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January Silly Rhino Review

Today my buddy the FedEx guy brought perhaps the most anticipated box of the month...Silly Rhino (this and Wantable Intimates are the two I have been stalking this month. Since I am only a few hours away from Silly Rhino headquarters I get my Fed Ex delivery the day after it is shipped... which makes me very happy and keeps me 100% spoiler free...

I just had to throw this picture in because I just love this little rhino and tickbird on their boxes... always makes me smile!

  since the boxes ship on the 20th of the month this is the box before valentine's day

The theme for the January box was "All You Need Is Love" the items included were especially selected to help strengthen the emotional bond between parent and child.

Now...let's get to the box...

FunBites Heart Shaped Cutter $13.00-Silly Rhino actually let this one "slip" as a spoiler.... which for me was a good thing since I have been considering ordering the heart shaped one (we already have the square funbites from a stork stack about a year ago and it is a favorite in our house at snack time) This heart shaped "cutter" creates perfectly shaped hearts from sandwiches,pancakes, melon...anything that is "flat" really ... We love this already (got it yesterday, used it this morning)

This is perfect for adding a little "love" to everyday snacks and meals.

Building blocks by Howells Products $12.99- These wooden blocks are handmade by a dad in Portland from poplar paint, stain or varnish...simply hand cut wooden blocks just as kids have played with for centuries. Tuffy is very "into" blocks right now (as in over 75% of his day is spent playing with blocks) These blocks actually fit in very well with his other wooden block sets although some of those are painted (I actually like that these are "just natural wood" since I personally prefer simple, classic, wooden toys for Tuffy. 
The are perfect for interactive play with parent and child, Tuffy likes to build "towers" himself but wants mommy or daddy to sit with him and pick the next block he will use.

After looking through the Etsy store for this company I am even more intrigued, it isn't just wooden toys...He has everything from hand crafted wooden dominoes to coasters and soap dishes (and many different wooden block sets) Even coffee roasted to order (yea, you KNOW that I am all over that)
now to decide what all I "need"
use code "SILLYRHINO" for 10% off any product at Howells Products Etsy Shop

The song "hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a...." is now available as a book, with beautiful illustrations...  it isn't written EXACTLY as I remember the song (perhaps on purpose, perhaps the song was changed over the years and with different families/geographical regions) Since I have sung this to Tuffy since the very first home visit we had with him on Thanksgiving 2011 while we were trying to soothe him to sleep I am excited to have this as a book...This is now part of our "quiet time" reading rotation.

Make reading to your little one an important part of  your bonding time...

I  wrote a lullaby for my daughter when I was a new mom almost 23 years ago that I sang to both my daughters so many years ago every night (lol...over and over again some nights) and now sing to Tuffy I know how important bedtime rituals are whether it is a special song , book or just the ritual of reading a story at bedtime (we did a book AND the special song) even now with the girls grown and on their own "the song" still is an important part of our lives in many ways... I also know when they have children of their own the first lullabye they sing to my grandbaby woth be the very song I wrote when I was a 17 yr old girl wondering how on earth to be a mom.... enjoy this time, make it special ...most importantly just DO matter what..

Earth Paints (individual packet of  assorted colors) $7.00-

from their website:
We create Natural Earth Paints using safe, natural pigments. Earth pigments are clay and mineral earth prevalent in native soils all over the world.

At first I thought this was just an "individual" packet of red earth paint since the packaging is read...and believe me I was excited about that (even raved on Facebook about it) Then when I went to take photos I realized that there was a rainbow of colors in there BONUS... I have actually been wanting to try these since I saw them online about a month ago but had decided to wait until after we moved since everything is kinda chaos here right now.

This is a better look at all the colors of Earth Pait I received in my Silly Rhino Box...
Green, Blue,Red,Orange,Yellow,Brown
Seriously JUST ADD WATER and little or as much as you think or thick as you want which will change the intensity of the color and coverage of paint....
These things are vibrant and just awesome...and easily cleaned up from little hands...

Tuffy and I usually do at least one craft project a week...although one of my personal goals this year was to do more crafty type things with him...these paints are perfect for some fun one on one creative time between the two of us.

want more? I know I do:
Use code "20off" for 205 off your purchase, webpage is  HERE 

Framed Quote- $15.00 
These were made exclusively for Silly Rhino so I can  not link to a page, but Silly Rhino owner Anna says that the retail is $15 on these and to be honest I would pay more... every age bracket recieved a different quote...the one I received was especially touching since I am soon leaving my "baby girls" behind as we head to Tennessee... no matter how old they are they are still "my babies" the quote from Winnie the Pooh was:
"If ever it comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart i'll stay there forever" ~Pooh

This brought me to tears as I was opening the box and looking at everything...

I love that Silly Rhino focused on the love between parent and child for valentine's day

The total value of our January Silly Rhino was $54.94, which is  GREAT deal  with the cost being $35.99 a month for month to month (lower for multiple month subscriptions)  Silly Rhino is one of our favorite boxes all month since it was launched a few months ago...There are many Children's Subscription Boxes on the market... this is one of the ones that is doing it RIGHT... If you haven't subscribed yet, trust me you want this box... it blows many of the more established well known kid's boxes out of the water!

Use code "silly10" for 10% off your first month.

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