Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Barkbox review

By now I think everyone know that I get "a few" different doggy boxes every month, the first doggy box that started it all for me was Bark Box... I still love our Bark Boxes every month (in fact we get 2 each month) Bark Box was a bitter sweet box the last few months as I had originally purchased this subscription for my Romeo... just typing his name has my eyes filling with tears... I miss him more than I can ever express...
Since I already was getting the large dog subscription, I just had them change the name on the subscription form Romeo to  Reba after Romeo passed away... Reba and Madison both enjoy the vast majority of the items in their bark box (they are huge but still puppies so they are pretty destructive...two of everything is a good idea because they don't like to share much either)

This was my first look at the January Bark Box for Large dogs (I think I have aggressive chewers marked too)

The "them" of this month's box goes with the superbowl

We have several Wigzi products, but we haven't received these big treat pouch balls yet so I am happy to see them! I don't know if I have mentioned before that these are scented...vanilla to be exact...Typically Miss Libby is the one that like the "treat pouch toys" because she has a smaller mouth and can better get the items out...but these are made a bit differently than the previous items we have received and Reba has figured it out, which means she will show Madison how to use it... this makes me VERY 11 months old the girls NEED toys that they have to "figure out" to keep the from being so destructive...the problem being they are just so big that it isn't that easy their heads /mouth are especially huge...Mastiffs built that way. Reba has finally outgrown Madison by quite a bit (we knew she was going to be a lot bigger than her sister, but WOW she is in an extra large chain choker collar is almost too small for her (and I don't "use a choker for choking or is just the only thing that really fits around her head...and I was holding off on the "special design" ones until they quit growing so fast...Madisson seems to have reached her full size...Reba on the other hand...not so much)

I received this is this light blue you see in the photo in one box and in the other I received it in a royal blue. I like that I received two different colors...helps me keep a visual count of who has what toy and if they are all accounted for ,my back yard is over 1/2 an acre and if the girls carry something out there it tends to be lost forever...especially when we have 2 of the exact items because I see one and think "it's all good" when in reality Madison has snuck one outside (she is the worst about sneaking toys out the door)

These are made to stuff into the Wigzi toys (works with any of long as it is the large size)
The treats we received are actually  Cheddar Bacon Flavored this time (I could only find Peanut Butter online, and that is also what we have previously received)

My girls (all 3 of them) like these ALOT...even with 2 bags they won't last a week around here.

This is a new brand to us, I like that it is corn and soy free (it is wheat free too for those who watch that)
My girls seem to like them (except Reba, and she doesn't like most peanut butter treats...including peanut butter in her Kong so she doesn't count)

we like alligator ourselves around here so I have NO issue giving it to the girls...they LOVE it...perhaps THIS is the treat that will finally succeed in training Madisson to keep Madison to keep her paws on the ground when greeting a human.

All totalled bmy January Bark Box was $34.99, the cost of this box is $29.00 for a month to month (prepaid subscriptions are less expensive) you can also get $5.00 off your first box just by using this referral link Bark Box Referral Link

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