Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January FabKids Review

I don't always get around to reviewing Tuffy's FabKids box all the time, we don't ALWAYS get one sometimes I skip a month or two or I will use it to buy a gift for someone sometimes...but we actually DO use them a lot more than I have reviewed...the reason I decided to go ahead and review them this month was because they have actually LOWERED their monthly cost (and that doesn't happen very often ya know)

So for those that don't know FabKids is a monthly Children's clothing subscription (up until last August it was just for girls, and I used it for "gifts" but just in time for "school shopping" they started a boys line and we have been getting them pretty much monthly since) 

They offer sizes 2T to a size 12 in kids boys and girls both. For @9.95 a month you get one outfit (for boys that is a shirt (sometimes 2 shirts if layering pieces) , pants/shorts, and 2 pair of socks (I "think" some come with like suspenders) YOU get to pick the outfit you want every month from about 15 selections (although I think they just add 4 or 5 new outfits each month for boys to the collection they already have....I know for girls the selection is MUCH larger... you can also "buy from the store" in addition to the monthly selection process everything from accessories to full wardrobes...

Right now they have a deal that if you get your monthly selection you can add a second outfit for just $20 ... this is BIG for you because new customers get 50%off their first order (making your first order just $15 since it is 50% off...get a second outfit for $20 that is $35.00 for TWO COMPLETE outfits)

Now below I have two outfits (I used one monthly outfit credit (the $29.95 a month) and I added the second outfit for $20 because it was a good deal...

This is how everything comes (individually packages items, WITH tags)

First Outfit...

this is called the "Dragon Holiday Outfit"

I will give close up of each piece below:

Dragon graphic long sleeved Tee in an size XS (3T)

cuffed twill pants size 3

2 pack socks size XS (3/4 T)


Second outfit..

This one is called "awesome polo outfit"..don't laugh, I don't make this stuff up...that is what it said on my invoice...

graphic print long sleeved polo size XS

loose taper denim size 03

I have a pair very similar to this from Fabkids already that are a favorite for us because they fit Tuffy so well... most 3T pants are too big in the waste and need a belt...these don't 

I just wanted to show some of the "distressed detail" on these jeans... I actually love the way thee jeans look (and I looked the other pair I have that is similar has the "distress" in different places)

This is the back side of these jeans (the little creases in the lack of the legs are made into the jeans...adorable)

2 pack socks size XS

This is what all was in the box... you can get this much too (obviously YOU pick the two outfits of YOUR choice)...boy or girl..or one of each...and can even be different sizes... for just $35.00 or just one complete outfit (with accessories) for just $14.98

CLICK HERE  new customers get 50% off their first order with this referral link which gets your first outfit for $15... then you can add on a second outfit for just $20...

regular price is $29.95 a month, but you can skip any month as long as you log on and skip that month by the 4th of the month (may be the 6th)...just click the "skip this month" button.... if do you forget to skip you will get charged the $29.95 and will get an outfit "credit" to use anytime you wish on any outfit you wish (but they do send reminder it is time to make your selection so it is easy to remember to log in and skip or make your selection)

They have the shop where you can get things at a decent price (some I think are over priced, some are regular priced and some are deep discount) I like the long sleeved layering Tees for $7.95...I stocked up on those when I saw them a couple days ago but they haven't arrived yet. Also their socks are my favorite ones for Tuffy...If I am choosing between outfit A or B I usually end up choosing the one with the two pack of socks because I LOVE fun socks for myself and I like Tuffy to have fun, colorful socks too...the funkier the better!

Let me say I NEVER thought I would be a fab of Just Kids...the first month they had boys clothing I wasn't that impressed...the selection gets better and better as time goes on and I actually REALLY,REALLY like the way they fit him (and they hold up well) I get a lot of compliments on his clothes... and their is a style for every personality (and some I would NEVER put my son in...but I bet some people feel that way about the clothes I choose too)

I should mention that this is the brain child of Christina Applegate (although that is just a side note for me...I like her and all...was a teen in the 80's huge married with children fan...I just don't choose products based on celebrity affiliation...but I know some people do  so I threw it out there)

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  1. This is cute! Especially for a boy stuff! It seems like FabKids has some trendy things. Another cool shopping tool for parents is text shopping... have you guys tried that? Check out www.deanandgrace.com. You sign up for just your kids size and gender and they text out outfits for you to choose from. Pretty cool. Great blog and review! Keep up the good work!