Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nashville it is...

Just a quick update...we made our decision we are moving to the Nashville area...and we are moving in about 5 weeks...
I will be busy,busy,busy...but promise  at least one post daily between now and the move.

I will be flying out to Nashville to go house hunting in a few weeks and it will be my first time there ever so it should be fun...but a week with just me and hubby (Tuffy will be spending some time with granny and papa) while we start deciding at least what town we want to live in, scheduling appointment for me to meet with some local physicians and figure out in ANYONE knows much about AOSD in the area (I know that Dallas is best to be since the ONLY specialist is here in Dallas...BUT...) I have to see at least a primary care Dr while there on my house hunting trip just so I can get my first infusion scheduled since I do chemo weekly and bio infusion biweekly...there will not be find to do it once I get there to live before it is if any spoonies out there know of good Rheumatologist, pain management or primary care in Nashville PLEASE comment or contact me on the option above (I think at Vanderbilt will be best for research considering the rare nature of this disease)

we are putting out house on the market here in TX next week so if anyone is looking to move to the Haslet/Alliance area let me know...

this will be an exciting adventure, thanks for being along for the ride with me!

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  1. Have you lived in this area before? I live in North GA and have been to Nashville several times. It is a great city!