Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm BACK...Happy New Year!!!!

Bring on the change 2014!!!

It is no secrete that 2013 was a very rough year for me and my family with everything that happened the last half of the year health wise for me... 2014 HAS to be better, because it really can not get any worse.

The last week of 2013 was quite honestly the worst week of my life, not a health thing but many things in my personal life came to a head and unfortunately some changes that I really want to have to make became necessary.... my husband and I thought it best that I walk away from the blog while making some very important decisions about our future...honestly I didn't do much online at all other than stalk Erin Condren Life Planner ideas that might make me more effective with the two I have for 2014.... I have not even looked a box box stuff at all for 2 weeks really, it was an interesting "withdrawl" initially but in the end I feel recharged and refocused for having taken some time.

There will be a LOT of changes for the Dragon Slayer household this coming year...biggest being I am doing the unthinkable...I am leaving Texas, my home, and my family!!! My hubby has been given a great opportunity and we decided to move forward (he has turned down previous offers that included relocation, but we just feel this is the right thing at the right time) We are either moving to the Phoenix area or to the Nashville area, I think he still has a few weeks to decide (any input from readers on small towns in the areas would be greatly appreciated) Obviously this move means I will also be leaving my adult daughters in Texas (which is why we turned down previous offers) I am really dreading leaving my family... Texas is home, part of who I am and my entire big crazy family is here (well Louisiana and Oklahoma too but nearby)

OK,. so that is the really BIG news and one of the main reasons I took a "break" we had to really really focus on our decision (the do it or not to, not the where so much at tat time)

OK, some smaller but equally important changes that will be noticeable here on the blog:

Although I am clearly a review blog at this point (it just kinda happened...that for helping make that was a happy surprise that I really never intended) anyways, the reviews are here to stay...they are not going anywhere (either are the giveaways) but I will be getting back to my "roots"so to speak and include more content for the chronically ill, The Dragon Slayer Mommy started as a blog about my life as a disabled chronically ill mom and grew into the blog you now read very quickly... my original purpose kinda got lost in the quick growth of The Dragon Slayer Mommy...SO to all of those who were with me in the beginning and have asked what happened to the health advocacy... I promise more for you this year (including reviews for dragon slayers and spoonies...I actually have one past due right now for a mobility device).

I have decided to learn to sew, and when I do something I dive in full force (as in I already bought 30 patterns, a couple books, and about 75 yards of fabric as well as a digital machine and all the cute little notions a girl needs to start off) I will likely be talking about some sewing and quilting here as well (as I have always talked about "my life" and not "just boxes" that will continue) so you can laugh at me as I learn to sew...I am sure it will be comical at times since I am NOT a crafty person...but I want to be... more on my goal for sewing projects later.

I also have challenged myself to get more organized this year (I decided this BEFORE we decided to move...I am not sure if the move will help me or hurt me on this one)  I will be talking a lot about my Erin Condren Planners .I already had an 15 month one I ordered in September that runs October 2013 to December 2014, but I have one in the mail arriving later this week that will be just for blog and other things pertaining to The Dragon Slayer Mommy and all that I hope it will become
...which brings me to my big exciting new (for me anyway) The Dragon Slayer Mommy is on it's way to being an this will become my own little business (my hubby's Birthday gift to me)

I also made a promise to myself to make more time for God this year... and I have joined the Good Morning Girls bible study for the winter 2014 season "Intentionally Focused" it starts on January 20th and I believe it runs 8 weeks...I will choose another Bible Study when this ends...I have never done an "online Bible study" so I am not sure how it will work but I am super excited to get started! My husband and I both have determined that we have kinda let God and church fall to the back burner and we want to change that this year both individually and as a family... I will be needing to find a church home in either Phoenix or Nashville ASAP to make sure we stay on target after the move...finding a new church is so scary (is it just me, or is it scary for others as well)

Boxes... I know this is what MOST of you want to know about....YES, I am still reviewing subscription boxes (I am a box addict after all) I think that this year I am going to get back to focusing more on the smaller indie type boxes again... I just love them and like finding new ones to share with all of you... specifically more of the local boxes, handcrafted, organic and eco friendly things I am focusing on in my personal life.

I am also  doing reviews on more than just boxes these days (you will see MANY of them in the coming days as they are items I used/read/ watched over the last month or so) I hope ya'll enjoy that addition to the blog as well

I would LOVE some input from ya'll on the Phoenix Vs Nashville dilemma as well as info on small towns nearby.

Feedback from those who will also be doing the Good Morning Girls Intentionally Focused Bible Study wold be AWESOME... I am really excited about this and would love to share it with all of you!

Happy New Year to all of you...

I have miss ya'll and I am ready to dive into another year and seeing what life throws my way and will bring ya'll along for the ride!


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