Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PLEASE READ *** Baby Trayce needs help with his Plagiocephaly***

Trayce Hogan, age 10 months

I talk a LOT about MY health issues, but the rest of my family not as much.... I think by now you are familiar with my daughters ...biological The Princess, and Kitty Kat, and semi adopted daughter that Dave and I consider our own in every way, the skater girl who is married to the motorcycle guy..these are my ADULT children...you are well antiquated with Tuffy, my 2 yr old...

And I speak of "the peanut" from time to time,. but please allow me to introduce you to my peanut...Peanut is my grandson, in every way that matters...and I am his NaNa

For once I don't care about my health concerns at all...

Peanut needs some help...Obviously all of us "grand parent's are doing what we can...but unfortunately this is just going to be a great deal of out of pocket expenses plus the gas, and hotel for mom/dad while he is in hospital or any Dr appointment ...

Here is his story
was overlooked at his 6 month check up and when we went in to a new Pediatrician (due to moving) Trayce was diagnosed with plagiocephaly at 10 months, he will be the big 1 February 27th, but initially developed it around 4-6 months. What is Plagiocephaly? Plagiocephaly occurs when there are one or more areas of flatness on the baby's head. Typically, it is also accompanied by a combination of facial asymmetry, ear shifting and forehead sloping or bulging. The diagnoses for a flu shot she noticed it and pushed for us to get evaluated. We began our journey into the unknown with two weeks of Neurologist and hospital visits where we had consultations and a CT Scan done to make sure he didn't have premature fusion (which would lead to surgery). We received amazing news that there wasn't any sign of it but we needed to be referred to a Nuero Surgeon to find out about a "shaping helmet". That is when we started our way down a road of disappointment. We called a number of places to only be told they wouldn't even evaluate him due to his age being over 7 months (prime treatment window is 3-6 months). We weren't gonna give up that easily so we researched and spoke with his Pediatrician till we discovered the only company in the world (Cranial Technologies) completely dedicated to the research, evaluation and treatment of Plagiocephaly, we were also informed that they treat up to 18 months with amazing results. The downside was there are only two locations in Texas and the closet being 2 hours away in Austin, but we will not let that keep us from doing what should be done. After our initial appointment trayce was rated between moderate and severe with a little bit of ear shifting. He was then recommended to be prescribed a doc band that he would wear 23 hours a day for 3-4 months with visits/adjustments every 2-3 weeks. We are creating this page to help raise money for the expenses of having his helmet ordered and made (they cost between 3-4 grand which insurance will not fully cover), along with gas and doctor visit fees. We are glad to finally have answers, a plan and begin this journey to RESHAPE his future.

Any amount no matter how small would take a huge relief off his parents shoulders..I am over 6 hours away and wish I could be there to let mama know it will all be ok...I ask if you find it in your heart to give any amount whatsoever then do so...if you don't if you could please just share...pass it along.

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  1. Thank you so much Kim. We are so grateful for all the support and prayers we are receiving. He is a true blessing in every sense of the word. Much love, Pam