Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Love With Food Box Review

One of the best "bank for your buck" subscriptions that I get every month is Love With Food. This is an organic, all natural snack box that starts at only $10 a month (well,$12 with shipping) I honestly did NOT even realize this was a natural organic box for the first 5 or 6 months that I was subscribed to it if that tells you how yummy everything usually is.

The "theme" for January Love With Food was "wake up to the new year"

Banana Split Baby Mamma Drama by Mama's Magic Mix- I just LOVE the name of this...made me laugh the first couple times and still guarantees a grin... I had never heard of this or the brand  Mama's Magic Mix prior to getting this generous sized ouch in my box. (other flavors they have are Caramel Apple MILF and Raspberry MOcha Swagger...I really think I have to get all of them as a gift or SOMETHING...those names are just too awesome not to do something with them)
The "baby mamma drama" was pretty awesome, and had all the "flavor" of a banana split minus the ice cream. It is a combination of freeze dried bananas and strawberries,salted peanuts, caramel puffs, and chocolate covered graham crackers) the caramel puffs are to die for (can I just get a HUGE bag of those please) the only thing I would change is the peanuts...I wish it were walnuts instead (just a personal preference) if you are interested in buying a full size of these they are quite affordable at $4.99...yes, I really NEED them, right?

All I can say here is they made gluten free delicious! The cookies are wonderful, crispy little cookies (they make regular sized cookies, and a variety of flavors too) Home Free will become a new "must have" in our of the reason I "cheat" on the gluten free diet is that I crave cookies...these are just as good as a "regular" cookie and actually better than many of them

YOu know it seems like we received this in a previous Love With Food Box (perhaps it was a different box) The first time I tried this I truly expected to hate it...but it wasn't bad... not the best coffee I have ever had but better than some commercial ground coffee and super convenient to have on hand (I last used it during a power outage when I was in desperate need of coffee and my Keurig was rendered useless) I was happy to see another one in my box...this will be perfect to have in my bag when we travel to Nashville to look for houses...hotel rooms NEVER have enough coffee in the room to keep me happy.

I am already a Blue Diamond fan, but admittedly have never considered the low sodium one (although with my blood pressure issues I should) these were quite delicious even with less salt...perhaps I will start buying them with less salt after all.
 I really like that these are little 100 calorie snack packs that I can keep in my bag and have a healthy, pre portioned snack on the go.

I actually didn't even get a taste of this, Tuffy devoured it (must have been good he wanted another one and a typical 2 yr old "hissy fit" was the result of not having another one to give him.

I am a longtime fan of Annie's, but I have never had this particular product from them before for some reason. I liked this very much, I typically will eat a breakfast bar, granola bar, power bar...something along those lines for breakfast will I am writing or more recently early mornings have become my Bible Study time while I am doing the GMG Intentionally Focused bible Study. I like having a quick, healthy, and very tasty breakfast.... Annie's is a brand I can trust and I liked these quite a bit, they have been added to the Sprout's shopping list.

I was wanting to dig into these right away, sea salty and crunchy...right up my alley...but sadly, I didn't love them like I thought I would...they were "OK" not something I would buy myself, but I wouldn't turn them away if they arrived at my door either.

These are similar to a starburst (a bit more soft and chewy, but not by much) I actually liked these more than starburst...perhaps it was the real fruit bits, whatever it is these were yummy!

Jer's Chocolates- I received two different kinds of chocolate from Jer's

Original- this has valencia peanut butter and rice crispy covered in chocolate (and OMG...I really  really needed more than the one provided)

Pretzo Change O- this is a mixture of crushed pretzels and peanut brittle covered in milk chocolate (says it is Kosher) I was not really expecting to like this because I am not really a fan of pretzels with chocolate (I know, I know...I am weird. That being said it was pretty tasty.

I am very interested to try a couple more of their flavors (toffee break dark chocolate brittle bites and Yippee Cayenne milk)  This is a brand I will be tasting more of in the future...lots more...

I actually do not do a price breakdown for Love With Food anymore, I used to but with the cost of only $10 a box I always feel I get my money's worth and really it is very difficult to estimate the cost of these items at times.  As I said above the original size snack box from Love With Food is just $10 a month (that is what I review as I had a 1 yr subscription before they offered the bigger box) They also have a deluxe box (with more items) for $20 a month. I do have a discount code for you that will take $5 off your order making the original size box just $5 and the deluxe just $15 for your first month, and you can cancel at anytime. to get the $5.oo off your first box  Click Here and enter code "YUMMY" at discount,

ETA:  you can also TRY and use "FB7OFFER" which would actually take $7 off your first order (making the original $3 and the deluxe $8, but from what I can tell it is hit or miss on that code...let me know if you try it and it works for you please)

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