Monday, January 20, 2014

GOLD ELEMENTS REVIEW ( D'or facial peeling, Intensive Cleansing and softening toner, age therapy cream, and age treatment eye serum)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

A couple months a I was offered an opportunity to do a review for Gold Elements, I originally was told I would receive full size products of  the D'or Facial Peeling and  the intensive softening toner to review.Imagine my surprise when I received pretty much their entire line up to review! I received the two I was expecting the Intensive Cleansing and softening toner, D'Or facial peeling, age treatment eye serum and Age treatment cream (face) talk about your "bonus"!

So as I have mentioned in several reviews I actually only used this product line (with the exception of 1 other product) for 5 weeks in order to truly give a full review of the entire product line (since this was the first time I was reviewing an entire line I felt it best to stop anything I usually use)

for their website:
The GOLD ELEMENTS line offers advanced and effective cosmetic treatments and customized facials,
giving an over all treatment to the skin. It also aids the reduction of  wrinkles and helps brighten the
complexion. Inspired by advanced cosmetic research it contains effective age defying ingredients
combined with trace  elements of gold to give a youthful appearance to your 

I am going to point out here that all the Gold Elements products seem to have the same scent base some are just stronger than others... in some ways the scent is kinda heart warming for me because it reminds me of a perfumed powder my granny used to use back in the late 70's or early 80's maybe...for some reason "Shalimar" comes to mind although I really don't know if it was that particular scent or not...I just know it smells like granny some products that was just a nice memory for me, in others it was a bit much for me since I prefer unscented products..again, totally my personal preference most people like scented face products!
 I can also see flecks of gold in some of the products...and I didn't realize Gold is so beneficial to the skin...hmm...I learn so many new things doing these reviews.

Gold Elements D'or Facial Peeling (50ml / 1.7 oz) $149.00

A silky, cleansing, softening and moisturizing formula to gently
tone and re-hydrate your complexion. It gently removes
dead skin cells, to allow your skin to “breathe” while instantly
soothes, for perfectly clean, soft and comforted skin.

I will admit I wasn't sure what I was getting into with committing to a full month to six weeks using this product...peels can go terribly wrong sometimes, so I was cautiously optimistic about this one (I also should point out I DI NOT read any reviews of these products at all before I started using them... I wanted to be completely unbiased) 
That being said..OMG....this is wonderful! I had no stinkin' idea I had so much crud on my face..but wow,wow,wow...and ICK on what I didn't know was there! Never, ever have I seen that with any other product..seriously the icky dead skin and whatever else that was...just gross and amazing since I THOUGH my skin was clean (I mean I have an entire arsenal of products)

ladies, if you don't use a peel...evidently you should be doing it... I will NEVER go without it being part of my normal routine every again. I expected this to be pretty uncomfortable while on my face, but it wasn' was a bit warm and felt gritty as I rubbed it in circular motions on my face (it didn't feel gritty before it went on my face so again with the ick factor of how dirty my face must have been)
After I removed the product I then began to feel the burn... but no so bad that I was uncomfortable, I just knew it was there... my face did not turn red from one treatment and my very sensitive skin tolerated this extremely well.

I had to play around with frequency since my skin is so sensitive (from my meds, nothing that this or any products can do about that) I ended up doing this peel once a week, any more frequent that that and my face was red (remember though the dragon causes a red sunburned look so I am prone to that, I doubt that is typical results...but Dragon Slayers...YOU need to pay attention to it or else you will have one of those pretty pink rashes that sticks around awhile)

I am very very happy with this product over all! I WILL be buying this is the future (thankfully I think this jar will last me a long time since a little goes a long way...this one to me is worth the cost and I can absolutely see myself buying this (although I will have to budget for the purchase whatever month I need to buy it in, but I would guess this will last me near a year)

A silky, cleansing, softening and moisturizing formula to gently
tone and re-hydrate your complexion. It gently removes
dead skin cells, to allow your skin to “breathe” while instantly
soothes, for perfectly clean, soft and comforted skin.

All of the Gold Elements products seem to be the same scent (more on this below in my summary) I will say this product has the heaviest scent of all of them.

I applied this to my face with a cotton ball after using the D'or Facial Peeling... I kinda like that a toner and cleanser were in one... a few times I just used this without the peel (I can't peel daily) which was just my personal preference...this is a very good product once you get past the heavy scent (and that is again just my personal preferences) 

Overall this is a nice product that works just as it should. I think this is a nice products that works very well, but the scent is very overpowering to me and becauseof that I would not spend the $130, if it were unscented I may consider it but to spend that much on a face product it has to be 100% spot on ofr me and this one just misses because of the scent.

the products above are the ones that I knew I was going to review, the products below were the surprise addition I received (I was told if I wanted to review them that would be most appreciated, but if I didn't I was not obligated since it was not one of the products I had agreed to review...obviously I choose to go ahead and review them since I was reviewing the other two isn't that hard to write about two more items (many subscription boxes have more than 5 I am used to doing reviews of multiple biggie and besides I really liked these and was more than happy to receive these as well...)

Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Serum - (30ml / 1.02 oz) $449.00

Specially formulated for the gentle eye contour zone,
containing effective age defying ingredients combined
with trace elements of gold, this unprecedented formula
offers immediate and long-lasting results.
The skin is immediately moisturized and visibly plumped,
wrinkles appear smoother and softer and dark circles appear lighter.

first off, no that is NOT a typo...the price is $449.00... which makes it more expensive than my first car was back in 1988

So I will be honest I did not know I was using a $450 eye serum until a couple weeks into this I already had a good estimate of what I thought about it...yes, it is VERY soft and does work very well...and yes, I still have some dark circles (hey, it isn't a miracle worker) I do see that long term use of this would be very beneficial to any woman who can afford it. I am not one of those women (I will cherish this bottle and use it sparingly to make it last as long as I can because I know that I can not see myself spending this much on an eye cream)...but thankfully I do have friends and readers who are in the position to spend this amount on an eye cream...and yes if it is something you CAN afford then do it...but do not buy an eye cream instead of paying your car payment...OK...

I really WANT to continue to use this forever, but I just don't think financially it is possible...but hey there is a LEAST a year left in this bottle if I use it sparingly!

Gold Elements Age Treatment Cream (50 ml/1.7 oz) $499.00

Gold and beauty are two words which seem to go together.
Traditionally, gold has always held value and significance,
in terms of enhancing beauty. The use of gold was prevalent
for its potent curative properties.
The GOLD elements line offers advanced and effective
cosmetic treatments and customized facials, giving an over
all treatment to the skin. It also aids the appearance of
wrinkles and lightens the appearance of pigments and age spots.
Inspired by advanced cosmetic research it contains effective age
defying ingredients combined with trace elements of gold
to give a youthful appearance to your skin.

again, NO that is not a typo on the price...

I also didn't realize the price on this until a couple weeks into my review period... 

Again, I very much like this does exactly what it says it will do and it does it VERY well.. my skin looks very good. I wouldn't say I look years younger, but I really don't look my age in the first place and until my disease and meds started breaking havoc on my skin I still looked about 15 years younger than my real age (often getting carded even)

I CAN definitely tell a difference sine using this product, of that there is NO DOUBT...but the price is honestly more than my truck payment and I just can't see myself paying for for a face cream than my truck... 

If you are someone who can spend that much, then by all means go by it... if you are like me and you just can't no matter what..

save up and buy the D'or facial peeling peel and intensive cleansing and toner... they are great and much more affordable if you plan and budget.... now if you happen to be able to afford to purchase this entire line up (and I know that some of you can, and do spend that easily on skin care) then go for it

with the exception of the scent I very much loved this line, and in most products the scent was tolerable just the one for me was too strong but even that was a good product I personally just wouldn't buy due to scent.

you can connect with Gold Elements by using the links below:


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Hi Kimberlee, Kimberly here-) I never write reviews but I read your blog and had to. I was at the mall one day after my daughter left for college and happened upon a sale clerk that got my attention and asked me to try these products. Having a big special blah, blah, blah and I fell in love. I ended up buying the eye serum, cream, and the peeler. I also have sensitive skin and have experienced reactions to creams and make-up. I felt horrible about the price and regretted getting it, UNTIL, people started commenting about how young I looked. I'm not a high maintenance girl, so I hadn't paid much attention, but I was going to use the product until the end since I spent so much on it. When I went to see my daughter at college, she was like "Mom why do you look so young". Used sparingly the product lasted more than a year and I have not grown bored or disappointed in the product.

  2. I just bought these products on a trip to Las Vegas. Yes they are SUPER expensive. I do notice a difference in just the 2 days. What the sales guy Jermano (from Italy for a Plastic Surgeon convention) told me is to use the eye serum and cream once a week every Sunday. The pealing mask once a month. These products are suppose to help your skins collagen to renew itself and doesn't need to be used every day.Here is another tip that you may not know about. Have you checked the prices on AMAZON. Not sure if they are expired products or not. On my boxes the products came in says 12 months so don't save the eye serum. I sure hope it works as well as he said it would. Thanks for the review.

    1. I also bought these products while visiting Las Vegas in May. I was skeptical at first because I have never used a product that I really saw results and it is quite expensive. Well, I have been using the eye serum & cream, dailiy moisturiser and peel since May and I have to say, I really do see a difference. It may all be in my mind but I don't care. My skin is so smooth and my complextion has evened out. My crows-feet that have started around my eyes are not as noticible any more. And I love the peel. I too only use it once a month. I plan to reorder next year for another supply, even though it is more than I have ever spend on skincare productions. As the salesman, Maurice, said how much is your skin worth? We spend hundreds on clothing, food, etc. but what do we really spend on our skin? Because the product works, I think it is worth it. But you have to try it to believe it.

  3. Just began using the skincare anti-aging line. Participated in a demo at a mall, the products felt so good on my skin but the cost was so Prohibitive. After much discussion with the sales girl I told her a set amount I was willing to spend & asked her to select the products she felt would benefit me the most (she had to stay within my budget amount). I've only had maybe 6 facials in my entire life & I'm 60 yrs. young! I've noticed less fine lines/wrinkles since I began using the products 2 wks ago but who knows--I figure the real test will be when I have a facial & see what the technician thinks. I plan to go to someone that doesn't promote Gold products.

  4. I also got sucked in at the mall! I usually don't fall for sales tactics but these products felt so nice; had the eye serum and cream on one eye. I thought maybe it was my imagination that one eye appeared to have fewer fine lines but when I met up with my husband later and asked he swore he could see the difference. Thankfully it was good justification for what I spent. However, according to the advertised prices I got an awesome bargain: eye serum and cream, facial peel and cream, toner and a scrub face wash. Plus a facial(I likely won't use). for less money than one eye serum. The girl said there was a coupon, blah, blah, I hesitated, she bargained, I told her I couldn't spend that much ($499!! for one item), blah, blah. Finally she landed on an amount I could (sort of) stomach and now after only a few days I'm excited for further results!

  5. Hi! I, as well as the other women, was approached at a mall. I usually don’t get into this kind of sales tactics, because I get an uncomfortable feeling of being tricked. Well, this day I had some extra time, and came in talk with the clerk. I ended up in the chair, and experienced what you other women are describing: tingling in skin (which I was told was the ointment working), comparing of the two sides treated/ not treated, and finally the approach of NOT asking if I was interested in buying, but “telling” me of which of the products I was going to bring home. Well after rounds of talking numbers (which in it self makes me wonder of the seriousness of the company/ product), I was promised an exceptional good price. I still ended up NOT buying (phu, hard work).
    Now, I want to check out the authenticity of the product, but I don’t really find any credible con side of the product that convinced me of not believing in the product, but many pro arguments. Is this really worth the cost? Does it keep its promises of lasting a whole year per unit?? And finally, in a world of poverty and hunger, do I really need GOLD in my face to look younger???

    1. I do hope you ended up buying some product! I did (yes, at the mall. And yes, I felt the same as you) but a few times using the peel and I've gotten so many compliments! I was horrified at what came off my skin AFTER I had already washed with my usual nightly face wash. And not only that but I had been into the Sephora looking for something to get rid of all the blackheads I had on my nose and chin. No need to purchase that anymore. This peel took them all out on the first use. Holy cow!!! :)

  6. I just bought several products at their store at a local mall. I couldn't believe that right before my very eyes, I could actually see the right side of my face appearing tighter and lifted after the sales person put a few products on my face. I was sold. I am a big proponent of good skin care and yes, this is certainly pricey, but he threw in a few free items - the body butter, the cleansing/softening lotion and toner! And greatly reduced the price of the products I actually bought. I looked at the website and wow, the retail price is amazing and not in a good way. With actually seeing what happened right in the chair, while I was in the store, I was in awe. Usually when you get the "if you use this product you will look younger"...that takes time, if I event have the patience to deal with the regime of the entire line. This Gold product worked immediately. I'm still in shock. If I use this product and it doesn't do what it says, I'll post again. have a wonderful day ladies and cheers to beautiful and healthy - healthy being the most important part - skin!

  7. These products are on hautelook right now for way way less. Some as low as $12. I found your review trying to find out if the products are any good before purchasing

  8. Well I fell into the same mall sales pitch in Albuguerque NM. I bought the uber expensive line for older women(I am 54). I puchased the eye serum and wrinkle corrector. $900. OMG! Today I am feeling like a foolish woman for spending so much. HOWEVER, the results that I saw in the salon were quite amazing. I applied the products last night as well and awoke to near absence of wrinkles on my forhead and my crows feet. Particularly the line in the center of forehead between my eyebrows(I don't recall the name for it but it has been an ongoing problem for me). I have spent at leat $15000 in botox, fillers and than finally a face lift with upper and lower bleph 4 years ago. I have to say that these two products went a long way towards preserving my investment. I was really intimidated by the VERY HARD sales pitch. After at least an hour of unrelenting sales pitch pushing me towards a $4500 package I finally begged off saying that I could not spend any more time at this spa. BE CAREFUL!!! These guys are very good at picking away at your ego and smooth talking you into buying more. If you can afford the products , than I would say that I have never seen anything as effective as this line. The thing that impressed me most is how litte an amount of product is needed to get results. A little tiny dot goes a long way. I have a facial coming my way as part of the package in 3 weeks. I am cautious about how I will handle the unrelenting pressure to buy when I return for facial.

  9. Mer D'or isn't on hautelook any more. i am also having trouble finding reviews.

  10. They are sweet scammers that don't care about what you say to them even if you say I can't afford it they get you confused with a lot of talk and get you to pay for creams that are worth no more than $20 ea. The worst is that no government no credit card or shopping mall care to do anything about these scammers. We the little people are invisible to justice.