Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ok, let's get caught up!!! and gift guide info

OK, so I had planned a gift giving guide in weekly segments for the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in addition to normal reviews... I am still going to do the gift guide but a little differently than planned, I had NOT planned being in and out of the hospital this last week, or a two week bed rest order.

If I had planned a review for a box that is in the gift guide then I will now include that as part of the gift guide since I was unable to write for a couple of weeks (although I had enough posts scheduled I think it only looked like about 5 days on here)

I will be getting as many reviews done in addition to the gift guide as possible while still getting the rest my Dr requires.

The gift guide and boxes/or non box items or services I was offered for  review purposes take first priority so some of my routine subscriptions may not make it to the blog this month as a matter of having to prioritize things.

All of that being said, I actually have a LOT of fun reviews scheduled from software to boxes... I have decided to branch out a bit and review more than just boxes going forward as I expand The Dragon Slayer Mommy from my rambling hobby blog into the LLC, that I never dreamed would be possible...

I know that you will enjoy all the new types of things I have in store and all the new giveaways and discounts that will be coming with it...I may not get EVERYTHING that I had planned for the Holiday Season done now that my dragon learned a few new ways to knock me down, but I still have a GREAT month planned...

I will be getting the giveaways that have ended verified and winners contacted then I will announce the winner and I have a lot more giveaways coming and not just boxes either!!

And for my Dragon Slayer and spoonie readers...I am getting back to my roots with more disability related reviews as well starting with some accessories for mobility devices (which I am using full time right now)

I hope ya'll had a happy Thanksgiving, for us it was very low key as I was in a wheelchair or in bed and we stayed home so no family feast for girls had T-Day with the family and Dave, Tuff and I stayed home and had steak and shrimp...and I did an awful lot of online shopping!

Thank you for being patient with me as I dealt with the newest development health-wise, unfortunately these things tend to happen and when I was primarily a chronically ill mommy blog my readers all understood but as I have expanded and grown many of my newer readers don't even know the depth of my illness or the challenges I have to overcome to get the blog written sometimes...for that I apologize, but it goes with my life...I have no control, the dragon has complete control...sometimes he is well controlled and other times he is a mean SOB that knocks me on my butt...and that is what just happened

Now, I have a lot of work to do so I better get to it!

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