch Nashville, this is a box I actually have been waiting to review since before they launched, but wow...how appropriate now that I am about to move to Nashville. Batch Nashville kindly sent me this box for review purposes. As with most local boxes I never know what to expect before opening the box and I am trying to go spoiler free these days as much as possible so I didn't even look for spoilers (look at me using self control)

the first peek showed me a very nicely done info card, and a handwritten note thanking me for working with them...ya'll know I am a sucker for a handwritten note...right?

to truly understand the "credits" header on the info card you really would have to be able to read the photo below (sorry no matter how hard I tried it just wasn't happening, but I WILL briefly explain)

I like that they make the info card fun and relevant to the items in the box. They already have future "themes" listed March will be Family Traditions (OMG...YES, gotta have that one for sure since my entire cooking style and obsession began with "family traditions"...and no Granny I still won't use a mixer to make cookies...being hit with a wooden spoon makes a lasting impression!), April Country Roads (very curious to see how they do this one... very intrigued, and May will be Grillin' & Chillin' (this one I am not as interested in...I am a Texan, no matter what...I like my BBQ Texas Style ...moving won't change that...which reminds me I need to schedule that trip to Austin )

Ok so this is the other side of the info card, and it reads like a movie script and the scene is a conversation between you and the box of goodies you have just received...it really is too cute... 

and even the first item in the box plays on the movie night theme...

These are custom napkins that Batch Nashville had designed for this box that are both spill catching AND eye catching... and have a touch of line, so soft... I love that the napkins kinda follow along with the "movie theme" as an awards show... and the winner is....

seriously, so far I am really enjoying the curation of this box!

Bang Candy Company 4 pc Marshmallow assortment - OMG... listen to these flavors (there was one of each) Black Currant Clove, Chocolate Chili, Matcha Mint, and Orange Ginger Cinnamon all topped with white or dark chocolate crisppaerls.
OK,so here is the thing, I am not really that big of a marshmallow fan, I mean yea I like s'mores and rice krispy treats...but all the "gourmet marshmallows" have kinda been lost one me... evidently I just had NOT had them done correctly...

Like a good little blogger I feel it is my duty to taste all the goodies I receive, so I dutifully bit into a marshmallow while having my afternoon coffee.... OK first off it was the Black Currant clove one (which I had no way of knowing before I took a bite) BUT it was AWESOME! However it did NOT go well with my caramel coffee...so I will have to conduct another test this evening with some salted caramel hot chocolate (and try to figure out which is the chocolate chili marshmallow)

Best part.... when I went to their website they actually seem to specialize in caramels which is actually like my biggest candy craving so I have added The Bang Candy Company to the list of places I must visit when we go for our house hunting trip...and to the list of online yummies I need to order ASAP!

Lisa's Kettle corn - I am not a big fan of kettlecorn, although popcorn is actually my favorite snack and  I am a huge fan of caramel so this was OK...not awesome, not bad... not something I would go out of my way to order online but if I were at an even of some type and they had it I would be likely to purchase it.

Tempur by CG artisanal truffles- OMG these were wonderful...I am a big truffle fan, I was worried because the first was heavy hazelnut (not my fav flavor) but the rest were delicious and I would certainly order more. While checking out he webpage I saw that Chef Chelsea Gunn also offers classes (I am totally adding this to my to do list once we move to Nashville...I put on my new Years resolutions to try one new thing a month that is out of my comfort zone...well, cooking/baking is my comfort zone...confectionary work and pastries not so much any way I have never had any real cooking classes that didn't start with "pull a chair up here so you can stand on it and see" so this is perfect for me...woohoo can't wait to move and book a class...better yet she offer Market tours which was actuially on my "list of things to do " on our house hunting trip, so I will be scheduling that as soon as I have those dates solid...wow this little box of chocolates led to a lot of happy for me, and they were very good truffles as well.

White's Elixirs saigon cinnamon simple syrup- So this is supposed to make some awesome cocktails... the yankee and I hardly ever drink but do keep bar items on hand for guests ....I am seriously allowed one maybe two drinks a year per my Dr and I save those for a bottle of stella rosa or La Serra if I can actually locate some. ...my meds are not liver friendly, and hubby just isn't a drinker, so beyond the two wines I do crave we don't even miss having drinks...
Although I learned long ago that many of these type syrup are very good in so many other things (I currently have coffee,ginger,and blackberry elixir syrups for "cocktails") I tried this with some apple cider (from my keurig, nothing fancy) and it was great... I can't wait to use it in some recipes as well.
Looking over their webpage they have a few flavors I don't have and haven't seen elsewhere so I have a feeling I will be looking to try the habanero and mint lime pretty soon...for those of you who shy away from products like this because your not one for mixed drinks...DON"T... I love all my various syrups (especially my ginger one, making my own ginger ale is awesome...perfect after one of my treatments)

All in all my first Batch Nashville was a hit... I was especially looking forward to this one simply because we are anticipating the move...so this was a fun get to know your new city type experience for me. I actually found the curation of this box and the movie night at home theme...I am still smiling about the little script on the back of the info card...those little touches go a long way for me...

I look forward to see what they come up with for the themes they have already posted. They also offer  a Batch Memphis box and fun single purchase boxes you can buy like rise & shine, bath & body, comfort food or Happy Hour.

You can purchase single items in their "market" which looks to have items featured in previous boxes and a jar of pickles that I may just have to explore....

So what dd ya'll think of Batch Nashville

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