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January Wantable Intimates Box Review

My  Wantable Intimates box arrived late this month because I forgot to update the credit card attached to it that had recently expired...I kept thinking WHERE is my bad, I don't think there is any doubt in any minds that I love this box and it has become my favorite box for myself and even more than that I actually use 100% of the items in these boxes, usually within a couple days of receiving the box honest, how many boxes can you REALLY say that about ...every month...EVERY month...

For those who don't know about Wantable, let me explain a bit. First off Wantable has 3 different monthly boxes...
Wantable Intimates Box which is not "naughty" at is siomply things like bras,panites,socks,slippers,leggings, nightshirts, nightgowns, tank tops, camis, accessories , hosiery, shapewear, and loungewear.
 Wantable Makeup Box which has full size high end makeup, often it is from new brands, or brands big in other countries that I have fallen in love with since receiving in my boxes, they also send make up tools, and nail polish if you indicate that on your profile.
Wantable Accessories Box this is a box of jewelry, sunglasses,scarves,watches,pretty much anything you could think of as an accessory it is in there....

All 3 boxes cost $36 a month (or $40 for a one time purchase without subscription) the BEST part about a Wantable subscription is that you can skip any month you basically if ou want to try all three boxes and can't afford to buy 3 every biggie just rotate your subscription with the click of your mouse...can't afford to splurge EVERY month, no biggie just skip that can also cancel at anytime, no hassle...again just the click of a button...super simple..

AND the offer a 100% money back guarantee...don't like you box...OK...send it back (they even pay return postage) so you are not "taking a risk"

 OK, now that I have explained everything there is to know about Wantable let's get on to my box which is why MOST of you are here anyway...

Muk Luks Aloe Crew socks orchid /coral color pattern  $10.00-
I personally would describe these more as like a ballerina flat type sock/slipper with the little strap across your foot to help keep them in place. I LOVE that they are aloe infused because while I wear them my little piggies are getting all soft and pampered which is a really great bonus. I have a few pair of aloe infused socks already so I know they work (not this brand or style though) and I have a few pair of these little ballet slipper socks with the strap that I wear  quite often so I am very happy to have these in my box. I pretty much know I will always get at least one pair of socks in my boxes since it is one of my very few "loves" on my profile...I love socks and can never have enough (hubby might disagree)

Happy Socks, over the knee style in pink and grey $14.00

I have quite a few socks from the Happy Socks brand and let me tell you they stand up to quite a beating (including 90 pound mastiff puppies thinking they make good tug o war ropes) I have recently started liking higher socks as my raynaud's  syndrome gets worse and my feet legs get so cold I turn purple all the way up to my calves, so the over the knee socks are PERFECT for me even living in Texas during the summertime  (soon to be Tennessee) plus these are just so darn cute...and hubby says that knee socks and over the knee socks have that "school girl vibe" that men seem to like so much... these are pretty much my idea of the "perfect sock"
 Again as I mentioned above I LOVE socks, and fully expect and WANT more than one pair in my Wantable box (you can customize your profile how ever you want so you don't have to get so many socks if you don't want to...just my preference to get them) So don't think that you would ever receive two pair of socks in your box unless you are like me and really want two pair of socks in your box...make sense?

Ahh brand seamless bra by Rhonda Shear in purple $19.95 (size XXL)

I am actually VERY happy to see this in my Wantable box, I have been curious about this bra created by former playboy bunny Rhonda Shear for a while, but didn't care to buy it if it wasn't all that, plus they were much more expensive when I first heard of them... being that I am pretty big chested  it is almost impossible to fine a supportive soft and comfortable bra (by big chested I mean 36DD or 34DDD/E depending on the bra, and actually need to be re sized as I think I have gone up yet another cup size) there has been much hype about this particular bra for ladies who have larger breasts so I am beyond thrilled to have it... may even do a full separate review of just this bra.
I will say this, I am wearing this now as I sit here and type, it IS lying there, by far the most comfortable bra I have worn since middle school (back when I was just a C) The support offered is more than most "soft" bras or a non underwire bra, but still not giving the "perky look" (I am not surprised by this, didn't really expect it even though the brand says it does) I was sent the XXL (which is the size I indicated to Wantable by the way so they DID send exactly what I have on my profile) I do think perhaps in this particular bra I should have been an XXXL because the straps do "dig in a bit" (again, not at all uncommon for me since I am hard to fit, but a bra leaving imprints on the shoulder sand digging in is an indicator that the cup size could be too small...and because of my size I assume THAT is the reason for it in this case) I must say that even though the bra "digs in" it is still very very comfortable...the material is super soft and has nice compression (but that does mean it does not separate the girls if it is compressing them just a heads up...again in this case fine with me)

something I should point out until Wantable Intimates box launched I had never worn a "soft bra" to be honest I really never expected one to offer me ANY type of support... while obviously some are better than others I definitely was wrong and I use every one they have sent me even if it is a sleeping bra or a stay at home bra (and other full chested women will understand that statement)

This is a GREAT bra for wearing at home, running errands in your yoga pants and T shirt, hanging out a friend or family member's house, a doctor appointment,  but for a fuller chested lady might not be the ideal bra for a real get out and about type day or a night out on the town...I think for a smaller lady it would be just fine...and perhaps if I had a XXXL it would support a bit better, then again maybe I am just not meant to be "perky" these days...this is comfortable and that makes me happy.

Wantable brand seamless/footless fleece lined tights in black  size L/XL $24.00

I was hoping I would get these after seeing them in some other boxes photos... woo hoo happy dance... I WAS a bit scared they might be a bit small since they were a large (and I still haven't lost all the water weight from the cytokine storm when I gained over 25 pounds in just 8 days) but no reason to fear, they fit perfectly and are OMG, soooo comfy ...the fleece lining which I am sure is for warmth creates the softest leggings I have ever worn in my life... since they are black they go with anything and I can't wait to wear them (I have an infusion this Friday and mamma is wearing some cute leggings and a tunic for sure)
I think this is the first time I have seen a wantable branded item in my box,and I like that they had these made...I hope to more wantable branded items in the future.

QT intimates boyshorts in animal print size XL $10.00

These I am not as fond of, I do have panties as a "like" and only have the boyshort variety listed as something I don't dislike if that makes sense... so technically  these do fit my profile (just realized preference on undies doesn't show on the printed version of loves/likes/dislikes we get on our invoice)...
I can't even explain what I dislike about these, maybe it is the fact that the animal print part is the the "shape" of a bikini panty and then the black lace makes up the rest of the design to make it actually a "boyshort" style of it looks a bit odd...again this is 100% just my preference this is a nice brand and the material is fine and I WILL wear them...just not my favorite thing ever and to be honest only the SECOND time ever that wantable has sent me something that I was not 100% thrilled with so I can't really complain.

This is the same "profile" that I have had for awhile now, originally I had acessories os my "likes" as well and had tanks,cami's and soft bras on my dislikes until they included the larger sizes for those with larger chests...I changed it to this exact profile a few months ago and have been very,very,very happy with my boxes every month (as in all of the things everyone say "I hope I get that" usually ends up in my box) I often am asked how I answered my profile (not shown on this is that I only have boyshorts selected, that I love knee high socks and like the shorted crew length and ankle socks, and only selected  footless tights/leggings on the option for leggings/tights/hose)

This profile obviously works for me since only twice have I been less than 100% thrilled  with the box es they have sent me.
Obviously, the boyshorts in this box and my very first box they sent 2 pair of shapewear which I have listed as a dislike simply because I bought a lot this summer during a clearance sale for my sister's wedding activities and don't need anymore and on that one since I had that listed as a dislike and it was their error they sent me two replacement items (I believe the replacement items were soft bras)

All totalled the value of my January Wantable Intimates box was $ 77.95, which is actually one of the lower value boxes I have received from them (not that I think this is a low value, just saying they typically offer boxes with high values on a consistent basis) 

I can not tell you enough good things about Wantable, I actually do subscribe to all three of their boxes and highly recommend all of them, they are worth every penny!

What I usually tell someone is go to their webpage and look around, take the quiz (you can take the quizzes without committing to buy a box) What makes Wantable so great IS the profile quiz for each box...they are so exact in the questions they ask (especially on the makeup box) and they are the one company that I can say 100% ONLY sends you items based on your profile answers...ALWAYS... plus they have the 100% refund policy...don't like it, send it is that simple! can't afford it, skip until you can, or cancel at anytime.

Wantable doesn't offer discount codes and you can  not do a multiple month prepaid subscription but again, it is worth every penny, you can skip and cancel with just the click of a button unlike with most boxes.

CLICK HERE  to head over to their webpage and try the profiles, see if you agree about how detailed it is and then decide if you want to give them a try... I doubt you will regret it if you do sign up for a subscription or order a one time box even.

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