Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January sock panda review

Sock Panda is one of those subscription that I get every month "just for me" sometimes I review it...sometimes I don't.. but I always get my monthly socks no matter what!
I am a sock person, I have two dresser drawers full of socks (granted it is an antique dressing table from back before they used nails or anything just wood fitted together and has pretty shallow drawers BUT I still have a LOT of socks)

Sock Panda is one of those "easy subscriptions" you pick men or women and "cool" or "bold" as your subscription choice...I "think" that I have bold selected...I really do not remember since I like them all and would have chosen both if I could justify it.

Sock Panda is $11.00 a month for one pair and $22 a month for 2 pair...yes, it is a bit on the pricy side (Typically I find the socks are sold for about $10 to $13 each when I do price them out...I quit pricing them out because this is not a "value" subscription...I pay about what I would if I were to buy them myself BUT they always send socks I never would have found on my favorite being a really cool pair of aqua socks with texas stuff all over them...cactus,cowboy hats and those and actually was looking for more of them to have my sister and her bridesmaids wear at her wedding (the entire wedding party wore boots...including the ladies...this IS Texas ya'll) sadly I couldn't track those down online at the time anyway ..

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