Friday, January 17, 2014

Birchbox January review

The January Birchbox was actually one of the first boxes I received this month (boxes are REALLY slow this month, BB is usually nowhere near one of the first to arrive most months) so I was super excited to get this box open,!

OK...let's get to it, it's been a long dry spell since boxes shipped so really last month due to the holidays!

Fruit Pigmented Mascara by 100% pure ($7.50)- when I saw my "sneak peek" of my box this was the one that intrigued me the most because is FRUIT pigmented, umm...what fruit is colored BLACK? it seems to work OK, and easily comes off with my facial care routine without issues, not really any flaking or smudging and  it smells kinda yummy too, BUT I still really don't understand the fruit that is pigmented black...

Three Whishes Body Butter by Whish (pomegranate) $3.60- This was an item I was really excited about receiving , it was offered in a different box a couple months ago and I didn't get it then and was really bummed I was really happy to see it i my box and the pomegranate scent is very nice but not over powering. I have a lot of hand cream (boy, THAT is an understatement ... Erin Condren paper products and Tocca hand creams are big weaknesses of mine) but I really do not have too many body lotion options so finding one that smells good, works well,and is affordable was great!

Dry Conditioner by Serge Normant $4.00- OK...ANY female dragon slayer or spoonie knows the value of a good dry shampoo (sometimes there just isn't enough strength or energy to think of a shower much less washing your hair) but a dry conditioner...wait a minute THIS is new... trust me, it would be all over the Autoimmue webpages if news of this was widespread... but is the partner to our beloved dry shampoo! Now we all know what our meds to to our hair (this must be my punishment for being so vain about my hair in my 20's) needless to say my hair is dry, brittle, frizzy and icky.... I used this and my hair was soft and bye bye fuzzy head... I won't lie and say I like it better than using moroccan oil which is my holly grail hair product but this is pretty awesome stuff ladies...go get NOW!

RESIST BHA 9 for stubborn imperfections by Paula's Choice $4.25- this little vial contains a 9% salicylic acid spot corrector is said to work on everything from blackheads to wrinkles just apply at night in a thin layer left on the face... to be honest I haven't tried this one yet (I am reviewing a different product for my facial care right now and don't want to "mix" the results) so more on this later...

assorted teas- Ahmad Tea London- $2.37- I don't mind getting tea occasionally in my boxes (as long as it is the "lifestyle extra" which it was) I won't say I was daninging with joy or anything but it is what it is...although I definitely would have prefered all three to be a flavored tea, but is cold/flu season and sometimes hot tea is just what the doctor ordered. The apricot was nice, I made it with some honey after my treatment today ...

Birchbox also enclosed some post cards that are colorful and help keep you on track for your goals in 2014. I plan to keep these on my desk as a reminder and motivational tools.

The total value of this box for  January is $21.72 (my box was # 61 this month for those who keep up with that, I really don't know how many varieties there were this month though) Birchbox always has a large number of boxes every month...and MOST of the time I am very happy with my box (like this month) and I always, and I do mean ALWAYS get a great bargain for the $10 monthly cost of this box.

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