Monday, December 23, 2013

Discover With Marta Review & Giveaway

Truth in aging  is a great website that reviews and sells various skin care items, they also have a subscription service called Discover With Marta that  you pay the annual membership up front of $144, now before ya'll tune me out because of the cost that comes to just $24 a collection (you get 6 collections a year, so about every other month...and you KNOW you have boxes that cost more than that, so stick around and see what all is in this collection)   So a bit of a back story, Truth In Aging was a review site, turned store and then the Discover With Marta  subscription was created to help those who followed along with the reviews from Marta Whorle who created and did the reviews herself. Offering a collection every other month of high end products to sample, typically products are natural and or/ organic.        

***Please forgive the quality of the photos, once again I have been stuck on bedrest and the lighting in my room is just not favorable for photos at all...I had to get some reviews done so I just had to do the best I could with the dark room and artificial lighting)                                                                                                                                                                                    

What I am reviewing today is the Holiday Collection that Discover With Marta subscribers received in December, I was kindly offered this collection free of charge for review purposes. I was excited to dig in and see what was included in this since I had seen no spoilers for this one. The collection arrived in a normal packing box and was inside this red satin pouch. The info sheet not only list the products included, but suggested directions for use as well. I should note that subscribers receive a code in their info sheets that gives them 20% off of every product included in the collection if they choose to purchase it from the shop.

Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Treatment 0.5 oz $7.75- this is essentially a premixed clay mask, but a bit more smooth and less thick as the clay masks I mix myself or have in facials... not that that is a bad thing, just an observation...let me tell you the first thing I noticed was the scent, smells like the Borghese creme foundation that I used in the late 80s and early 90s...again, not a bad fact I like that scent and it took me on a trip down memory lane (still does when I use it and always puts a smile on my face)
NOw trips down memory lane are nice,but let's discuss the actual effectiveness of this clay treatment... it opens my pores, cleans out my blackheads, and leaves a healthy glow..not the best I have ever used, but high effective and because of the scent taking me down memory lane I have a nice experience when using.

Astra Citrus Lavender Sea Salt Scrub $9.75 for deluxe sample size- this is a surprisingly gentle scrub, it has the lavender and papaya enzymes. It smells wonderful and does a great job of giving you a nice exfoliated glow without "over doing it" and leaving you all red looking like you just used a scrub... possibly the most gentle scrub I have tried. I LOVE the way my skin feels after I have just used a scrub but sometimes I decide not to exfoliate because I can't have the red just exfoliated look...this will be PERFECT for those days, you could even use it ion the morning before doing your makeup if you wanted to. The size on this "sample" is more than generous and will last quite awhile.

Amarte Hydrolift Cream (two 5ml tubes) $7.38- I actually haven't tried this yet (I just received so many awesome new products in this collection that I just haven't had the time to give each of them a fair assessment just yet) I did trey a small amount just once,so I could describe it to you. The smell isn't fragrant, but not unpleasant (actually not much of a scent, it absorbs nicely and leaves no residue and didn't lave my face oily or shiny at all) That is about all I can tell you from just the one use.

Skinfinite LOL eye serum (sample size) $11.25- This is small vial of awesome... actually considering the full size of this is only 0.5oz this isn't THAT small of a sample...all I can say is a little goes a LONG way! Just a "dab" or two of this and my puffiness was gone (within an hour perhaps!) and my dark circles seriously diminished...I have used many eye creams and serums when you are chronically ill  you will do almost anything to "look human" even when you don't "feel" human... although I wear very little makeup I do rely on eye serums/creams to keep me from looking like I only had a couple hours of sleep for the entire week...even if it is the reality....this is one of the best I have EVER tried...Dragopn Slayer and Spoonies...take note GO BUY the Skinfinite LOL eye Serum...don't think about it, don't finish the one you are using..just go get this NOW!

Lumavera Oxygenating Masque 0.17oz $11.67- WOW, this stuff you can "feel it working" apply a thin layer in circular motion, leave on 10 min and wash off removed skin impurities (blackheads), exfoliates ,firms ,tightens and moisturizes...I don't know that I noticed a big amount of moisturizing, but everything else...Yes, and I used this is conjunction with the Bliss Triple Oxygen energizing cleanser for review purposes (just thought I would go all "oxygen")

My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer 10 ml$11.33- This is the other product I haven't had the opportunity to use more than once yet. I can say I do not care for the smell of it from the one application I did, but it did seem to control the oil (I have T zone oil issues, not severe this time of year, but summer in Texas is pretty intense for even slightly oily skin so that will be the real test) If this can control the shine during summer months without being to heavy I will over look the scent. I have been searching for a way to control the shine that is light and not like a foundation (I prefer a natural look most of the time) I have high hopes for this one based on my test run and on reviews I have read.

The total value of this December Holiday Collection from Discover With Marta was $59.13...which is a real deal considering the actual cost per collection is just $24.00... Plus every item included was something new to me that I would not have discovered on my own and I liked all that I tried (some more than others, but over all they were all effective) Discovering  the LOL eye serum alone was a true where has this been all my life moment...and I have a feeling that Discover With Marta offers at least one of those in each collection (I actually have the fall collection to review for you as well, but chose to do this one first since it is still available and this is the one I will be giving away)

I suggest heading over to the Truth in Aging webpage and looking around, even if you choose not to subscribe to the Discover With Marta subscription service they have some great products in the shop as well as tons of reviews from many people so you can get a feel for something before you buy it.

***this product was received free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I did not receive payment for my review (nor will I ever)***

NOW, the best part ...

The generous folks over at Truth in aging and Discover with Mart have kindly offered a giveaway for TWO lucky readers here at The Dragon Slayer Mommy...this will be a relatively quick giveaway (ending January 4th,2014)

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  1. Astra Citrus Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

    I'm very into sea salt scrubs lately!

  2. I love masks and that Lumavera oxygenating masque sounds amazing! And I'd love to try any type of wrinkle fixing cream...I was on their site earlier and the Amarte lifting cream sounds good. But I get disappointed bc I buy and try so. Many creams and none of them fix my wrinkles or fine lines,,, even Murad and ROC retinal do nothing... I guess I just need Botox lol thanks for an awesome giveaway! I'd love to try this!