Monday, January 27, 2014

January Woof Wag Play Box Review & discount code

Woof Wag Play Id the subscription box that I get for my 3 Yr old boxer Liberty Bell (aka: Libby) I have chose woof wag play for her because Woof Wag Play is an organic box for dogs (they also offer a grain free box if you need that) Libby does better with organic snacks, foods,and supplements because she has a very high anxiety level which not only causes her to be a ball of nerves but also can cause tummy and skin issues...we have discovered that when we tried some organic products her tummy and skin issues went away and the natural calming remedies are much better for her than the common pharmaceuticals her vet had her on.
I do have 2 other dogs who are not on a strictly organic regimen, so really I suggest doing what works for you and your pet...but IF you are looking for an organic or grain free doggy box Woof Wag Play is your only answer, AND my "regular" dogs love the box items as well and I have even tasted some of the treats myself and they are not bad at all...

this was the first look into my January 2014 Woof Wag Play Box, I am always curious on what they will come up with.

The little treats are a bit chewy, but soft. They are made to kinda stick to your pups teeth a bit so that the natural ingredients will be able to work the help with doggy tartar build up. (including green tea..for dogs, who knew?) These are not the most pleasant smelling treats ever (but the girls really don't care so fine with me...I give them things that smell worse and THEY prefer toilet water to fresh anyday of the week ya know)
I obviously haven't used them long enough to know if they reduce dental issues (only Libby is old enough to have problems already...and SHE likes getting her teeth brushed...I keep telling you she does NOT know she is a DOG) All 3 girls like these, and they are better for them than the brand I was feeding my two Mastiff pups (haha, calling them "pups" which technically they are but they are already over a hundred pounds and not even a year old), Libby didn't like the previous brand so her liking these makes it a slam dunk!

I think I have mentioned a few times how much I love when we get sweet potato treats for the girls... one of my favorite things to feed them so I was happy off the bat seeing this in the box! We have not tried this brand before which is always a plus to discover a new brand. These are simply sweet potato cut into little cubes (think breakfast potatoes) and the freeze dried...I love the simplicity and wholesomeness of this treat and my girls love sweet potato treats...this brand may become the new go to sweet potato treats because I like the little cubes and that they are just cut up and freeze dried and that is it...

We actually already have one of these (but it is lime green), Libby likes this a lot so having a backup is a good idea just incase one of the "big girls" takes off with her toy they carry it outside it is lost forever. (Reba and Madison don't care for toys they have to dig treats out of...I think because their mouth is so big...even extra large toys are sometimes small for them)

I like that this is 100% natural beef liver...that is all nothing else..think bacon bits for cats and dogs...that is the other part I REALLY like is that I can use this for ALL of the furry kids (Curran, AKA: baby kitty often gets left out of subscription box yummies) so far the only one I have used this WAS actually the cat...he likes it a great deal...I also like that it is very affordable.

Normally when I get these in a doggy subscription box I put them in a huge ziplock until I get enough for all the girls to have one (you don't want to be around here if only one has a "chewy" it isn't pretty) But this time I actually added this one to a care package I made for my "grandpuppy" Piper (yes, as in from Charmed) the Princess and her boyfriend just got a little jack russel/chihuahua mix puppy..she is TINY compared to my "horses" as the kids call my Mastiff pups... I will be sending all of the smaller item I get from diggy subscriptions to my newest "baby" for awhile...that's what a grandma does is spoil the baby, right? one said the baby had to be human. I am happy to report that Miss Piper likes her "chewie" very much even if it IS as big as she is...her mommy told me so.

All totaled my January Woof Wag Play box was valued at $35.04, which is a nice value with the box starting at $29 a month (and the price goes down when you purchase a multiple month subscription)
But, as usual I have a coupon code for you  for $5.00 off your first box. CLICK HERE and enter
                                  at checkout which brings your total down to just $24 for the month.


  1. I have received every box since their launch and I LOVE them...especially for Libby since she is so sensitive to non organic things..the other dogs always enjoy it too...