Saturday, January 11, 2014

What's going on in my world 1/11/14

while at Home Depot today picking up some paint to FINALLY paint a chevron pattern on the accent wall in my office (yes, now that we are moving hubby is doing all the projects I have been asking for since the day we built this house) While heading to the checkout we saw this, and it was clearanced out for only $39.00...this was clearly meant to be since we have been saying for like 5 years that we wanted to get one, but only thought about it when we saw them for over $100.00 so WOO HOO...snagged one and keeping it in the original packing box until we get to Nashville so it doesn't become a victim of the moving company. Once we left hubby said "we should have got two" , so I think we are going to grab a second one as well  so we can have one at each end of our new patio...because no matter where I live I will still be a Texan and proud of it!

That's all for now ladies, I have a house that needs painting and only one night without Tuffy (who thankfully is at a sleepover with his granny & Papa tonight) which leaves the question of how much can you get painted in one night...oh and I forgot to mention ...we realized we did NOT get any white paint only like 30 cans of colored paint so we can only get so much done anyway, and yes I just had a treatment yesterday so I am still "on bed rest" seriously I WILL take it easy, I am doing the patterns on the walls so just taping off the designs and minimal painting...and finishing the walls in the breakfast area once Dave moves some heavy stuff for me.

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