Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ipsy January review

My Ipsy arrived a couple days ago, actually it arrived the same day  I got the shipping notice, and just a day or two after I was able to see my glamroom online. 
The theme this month was :
19 reasons 2014 will be an Amazing year.
as that indicates there were 19 different products available this month you could have received based on your profile.

I have over all been pleased with my Ipsy bags all along so I have not "tweaked" my profile at all since I first signed up, although you can google that and tons of suggestions pop up to help you get "the best bag" but to be completely honest I always say go with your gut and answer the questions 100% honestly, when you over think it is when you mess up your bags after all the point is to get things customized for YOU

Ok, let's look at what I got this month:

Balm Me Up, Organic Sweet Cocoa & tangy Body Balm ($11.25)- I have such mixed feelings about this body balm... first off let me say it works very very well... my meds leave me with extremely dry skin (which explains my hand cream and lip balm addictions BUT and it's a BIG smells terrible! I am currently applying this body balm letting it absorb and the applying a very nice smelling,but not so very moisturizing lotion over it to get rid of the smell    
I WILL use this, and I do mean  ALL of this because it works that well...but I don't know that I would pay $45 for the full size knowing how much I dislike the scent.

Absolute! makeup cleansing tissues (pomegranate extract scent) 10 ct $1.70- I think I kinda like the scent, it was a bit overpowering at first, but once I got over the shock of how strong it was I find it a nice change from the cucumber face wipes I  usually get. These did the job, with nothing left behind. I don't wear a lot of mascara and eyeliner though. 
I used to get irritated when I saw packages of face wipes in my various boxes, but now I actually like receiving them. Not gonna lie, there are lots of nights I am just not up to doing the whole face cleaning ritual and on those evenings I can just grab a wipe and call it a night. Also here in Texas you sweat your makeup off  a few times a day if you are doing something outside (wedding, BBQ,things like that) these are great to have on hand to wipe it off and start over in a flash (which is why I wear very minimal makeup especially in the summer)

Yaby Cosmetics Natural finish liquid foundation (in buff) $13.55)- I wasn't sure about getting a foundation in my glam bag...usually the colors are not good for me, BUT this one is actually a perfect shade. I like the feel of the foundation it is smooth and light and doesn't feel like I have a ton of goop on my face (which is why I usually wear a mineral foundation) so far so good o this one...although summer may be a different story we shall see.

MALIN + GOETZ mojito lip balm $12.00- I was super excited to see this was in my glam room when I peeked before my bag arrived.... reviews on this stuff said it was the bomb! Being a lip balm addict, this made me near giddy.
Obviously as soon as I opened the bag I dug out the lip balm to try out that very instant...and..whoa... WTF... the packaging is awful, this is done like a tube of neosporin that you have to apply to your finger then apply to your lips...why...why...WHY!! so once I got over the confusion on the application method and learned the proper amount to use this is everything I had read it was and so much more.. I LOVE it and with a tiny bit of color over it I am good to go. This is long lasting, super moisturizing, a very slight tingle, and heals dry cracked lips making them smooth... they just really really really need to fix the packaging and make it a regular lip balm applicator please (it's pretty thick goopy stuff, you don't want it on your fingers..although the goopy isn't sticky on your lips once you learn the right amount to use...again I think a proper lip balm applicator would fix this)

Benefit The PORE fessional $4.08- again, was very excited to see this in my bag this month as I have been wanting to try this out before spending the money... it seems to work well (I have large pores around by nose...always have...this did help them look smaller) the sample was very small though (although if I only use it in my problem areas I can get a few more applications from it. I do think I would buy it based on results I I just love the packaging...too stinkin' cute ...

The total value  of my January Ipsy glam bag was $ 42.58...HELLO... this subscription is only $10.00 a month... seriously WHY have you not already subscribed (for those who haven't) I am often asked which boxes someone should start with...obviously that depends on the person and their interests, but IF you are going to want make up or skincare I would definitely get just gives one of the best bangs for the buck almost every month (although this month was even better than usual)

Ipsy DOES have a waiting list, so if you are thinking about it I would "sign up" now to get on the list, you don't pay our $10 until you get off the waiting list...just click HERE!

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