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December founders edition travel box review

One of the brand new boxes I received in December was Travel Box, (who kindly s this was their founders edition box (the launch box) PLease don't take the lateness in my reviewing this box as a reflection of how I liked the box (most of my December boxes are still being reviewed) I actually really,really enjoyed this box. This box is $33 a month plus $$5.95 shipping for a total of $38.95 a month, boxes will ship on the 2nd of the month, so this will be a great addition to your first of the month boxes (since that is a "dry" spell I like that there is another box that will ship then)

the first thing I noticed was the handwritten message (I am a sucker for the personal touch, taking that extra effort goes a VERY long way with me)  

As with most boxes there is a nice info card, I really like the look of this one and the way it is laid out

all items in the box represent a different country, not sure if all boxes will be a mixture like this or if it is just the founders box but I think it's really nice to see each product from a different country, the  info card lets you know right off the top which country the item is from .

the first look into my first Travel Box, I was curious what that green thingie was and saw some artisan chocolate...a nice first look.

Guylian Artisanal Truffles  $1.09 - This item represents Belgium in the box 
This is the first time I have had this particular truffle, they are beautiful (and hubby says pretty delicious) I don't like hazelnut so I personally did not eat these. I was sad when I saw it was a hazelnut filling (I think I am the only person it the world that dislike all things hazelnut) After drooling over their webpage I have decided I really have to order some for myself though (the chocolate praline' truffles sound like heaven)

Luxe City Guides (Paris)- $9.99- this item obviously represents France, Although I currently have no planned trip to Paris it is on my "bucket list" and these little guides are so  cool to have around just to look at things  "you COULD do if only you WERE going, to help fuel your dreams" and would make a really awesome gift for someone who is planning a trip or in this case someone who is decorating with a "Paris" theme to have as a accent piece on an end table or such.

Breffo Spiderpodium $ 24.99, this represents the UK in this box
OK, the pricing on this one is a bit "confusion" the info card has it listed about $5 less than when I look it up on the looks like the price on the info card is the UK price, but the price I noted above is the cost in USD (or at least the price today...perhaps it went up) mine is green but it comes in a variety of colors and I personally think everyone in the US and the UK should have one of GO...look at the link over there on the upper left below the pic...and order yourself one...NOW!
description of this little wonder under next photo.

this is a "smart phone mount" and you have to wonder WHY on earth you have never seen one of these before (maybe they are in the US as well and I have just missed the IS possible) but all I can think right now is we will be driving 735 miles from here to Nashville in a matter of weeks and this will be the most awesome thing EVER for that particular drive.... I am beyond happy to have this...Thank you Travel box!!!

the photo above shows all the "different ways" that this will hold your phone in place so it isn't flying off the dashboard, lost in the console or my favorite on the floorboard under the seat and you can't hear your GPS also acts as a camera tripod for your phone... which will be awesome for when I "need" to take some pics of our trip or as I figure out how to review my boxes in a hotel room while in "limbo" waiting to buy a house.

Dream Essentials Sleep Mask $9.95- this item represents the USA in the box.
I have several sleep masks (although I can't remeber the last time I actually used one...since I DO prefer a very dark room to sleep but I can't seem to sleep with somethig over my face I feel confined...BUT this particular mask is unlike ANY that I have seen before so maybe it IS more comfortable... I hate to sound like I am "stealing content from another blogger" but as Jennifer @ Ramblings of a suburban mom said "this looks like a padded bra" there is NO other way to describe it so I have to use the same photo doesn't  really show the full "shaped" look of this sleep mask...but trust me it looks like a VS bra, it is available is several colors... I don't know if I will use this much, but I am happy to have it since we are flying out soon to look at houses in Nashville and hotels are never dark enough for me and who knows MAYBE it will allow me to sleep part of the 11 hour drive when we do move (think ear plugs block out a 2 yr old screaming "I want out of my car seat" all day long?), I will certainly be trying this out a lot in the next is a very cool sleep mask for those who use them. the box also includes a drawstring carry pouch and "first class earplugs" 

Lanolin Agg Tval Eggwhite Facial Care  $4.00- this item represents Sweden in the box. This soap smells nice, and well "clean" I REALLY like it, I typically do not use a bar type soap on my face but this is really nice and leaves me looking rosey and glowing. I have been using this in the mornings when I am not going to be out and about (so no sunscreen that day) and I am very happy with it, I can totally see myself buying more it just smells "nice" is the only way to put it...once made for royalty it is a recipe of egg whites,rose water, and lanolin... warning those of you who get gifts from me, this is likely to be in the next set of things I put together for you because it's something I want to share with my friends and family.

The total value of my  Travel Box box was $50.01, a great for the $38.95 price (33 plus shipping). I was very pleased with this (their first box) and I am looking forward to seeing what they have in the future and wondering if  it will always be a variety of countries like this or if in the future everything will be from one country or region... I would be fine either way but I have to admit I thiought this was kinda neat. I definitely found new things that I am thrilled with.

what do you think of Travel Box? Are you planning to get it? what was your favorite item in this box?

***As always all thoughts and opinions are my own... The Dragon Slayer mommy will never accept payment for a review, and will always give MY honest opinion on products and customer service that I personally have experienced***

***I received this item free of charge for review purposes, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not received compensation in any way for my review***

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