Thursday, January 30, 2014

January citrus lane review & Discount code

One of the boxes we received last week was the January Citrus Lane. As I have said, before it seems like all the boxes are shipping "late" this month so here it is almost the end of the month and just in the last 5 or 6 days have I started receiving boxes (I know I cut back on boxes until after the move...but not THAT many boxes)

For those who don't know Citrus Lane is a box for babies,toddlers and preschoolers. Typically they send around 4 to 5 items each month (often including a mommy item as a bonus item)

Citrus lane did just recently raise prices from $25 a month to $29 a month (but with multiple month subscriptions you can save A LOT) 

natural meds for upset tummy's glad to have it, I actually enjoy receiving this type item in my boxes 

OK, lets get the obvious taken care of ... these markers are for ages 4 and up, my son is 2 and a half...I have him aged up, yes but only to 3 so the markers are still bad idea... WOULD it be something I would buy Tuffy's not likely is markers...he still is working on fat crayons and keeping those on paper...

NOW all that is a Citrus Lane issue not a FarberCasteel issue...I actually LOVE their product line and we do have items a bit more appropriate.

we are always happy to have a new activity book, this was no exception..

Tuffy is really enjoying THIS book

Ok, so I could NOT find THIS exact set anywhere (all the "sets" for fruit included a cutting board and had more fruit, the veggie ones came without a cutting board but obviously wasn't I finally found a place that sold the pieces individually and the price looks about right by comparison with the full sets...

Tuffy is VERY into playing in his play kitchen and his Elmo's restaurant right now so these were happy additions to his stash of kitchen items, he really likes how he can cut them like mommy cuts his apples.

the value of my January box was $29.38, which barely covers the new cost of the box of $29 a month (it was $25 a month prior to last month) This was obviously not my favorite nox from them...the value isn't why I am unhappy (often I am ok with the discovery aspect of a box so don't mind when the value is right on the line...but this box was just not a good box and the customer service regarding my issue with this box was such a turn off that I am ready to walk away from this company.

you can use code "TAKEHALF" to sign up at 50% off if you choose to sign up Citrus Lane webpage

I will say that this month's box was a letdown for me on many levels (the biggest being the markers are for ages 4 and up and Tuffy is only 31 months...I have emailed them about this a 2 1/2 yr old should NOT receive a set po markers for a 4 yr old... I sadly don't think I was just sent the wrong age bracket box)

After a phone call with Citrus Lane they state they stand behind what they sent and that they assumed a parent would supervise the child so feel it was appropriate to send.

There was much more said, I was not upset about the response about the markers as much as what customer service rep "Jenn" said and how she said the end that conversation was the final straw for my year long relationship with the company... When my current subscription/credits have been used I do not see myself giving them more of my money...again NOT because of the markers but because of comments made to me by customer service...I do hope they record their calls as most companies do because I have asked that this call be pulled.

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